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On our June trips the boys learned the art of “running to the mall to complete your outfit when you forget a purse and cardigan”. It’s a complicated art, ha! So along with that, I picked up a few more items on our trips and thought I would share!

First up, JCrew, where I got a cardigan, evening clutch, a new super soft tee (I live in these during the summer), and a beach cover-up:


Second, we ran into Madewell. I have never really found anything at Madewell, but this trip I was hooked. They had great tops and I could have bought three more pairs of the shorts I picked up.


Once we got to the beach, we went to the outlets there and I picked up more than a few things for both work and play at JCrew Factory:


And I have a few items on my list for Madewell for next time:


And I loved shopping with my boys! To have a group of three that always tells you you look pretty, and my boys say “buy these earrings, Mommy, they will look lovely on you”, it’s pretty much the best thing ever. I just have to shop really fast before J decides he’s done and needs a cookie, ha!

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Friday Favorites

So anyone who knows me well, knows I love Victoria Beckham. So…of course when I found out that she was creating a line for Target, I created a list of favorites. However, I didn’t hold out much hope for getting anything based on the Missoni and Lily Pulitzer debacles. For Lily Pulitzer they were actually kicking things out of my cart as I’d load them. So if you’re thinking I woke up at 2 a.m. to order stuff, you’re wrong. NOTHING at this stage in my life is more important than bedtime sleep. I get up for kids who are sick or have nightmares only. Ha! However, I was pleasantly surprised when I was eating my cereal Sunday morning before church that they had things still available. I quickly ordered my top four items: the shirt you see me wearing above, and these three dresses:

You can see them better here:

And then I headed out to Target after church and lunch and picked up a pair of pants, my Mom also grabbed a pair, and I got a sweater:

So after getting all of our loot, and trying everything on, here’s my “in my opinion” analysis:

Dresses: All winners. I can easily wear the two black ones to work, and the floral is a great Spring dress for outings. Lovely fit, especially the ruffle knit.

I’m planning to pair the dresses with a low wedge, a flat, or a heel.


Pants: Weird fit, both my Mom and I are returning them. They were too large in the waist but tight in the thighs, and almost too high waisted.

Sweater: So cute and fun for Spring, and so incredibly soft. Yes, it’s a girl’s shirt, I got an extra large.

Shirt: Obviously I love it, since I’m wearing it, ha!

And finally I couldn’t help picking up this:

A paper doll book! This is for myself, I loved paper dolls when I was a little girl. My plan is to actually take the pieces apart and put it in a matted frame in my office at work. I’ll be sure to share when it’s completed! You can find all the pieces in the collection here.

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Spring forward fashion

At the beginning of Spring I edit my wardrobe and the boys, donating any clothes that are too small, or haven’t been worn in two years, and won’t be worn again. Then I fill in with some updates (J.Crew, GapFit, and Nordstrom are my go tos). Here’s what I have re-stocked my closet with so far:

I love basic tees for summer and J.Crew and Madewell have good structure and hold up well. Trendy flats from Nordstrom can liven up my shirts and tee uniform, and I essentially wore out my old Converse and needed to update. I actually transformed the J.Crew bracelet into a necklace with a simple gold chain and it creates a statement piece for shirts and solid sweaters.

And speaking of solid sweaters…

I typically buy one tippi sweater from J.Crew each year and I love this light pink. I needed a better pair of jean shorts since my ones from Target didn’t hold uplast year, and I pretty much live in GapFit long sleeve tops for weekend baseball season.

And what I have my eye on…

A new pair of sunglasses (I always buy cheap sunglasses because I lose them/break them/sit on them/drop them), a basic white polish, some summer heeled sandals, wake you up face wipes (somehow I still haven’t gotten past spring forward!), and another pair of everyday shorts.

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Local favorites

I love our city! I especially love our eclectic and lovely shops and restaurants as do our boys (cupcakes and tacos! Yes, please!). Here is a weekly round up of some of our local favorites from sweets, treats, to eats! And bows that are petite! Ha!

Valentine’s cupcakes from Smallcakes

Valentine’s present from Sweet Pineapple

Mahi-Mahi fish tacos from Rosie’s

Little bows for a special little miss from Itty Bitty (which is closing! I’m so sad!)…

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Week of outfits: Bringing in fall edition

Week of outfitsI’m on a personal mission to bring in fall temperatures. Right now it’s not working out so well, but maybe if I keep trying it’ll happen! I’m also encouraging others to jump in on my venture, ha! So here is a breakdown of my outfits this week:

Monday: shirt, skirt-old (similar), shoes

Tuesday: shirt-old (similar), pants, shoes-old (similar)

Wednesday: sweater, skirt-old (similar), boots-old (similar)

Thursday: shirt-old (similar), pants, shoes-old (similar)

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Week of outfits and my favorite after work wear…

Week of outfits {Tuesday: Cardigan: Gap, Top: The Pants Store, Pants: Express, Shoes: Nordstrom} {Wednesday: Dress: Piperlime (so super old), Shoes: Cole Haan} {Thursday: Top: JCrew, Pants: Anthropologie, Shoes: DSW}

It was a short work week! Thankfully, as I’m starting to run out of warm weather work pieces. It needs to be cooler temperatures, stat! So on to my favorite after work wear…

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