Red + Gray

I should preface this by saying this is my favorite winter outfit when it’s a typical Alabama winter, not the current 9 degree temps we are having right now. Currently I’m dressed more like this:

Which is pretty much the only way to dress when the wind chill is -1. Here’s a run down of my pieces for when the weather is more of its typical 45-5o degrees:

1. A long sweater that’s kind of like still wearing my bathrobe, but more stylish.

2. My go to earrings for any weekend (mine are real, these are dupes).

3. My shoes are ridiculously old, I love these bowed mule updates.

4. Girlfriend jeans that aren’t skin tight, but not ridiculously baggy.

5. Smokin’ hot, my favorite semi-dark polish.

6. The Epcot tee that I love because it has my birth year on it (you can find it online through the shop Disney app).

7. My bracelets are a stack from my favorite local shop Sweet Pineapple (if you’re local they may still have them in store). These bracelets are a close second.

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Pink + gray

Pants (super old-similar here), Gray sweater (similar here), Gray heels (similar here), Earrings

I love that my pants that I’ve had forever are still in style! This is an easy transition to fall look, the merino sweater is cozy on cool mornings, and the linen pants transition easily to warmer afternoons. The ruffles on the sweater are enough detail that I kept the accessories to a minimum, with simple stud earrings and strap heels.


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Four fall sweaters

In anticipation of approaching fall weather (these sweaters are actually more for our winter here), I’m updating my sweater wardrobe. I already bought 3 (Target!) and 4 (Banana Republic). Both have a slightly 1980s fit, but still slim enough that I wasn’t swimming in them. Number 2 is in my Jcrew shopping cart, I love the details on the collars and pockets. And finally number 1 is on my Christmas wish list. It’s a splurge, but so pretty!

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Beauty insider

I could also call this “confessions of a beauty junkie”, however I have to say that my make-up choices have refined over the years and settled down a bit. Yet, I can still remember my first NARS eyeshadow purchase, and dropping sixty dollars on Dior shadow without batting an eyelash as a college student. Now, I stick tend to stick to my tried and true favorites, NARS and Urban Decay shadows, Anastasia brows, Maybelline mascara, and L’Oréal foundation. Yup, my foundation is cheap, and honestly it works as well as the fifty dollar ones I’ve tried. And believe me I’ve tried them! I’m much more discerning with new trends now, because I don’t like the clutter in my make-up drawer. However, this past weekend, while picking up my Sephora moisturizer, I grabbed this:

And I tried it out on Sunday with my Sephora birthday sample gloss:

And it was awesome. It didn’t budge all day. And my lips didn’t feel dry or cakey like most lip primers. I’m considering it my new favorite!

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Nordstrom anniversary sale

For this year’s anniversary sale at Nordstrom, I found a couple of pieces for myself, and several deals for the boys to get them started into Fall.

First up, the best deals I found for the boys:

All of their shoes from last year are essentially done for, so I’ve been working this summer to get them updated shoes. Nikes for J (these look a lot smaller than his shoes will be), and one more pair of Converse for A. I also got them each an athletic hoodie to wear when it gets cold and they are playing sports. They each have one already, but, seriously, they need two to switch out and wash. And then a long sleeve athletic shirt for A, because it was under armour at a super reduced price, and I couldn’t resist.

And for me…

A dress for work. I wear more dresses for work than I ever used to because there are a lot of mornings it’s easier to throw on a dress than try to figure out what pants and top to wear.

And a sweater for fall:

I got this in a different color, but it’s sold out. I’m guessing they’ll restock after the sale. I looked at shoes, but didn’t end up purchasing any because it seemed like the same five pairs were everywhere and they weren’t amazing. So, that’s it! A few new things at good prices to start us toward back to school and Fall!

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Pool essentials

The past two years the boys have done swim team, but with our schedule this summer we decided to pass on that and instead we got a pool membership and I signed the boys up for two weeks of refresher swim lessons at my work. Between our pool and my sister’s we’ve spent quite a few days at the pool:


Catching rings…

And taking a break from the big pool for the baby pool…

All of this pool time means I have a bag permanently packed for summer with essentials. Here are my favorites:

My s’well bottle is my favorite. It keeps water super cold and I typically bring it so the boys can drink out of it too.

Bumble and Bumble hairdresser’s oil for J’s blonde hair and my color treated hair. It seals in the cuticle so your hair doesn’t get brittle from the sun (or green in J’s case).

Coppertone Sport 70. This is not my everyday favorite (the boys either, they say it smells), but it’s thick and stays on, so it’s necessary for the pool.

Sugar lip balm. It has SPF, it now comes in all sorts of colors, and I wear it everyday in the summer when I don’t have to put on lipstick for work.

Supergoop setting powder with SPF. This is genius to use if I have put on make-up to touch up my SPF, especially on my nose which typically gets burnt if I don’t keep spf touched up.

Book to read while I watch the kids play.

Snacks. My kids require snacks.

Hat. I used to never wear hats, but I had several times where I burned my part, despite putting sunblock on, so I now almost always wear a hat.

Pool toys. But not an enormous raft. Those were banned after our pool after someone apparently brought one strapped to the top of their SUV. And it was bigger than the SUV. Ha!

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Currently wearing

On our June trips the boys learned the art of “running to the mall to complete your outfit when you forget a purse and cardigan”. It’s a complicated art, ha! So along with that, I picked up a few more items on our trips and thought I would share!

First up, JCrew, where I got a cardigan, evening clutch, a new super soft tee (I live in these during the summer), and a beach cover-up:


Second, we ran into Madewell. I have never really found anything at Madewell, but this trip I was hooked. They had great tops and I could have bought three more pairs of the shorts I picked up.


Once we got to the beach, we went to the outlets there and I picked up more than a few things for both work and play at JCrew Factory:


And I have a few items on my list for Madewell for next time:


And I loved shopping with my boys! To have a group of three that always tells you you look pretty, and my boys say “buy these earrings, Mommy, they will look lovely on you”, it’s pretty much the best thing ever. I just have to shop really fast before J decides he’s done and needs a cookie, ha!

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Friday Favorites

So anyone who knows me well, knows I love Victoria Beckham. So…of course when I found out that she was creating a line for Target, I created a list of favorites. However, I didn’t hold out much hope for getting anything based on the Missoni and Lily Pulitzer debacles. For Lily Pulitzer they were actually kicking things out of my cart as I’d load them. So if you’re thinking I woke up at 2 a.m. to order stuff, you’re wrong. NOTHING at this stage in my life is more important than bedtime sleep. I get up for kids who are sick or have nightmares only. Ha! However, I was pleasantly surprised when I was eating my cereal Sunday morning before church that they had things still available. I quickly ordered my top four items: the shirt you see me wearing above, and these three dresses:

You can see them better here:

And then I headed out to Target after church and lunch and picked up a pair of pants, my Mom also grabbed a pair, and I got a sweater:

So after getting all of our loot, and trying everything on, here’s my “in my opinion” analysis:

Dresses: All winners. I can easily wear the two black ones to work, and the floral is a great Spring dress for outings. Lovely fit, especially the ruffle knit.

I’m planning to pair the dresses with a low wedge, a flat, or a heel.


Pants: Weird fit, both my Mom and I are returning them. They were too large in the waist but tight in the thighs, and almost too high waisted.

Sweater: So cute and fun for Spring, and so incredibly soft. Yes, it’s a girl’s shirt, I got an extra large.

Shirt: Obviously I love it, since I’m wearing it, ha!

And finally I couldn’t help picking up this:

A paper doll book! This is for myself, I loved paper dolls when I was a little girl. My plan is to actually take the pieces apart and put it in a matted frame in my office at work. I’ll be sure to share when it’s completed! You can find all the pieces in the collection here.

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