Spontaneous pick me up

photo 2On Friday after J had thrown a temper tantrum most of the morning, I called my sister and said “I’m getting out, do you want to come?” At first she said no because she was actually, you know, trying to get some things done. HA! Then she re-considered and an hour later we were on the road with a purse full of lollipops and snacks. Want to make our two youngest be obliging? Give them lollipops.

We were so spontaneous we didn’t even take a stroller for J. Which was mainly because we forgot all about it. However, the persuasion of the lollipops guided him through our outdoor mall and we even went into Sephora (GASP!) with them. Boys can go shopping, too, ya’ll. It helped that they are doing major construction within viewing distance, so the boys could stop and watch. J was flat out exhausted after the trip, but I sacrificed his naptime (he fell asleep in the car), to get a few pick me ups that this Momma of a two year old desperately needed.

So here are my purchases! Don’t little purchases like this make you happy? They do for me.

IMG_5165My curling iron is ridiculously old (and hence burning my fingers), so I updated to a 1 1/4 inch hot tools. I love hot tools curling irons, I have two others and they both have lasted a long time. I got a replacement of my Clinique Baby Baby lip color (my absolute fave  right now), Euphrates eye shadow from NARS (every eye shadow they make is AMAZING), and Tarte Tipsy cheek stain, so I could try out that tutorial I shared on my Friday Favorites a few weeks ago.

They also included a couple of samples of Sephora brand moisturizer and I think I’m going to go back and get it. I’ve been trying it for the past few days and I really like it, especially the night cream and the instant moisturizer. The night cream is less sticky than the one I’ve been using and I like the fact that the instant moisturizer doesn’t have SPF in it (because my foundation already does).

Since my sister and I rarely get out and get some new make-up items, it was awesome to do it, and the boys were golden. Lollipops, people. Buy stock in them.

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Academy awards inspired look

You didn’t think I would forget, did you? I am wrapping up my award season inspired looks today! For this last one, I went with a bit of a splurge on the dress and thought summer wedding. Although the dress looks white (which is usually a no at a wedding), it has a black underlay that makes it look much less bride-esque.

Academy Awards InspiredYou can see all the items here.

So here are my item collection connections!

I loved Kerry Washington’s deep purple dress and plum lip color, so I found the Essie nail polish that was pretty close.

There was a trend of monochromatic make-up and pale lips, so I picked the NARS lip color that was similar to Cate Blanchett’s.

There was a trend of not only white dresses, but also lots of lace, which is why I was drawn to the Shoshanna dress.

Based on Jennifer Lawrence’s clutch and statement ring was how I came to my two choices for clutch and ring here.

Lupita Nyong’o and Sandra Bullock’s add a bit of edge, and I found some terrific ones from H&M.

And finally, I didn’t see a lot of the red-carpet shoes, so I looked for a cute sandal that would pull in both the black and white in the dress. This DSW one was a good fit, and under 50 dollars!

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Spring fashion wish list

Happy Wednesday! It went from Spring to brutal Winter in about 12 hours. J and I braved the colder temps and visited our local toy store because I’m on the hunt for Schleich animals for him. J LOVES animals and he really likes the ones that look more realistic than the Little People ones he currently has. We unfortunately did not find any there, or anywhere. Apparently they are tough to find here! However, J enjoyed the toy store, with or without finding what we were looking for.

And even though it is cold here again, I have my mind on Spring! I desperately need to update my wardrobe a bit this summer, so I have started a list of items to get. I thought I would share what I have so far!

1. This T-Shirt from Anthropologie.

Ballast Tee

2. This light weight jacket from Old Navy. Jacket

3. This navy eyelet skirt from JCrew Factory. Navy Skirt

4. This geometric necklace from Madewell. Shinecraft Necklace.5. This tulip gray skirt from Target (I already bought it! Super cute for winter/spring).

Gray Tulip Skirt

6. This Off Duty Sweatshirt from Shopbop. Off Duty Sweatshirt

7. These pink shorts from JCrew Factory.

Pink Shorts

8. And these sandals from Shopbop. SandalsAnd that’s my list so far. I just need it to warm up so trying on things doesn’t seem like an Olympic Sport. Ha!

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Grammy Awards Inspired Look

So, you’ll have to stick with me on this one. The Grammy’s are tough, because they are a real hodgepodge of fashion. Instead of going with the fashion trends overall, I decided to re-create one look, specifically the look of Pharrell Williams. No, it wasn’t a fancy dress, but that’s the great thing about Grammy Awards fashion. You get a range of styles, all in one setting. I think I did a pretty close representation. Check it out:

Grammy Inspired LookIt combines that casual, varsity throwback style, with lots of accessories. I bet some of my former students would say you can find these shoes cheaper in a similar style, but I loved these. It’s fun and trendy without trying to hard, yes? You can find all the products from the set here. Happy Wednesday!


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SAG Awards Inspired

So my two favorite trends from the golden globes were black and blue color-blocking and mid-waist belts (see Amy Adams, Jennifer Garner, and other examples here). So from that I came up with a work style outfit. As a plus, it’s one dress two ways!

SAG Awards Inspired(For links to any of the items you can find them here.)

Pale pink nails were still a pretty big trend on the red carpet, but I also noticed some darker blue nails as well. I like the versatility of the two outfits and you can wear the dress with boots and tights in the winter and then transition to the pumps (and pointy toed ones are in again, so I’ll have to find mine!) in the spring.

And finally, I couldn’t get the jewelry to work right with the set shown above, but these drop earrings from Anthropologie are super close to the ones that Amy Adams wore, and would be great with the dress. If you want something more conservative I liked these small gold hoops (reminiscent of the ones Michelle Dockery wore) as well.

And finally if you are looking for an inspired hair suggestion, I really liked Julie Bowen’s low and loose ponytail. The Small Things Blog has a great tutorial for a similar look here.

And that’s it! Happy Tuesday!

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Golden globes inspired

After watching many hours of college football (and professional football) over the past four-ish months, I have been looking forward to a bit of a reprieve. And that reprieve comes in the form of awards season, woot!

Anyway, I thought it would be fun during this award season to do some fashion inspired posts…I might as well put my viewership to use, right? Here is what I came up with:

Golden Globes Inspired

(You can find the links to all of the items above by clicking here)

I came up with a date night type outfit (do you get date nights? If so, do tell! I would love to hear what those are like. Hahahaha). The short Piperlime dress I have been looking at for awhile and the dress that Reese Witherspoon wore inspired me to pick that color.

Bold reds were definitely on trend (Emma Watson, Lupita Nyong’o, and Amy Adams all wore red), and I thought picking it up with a lipstick would be a great way to introduce the color. Nude nails with a bit of sparkle was one of my favorite trends, I love the idea of layering a light pink with the sparkle polish on top.

I loved Zooey Deschanel’s earrings and the Piperlime ones I picked are pretty close to hers with a pop of color that matches the dress. Nude pumps were worn by starlets like Michelle Dockery and I love these t-strap DSW ones.

And finally, if you want to go for the splurge, get this Natasha Couture clutch. It picks up the sparkle detail that was featured by actresses like Mila Kunis and Laura Dern, but also has a nude backing that connects with the pumps.


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Bits and baubles at Anthropologie

My sister, Mom, and I went out on a shopping excursion this weekend. Our goal was to find my Mom a dress for a wedding she was going to, some clothes for the boys, and do a bit of birthday shopping. At one of our stops in Anthropologie I was wandering around and came across a few lovely items that I could definitely add to my special purchase (or Christmas) list.


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Tales from tax free weekend shopping…

My sister and I headed out on Saturday to brave the “crowds” of tax free weekend. It really wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be! I think a lot of people had gone out on “Furlough Friday” (as many people have designated Friday in our city) because the school supply section was crazy that day (I had run up there to get groceries). Anyway, enough about my random outings.

So here is the add up of the tops and coats I purchased:

IMG_2802-001And here is everything laid out:

IMG_2801I tend to buy more for A now because I know that a lot of it is going to be passed down to J, so I don’t want it to be completely worn out. By far the buy I was most excited about was the new coat (from Costco! For 16 dollars! London Fog!). And A was most excited about the Ninja Turtles shirt, of course. The clothes shown are from Carters, H&M, Gap, and Crazy 8.

And here is the add up of pants and shorts I purchased:

IMG_2803-001I didn’t buy a lot of new shorts, because all of the tees A will wear into the fall with pants and a jacket or sweatshirt (or a long sleeve shirt underneath). He has quite a few pairs of shorts that still fit. The pants are from Gap. The athletic pants and shorts are from Target and Carters.

And here is what I purchased for J:

IMG_2804Just a couple of new shirts, a new sweatshirt, little exercise shorts for Little Gym, and a new hat. I was most excited about the sweatshirt (Target), J was most excited about the hat, of course!

And here were my non-clothes purchases:

IMG_2808A new lunchbox and snack container for A (his picks!), and a new notebook and note cards for me for work.

I saved quite a bit because I had coupons and I opened a Gap card that got me 45% off my entire purchase (I had a coupon that went with the discount when you open a card). That was probably my best deal of the day.

The one item I almost didn’t get was A’s lunchbox. A had specifically asked for it and when I went back to Target to get it, they were out. Luckily, they had more in the back and found me one.

I think A is now prepped (clothes-wise) for back to school! I am going to take the boys out for new shoes, but other than that I am done clothes shopping until much later in the fall when the boys will start needing more long sleeve shirts.

Oh and here is what the boys did while I was gone:

IMG_2798Their new favorite game. J brings A items, and A sets them up at the restaurant. It’s quite elaborate!

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Back to school shopping

Our tax free weekend is coming up (have you gotten the zillions of coupons in the mail?), and here are some of the basics on my list for A (and a few for J):

Boy ClothesMy typical plan of starter fall clothes for A is three pairs of pants, three long sleeve basics, three graphic tees, a basic coat, and sneakers. And of course I am always on the look out for new hats for J, and I am checking H&M to see if they have these Mario gloves to stick away for A’s birthday. I typically go through and see what hand me downs I have for J from A, and then supplement with some new items.

A has really specific likes and dislikes about clothes right now. He doesn’t like button-ups or items that have too many mixed color patterns. He likes graphic tees, but he is pretty specific about which ones he likes and doesn’t like. What I typically do is pick a color scheme, and then he can mix and match the items, and I save receipts!

Pants: All Gap, in skinny and straight fit because those are A’s favorites.

Long Sleeve Tees: All Gap, one of my favorite places for basics.

Short Sleeve Graphic Tees: Green (Crazy 8), Blue (Gymboree)

Coat: Old Navy

Hats (top to bottom): Old Navy, H&M, Crazy 8

Gloves: H&M

Sneakers: Piperlime, but they have similar at DSW and Shoe Carnival.

The other items that are always on my list for tax free weekend are:

Color Printer CartridgeA new printer cartridge Diapers Diapers for J. On a side note: I started buying Up&Up brand for J and I have liked them just as well as Pampers.

And that’s my plan! I am hoping to get some good deals, but also keep in mind the amount of spending I want to do now and later.

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Beach Wedding Outfit

Cupcakesandcommentary/Beach Wedding

We are about to go on our second trip of the year, attending a beach wedding for one of my husband’s friends. The boys are excited, A is really interested in the fact that they are getting married on the beach (are they going to build a sandcastle? was one of his questions). So I thought I would share my outfit choices for me, for the wedding.

Dress: Piperlime…super terrific price. I am waiting for it to get here and hoping it works because I don’t have any other options!!

Jewlery: I am keeping it simple and white/pearl because the dress is teal. Necklace (Target), Ring (Piperlime), Earrings (Kate Spade)

Shoes: We are wearing flip flops on the sand and I am switching to sandals for the reception. I have a terrific pair of Jessica Simpson flip flops, but I couldn’t find a recent perfect match so I am sharing these great Gap basics. Sandals (Franco Sarto)

Sunglasses: Target. I’m cheap.

Bags: So I am planning on taking a bag similar to this Old Navy one because I have to put the boys and my shoes in it. However, if you don’t have two small children to tote about this Michael Kors clutch would be pretty terrific.

Nail polish: Sonia Kashuk Beachy Keen (Target).

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