Disney World…Sunshine Seasons

DW: Sunshine SeasonsI love both The Land and The Seas at Epcot because A) They are well air conditioned, and B) The rides are typically easy to walk on to (minus Soarin’) and C) They have good food choices for both quick service and table service. One of those quick service choices is Sunshine Seasons at The Land. Here is a little more about it…

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Disney World…Favorite Downtime Spots

DW: Favorite Downtime SpotsOne of the best pieces of advice I had read before we headed to Disney was in order for kids of the boys age to really enjoy it, it’s smart to give them time to just “be” and experience downtime in the parks. As crowded as Disney World can be during the summer this may seem impossible, but we found some spots to enjoy the park without standing in a line…

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Disney World: Favorite Rides

DW: Favorite RidesWe tried to fit in as many rides as possible (including this score ride of walking on to Pirates of the Caribbean at 9 a.m.). The two big ones that we missed were the Tomorrowland Speedway and Test Track, but that gives us something to look forward to for next time! A typically liked the slower rides and J is definitely our thrill seeker and wanted to ride every fast ride he was tall enough for (which was almost everything). Here’s a few more of the rides (and my panicked face)…

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DW: Jedi training

DW: Jedi TrainingI could also call this “The day I ran through a park practically carrying my seven year old, B carrying J, and I yelled at two people trying to cut in line.” Or we could call it “The hottest day ever to put kids in heavy robes and expect them to participate in physical activities.” You take your pick. Jedi Training was on the boys (and let’s be honest, B’s) bucket list for Disney. So here is a little more about our experience…

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Disney World: Characters we met

DW: Characters we metBased on how excited the boys have been in the past to meet the characters at Santa’s Village I figured they would be pretty stoked to meet the characters at Disney World. I was right! They patiently stood in line to meet the characters they saw. I was a bit iffy on how the character breakfast and lunch would work out, but the boys loved it and it was one of the best ways to meet the characters! Here is a bit more on our experience….

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Disney World…’Ohana

DW: OhanaI’m going to start off by saying that ‘Ohana came highly recommended for a table service selection and it did not disappoint. This was one of the best meals I’ve had at Disney World and it was the one that every member of my family already put on the list to go back to when we visit again. B asked if we could eat there multiple nights! So here is a little more about our experience…

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Disney World…What we wore

DW: What we woreIt wouldn’t be a complete trip if I hadn’t spent weeks trying to figure out what we were going to wear every day. I don’t usually match the boys’ outfits, but for this trip I worked to coordinate them, mainly so I could remember what they were wearing each day. My one regret was that I should have packed more for myself. Between the scorching heat at some points and a couple of downpours (thanks to a tropical storm), we went back to the room and changed more before dinner then I had planned. I had to recycle a few things in order to get through the week and I definitely would bring more next time. Here is the rundown of our list if you would like to see…

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Friday Favorites (Disney Edition!)

Friday FavoritesSince Disney is on our vacation list this year, I thought it’d be fun to do a Disney themed Friday Favorites. This is a round up of all the articles and websites I found useful (or just fun) while planning our trip, plus a couple of throwbacks (including this picture) to when we took A to Disney six years ago. Enjoy!

Of all the restaurants we are visiting Ohana is the one that if you tell people you are going there they immediately respond with “one of the best restaurants on the property.”

The best sequined Minnie ears.

In case you want to go total avant garde Star Wars.

The tsum tsum video that is the reason J wants a goofy tsum tsum (to save him, of course!).

The boys are looking forward to finding hidden Mickeys.

Tips on dining with young kids at Disney.

I got almost all of my touring plans and fast past set-up ideas from using WDWPrepSchool site. If you haven’t planned a Disney trip in a long time (like us), this is essential.

Our trip to Animal Kingdom with A and what I learned.

Some tips and tricks of traveling to Disney World.

For our family a food bucket list is required. Mickey ice cream sandwiches are one of my favorites.

And finally, I don’t think you can set up a Disney trip without help. Our Mickey Adventure agent, Missy, is awesome. Not only did she set up our reservations and all our fast passes, but she has sent us so much essential information that was really helpful considering we hadn’t been to Disney World fully in ten years.

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