Work Week Outfits and My Favorite Tanks

Another week, another set out of outfits!

Work Week Outfits{Monday: Dress: JCrew, Necklace: Belk, Shoes: DSW}{Tuesday: Top: Trouve, Pants: Banana Republic}{Wednesday: Top: H&M, Skirt: Express, Shoes: Cole Haan}{Thursday: Top: H&M, Pants: Express}

I really love the Trouve tops that I purchased, but almost all of them have to have another tank layered underneath to wear to work. I love the Anthropologie Eloise tank (it’s reversible!), the Express camisole, and this strapless top from Belk for layering.

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Work Week Outfits and Bee-Inspiration

Apparently I was living in black and white for the work week! Here’s a bit more about my looks and my style board for all things bee inspired.

Work Week 1L-R, T-B {Top: Trouve, Skirt: Express, Nails: Essie Skirting the Issue}, {Top: Anthropologie, Pants: Ann Taylor (can’t see them in the pic, but they are just basic black suit pants)}, {Shirt: Gap}

And now on to a bee inspired style board! These picks include both kid, adult, and home inspiration as you can’t really talk about bees around our house without Winnie-the-Pooh. What I love most about this inspiration is the fall yellows and the whimsy of the bees (without it looking too character-ish).

Bee Inspired Style Board[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]

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Treat Yo Self

Treat Yo SelfParks and Recreation is one of my all time favorite shows, and the “Treat Yo Self” episodes are a big part of the reason why. Every year for my sister’s birthday and for my birthday my Mom and my Dad (when he’s not working on cars in his shop) take us on a “Treat Yo Self” day (where they treat), where we go shopping for my birthday gifts and out to lunch. It’s one of my very favorite things, so here’s a re-cap of our day (as I’m about to be 34! what!).

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Fall work + weekend style board

Although it certainly doesn’t feel like Fall here, maybe if we talk about it, it’ll come! My favorite colors for fall are navy (no surprise there), burgundy, browns, and tortoise shell. I also love the idea of complementing them with a bit of baby blues or light pinks. So with that here’s my style board for fall…

Fall Look Book[Blazer][Purse][Halter][Bag Detail][Courds][Dress][Earrings][Sweater][Pants][Heels][Tee][Jeans][Nailpolish][Stripe Long Sleeve Shirt *Background]

One of the things I look for when I shop is items that will coordinate with what I already have, items that I can dress up or down, and items that can be layered for the few days when it’s really cold. I’m excited to start shopping for Fall next month!

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Disney World…What we wore

DW: What we woreIt wouldn’t be a complete trip if I hadn’t spent weeks trying to figure out what we were going to wear every day. I don’t usually match the boys’ outfits, but for this trip I worked to coordinate them, mainly so I could remember what they were wearing each day. My one regret was that I should have packed more for myself. Between the scorching heat at some points and a couple of downpours (thanks to a tropical storm), we went back to the room and changed more before dinner then I had planned. I had to recycle a few things in order to get through the week and I definitely would bring more next time. Here is the rundown of our list if you would like to see…

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Tsum Tsum Love

We are headed to Disney this summer! It’s the first time we’ve really been back (save for a short stop with A when he was 1 and a 1/2), since B and I’s honeymoon ten years ago. This is also our first vacation where just the four of us are going. The boys are incredibly excited and so are we! And J was especially excited because guess what Disney has? Tsum Tsums. And guess what J collects? Tsum Tsums.

Tsum TsumHe has been going through the Disney store on-line making his little list of ones he wants to find, and I have to say I’m excited about finding them too! Here is his current list:

Tsum TsumA also likes Tsum Tsums, but is also excited about the many Disney decorated office supplies:

Tsum TsumAnd J thinks I definitely need a Minnie Mouse, and I have my eye out for a few other items:

DisneyI’ll be sure to share all of the details, restaurants, and places we went after the trip! It is definitely going to be one of the highlights of our summer!

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Behind the face

I’m nine chapters of outlining in…

Behind the face...And am way to lazy to figure out why the back of this picture is blue. Continuing on…

After my post on Clinique city block, I used it for several more weeks and realized it was making my face break-out. OF COURSE. It’s supposed to be for sensitive skin, but as I’ve learned, what is for sensitive skin, doesn’t always work for my sensitive skin. I have weird sensitive skin. Atypical, but certainly typical for me. I thought I’d share what works for me (don’t take this as testament that it’ll work for you, I’m just sharing what works for me).

So here is my typical line-up:

Behind the faceWhen I first met B two things I introduced him two were face wash and moisturizer. He probably won’t appreciate me sharing that, HA! Not that he didn’t use those, but they were full of fragrances, etc. B has skin that is very similar to mine, so we tend to use similar products. I stay away from anything that says “natural” “plant based” because while those may be “green” or healthier for some people, for B and I (and the boys) it’s basically a bad allergic reaction waiting to happen.

My skin also gets super dry, and my helpful salesperson at Sephora told me it was because I wasn’t exfoliating enough in addition to moisturizing. I was super hesitant about using an exfoliator, but she convinced me that First Aid’s facial radiance pads would work. And they do! And they are awesome…her tip was to cut them in half so they’ll last longer.

I use the radiance pads a couple times a week and then I use my Clarisonic on the other days. I use the delicate brush head (also recommended by my salesperson at Sephora).

For an eye make-up remover I use Clinique’s take the day off oil, which also works double to clean my beauty blender. If I’m putting on moisturizer at night, I use Neutrogena’s oil free sensitive and for the morning and around my eyes I use Sephora’s instant moisturizer. As I mentioned earlier, my skin is weird…the instant moisturizer isn’t for sensitive skin, but it doesn’t make my face break-out. I also use it instead of an eye cream, since a certain person (who will remain nameless….Jessica) scared the crap out of me of picking an eye cream. I really don’t want to permanently scar the skin around my eyes, so I’m sticking with the Sephora moisturizer for now.

And if I have any trouble spots, I use Neutrogena on the spot, which I’ve been using since high school (not the same tube of it…that’d be unsanitary). I bleached the carpet of my bedroom at my parents’ house with it. So there’s that.

Oh and by the way, I went back to my old standard of sunscreen:

SunblockIf I need to wear sunscreen, but don’t want to smell like it, I wear Neutrogena’s clear face. It literally smells like nothing. And…it doesn’t make my face break-out. So hurray! And the Coppertone sport holds up really well. And also doesn’t make my skin break-out.

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