Stripes + Tan

I love sharing where I got my clothes. If you tell me that you like something I will tell you where I got it. Kind of like sharing a food recipe, except better because you can wear it. HA! Anyway, since I am dressing it up for work right now, I thought I would share a bit of what I am wearing (and maybe sometimes what J is wearing since he is quite intent on photobombing all my pictures).

Stripes + Tan(Piperlime Dress -similar here), (Anthropologie Belt), (Boots-Old, similar here), (Watch-Target discontinued La Mer collection, similar here), (Banana Republic earrings-similar here), (Hair Style) (Nailpolish-Essie Stylenomics)


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Make-up favorites, part II

Splurge Worthy Make-Up

I have loved make-up pretty much as long as I can remember. When I was growing up my favorite thing about Halloween was getting to wear make-up. I can still remember in 6th grade trying to convince my Mom of make-up items I needed. When I was in college, one of the things I always splurged on was make-up. From Dior shadows to NARS palette’s I had couldn’t resist new trendy sets. Having two boys and, you know, life responsibilities I can’t splurge the way I used to, however, there are some products that I am committed to and keep on hand. These are my top nine!

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Make-up picks under ten dollars

Since I spend a lot of my day chasing down two boys, I am very committed to using tried and true make-up. Whether it’s ten dollars or thirty plus dollars, I like make-up that is easy to use and that makes me look “done” without being overdone. I also know that I probably will have about ten to fifteen minutes every morning to put it on. I thought I would share some of my favorites, and this week I’m sharing my favorites that are under ten dollars. Enjoy!

Make-Up Favorites

1. L’Oreal true match foundation ($10). I have used thirty plus dollar foundations (Prescriptives & Laura Mercier) and I can tell you for my skin (slightly dry, and sensitive) I have loved L’Oreal’s foundation. I use the neutral soft ivory in the winter and neutral classic ivory in the summer (I have fair skin with yellow undertones).

2. Covergirl lash blast fusion ($9). I have this in the water resistant and non-water resistant. It does dry out more quickly than some other brands I’ve tried, but I like the look of it and it isn’t clumpy. I use very black, because I always use very black for mascara. How’s that for a recommendation?

3. Essie in sunday funday ($8). Confession…I buy spares of this when I see it because I think it’s seasonal and they will eventually stop selling it. I love the peachy-pink color with the bit of glitter in it, and it looks great on any time of year.

4. Revlon creme shadow palette in not just nudes ($5). I have been looking at this collection forever, and never actually bought it…until my sister said she had read a blog review of it and that it was great. We both picked it up, and I love the ease in which it goes on and that it provides that “done” look that I talked about before, without much work.

5. Sonia Kashuk make-up brushes ($4-10). I can remember my Grandmother telling me about these when they started selling them at Target probably close to fifteen years ago. I own a host of these and love them. The concealer brush is one of my favorites because you can use it for concealer, foundation, creme shadows, or dry shadows if you dampen it. I would recommend buying them individually instead of in a set as some of the sets tend to use shorter brushes that can be tricky to use. If you clean them regularly they last forever. Literally. Forever. Two hundred years from now, you will find twinkies, robots, and these brushes. HA! Moving on…

6. Revlon liquid stay color liner ($6). This liquid liner and I have been friends since high school. So, we are talking a good fifteen plus years. I think the name has changed a couple of times, but the product is the same. I have it in black-brown. I know that it can be difficult to apply liquid liner, but after fifteen years of working on a steady hand I don’t have that much trouble (unless I get a random line backer hug from one of the boys when I am applying it…and that has happened). I only wear it on my top lashes, and line the bottom with an eyeliner pencil.

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One tracked navy

After five years of buying new wardrobes every season for one and now two (Although, J thankfully wears quite a few of A’s hand me downs) boys, I came to a realization. Some of my shirts were five-ten years old. And they looked that way. My first instinct was to follow the new celebrity trend of not washing clothes, but I quickly decided that was not the answer (have you heard of this??? It’s a real thing). Mainly because I get food thrown on me, or tiny muddy shoes stepped on me, at least once a day. Instead, I decided I needed to set aside some funds to get some updates to my wardrobe. As much as I love clothes and fashion, many times I find myself wearing the same three v-neck t-shirts week after week. I did a lot of on-line looking and some actual out and about shopping and came home with a stack of finds:

Spring Fashion NavyThat were all a variation of the shade of navy! And I didn’t even realize it until I was compiling pictures for this post. Seriously. I am going to look like the poster child for navy awareness. I really don’t even know how this happened.

SO NOW. I am on the hunt to find items that will go with my navy pieces that are, you know, not blue. So far I have found:

1. These bright pink shorts (I talked about them before):

Spring fashion 32. This red plaid button up:

73. This red scoop neck tee:

Spring fashion 94. This bright green scarf:

Spring fashion 11

5. And this leather trimmed top:

Spring fashion 12I’m still thinking I need some other items, but not sure what else to mix in (besides not navy…and also not red. Perhaps I’m feeling very patriotic this season.). I’m thinking jewelry of different colors would help, what do you think? Happy Tuesday!

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Spontaneous pick me up

photo 2On Friday after J had thrown a temper tantrum most of the morning, I called my sister and said “I’m getting out, do you want to come?” At first she said no because she was actually, you know, trying to get some things done. HA! Then she re-considered and an hour later we were on the road with a purse full of lollipops and snacks. Want to make our two youngest be obliging? Give them lollipops.

We were so spontaneous we didn’t even take a stroller for J. Which was mainly because we forgot all about it. However, the persuasion of the lollipops guided him through our outdoor mall and we even went into Sephora (GASP!) with them. Boys can go shopping, too, ya’ll. It helped that they are doing major construction within viewing distance, so the boys could stop and watch. J was flat out exhausted after the trip, but I sacrificed his naptime (he fell asleep in the car), to get a few pick me ups that this Momma of a two year old desperately needed.

So here are my purchases! Don’t little purchases like this make you happy? They do for me.

IMG_5165My curling iron is ridiculously old (and hence burning my fingers), so I updated to a 1 1/4 inch hot tools. I love hot tools curling irons, I have two others and they both have lasted a long time. I got a replacement of my Clinique Baby Baby lip color (my absolute fave  right now), Euphrates eye shadow from NARS (every eye shadow they make is AMAZING), and Tarte Tipsy cheek stain, so I could try out that tutorial I shared on my Friday Favorites a few weeks ago.

They also included a couple of samples of Sephora brand moisturizer and I think I’m going to go back and get it. I’ve been trying it for the past few days and I really like it, especially the night cream and the instant moisturizer. The night cream is less sticky than the one I’ve been using and I like the fact that the instant moisturizer doesn’t have SPF in it (because my foundation already does).

Since my sister and I rarely get out and get some new make-up items, it was awesome to do it, and the boys were golden. Lollipops, people. Buy stock in them.

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