Back to school shopping

Our tax free weekend is coming up (have you gotten the zillions of coupons in the mail?), and here are some of the basics on my list for A (and a few for J):

Boy ClothesMy typical plan of starter fall clothes for A is three pairs of pants, three long sleeve basics, three graphic tees, a basic coat, and sneakers. And of course I am always on the look out for new hats for J, and I am checking H&M to see if they have these Mario gloves to stick away for A’s birthday. I typically go through and see what hand me downs I have for J from A, and then supplement with some new items.

A has really specific likes and dislikes about clothes right now. He doesn’t like button-ups or items that have too many mixed color patterns. He likes graphic tees, but he is pretty specific about which ones he likes and doesn’t like. What I typically do is pick a color scheme, and then he can mix and match the items, and I save receipts!

Pants: All Gap, in skinny and straight fit because those are A’s favorites.

Long Sleeve Tees: All Gap, one of my favorite places for basics.

Short Sleeve Graphic Tees: Green (Crazy 8), Blue (Gymboree)

Coat: Old Navy

Hats (top to bottom): Old Navy, H&M, Crazy 8

Gloves: H&M

Sneakers: Piperlime, but they have similar at DSW and Shoe Carnival.

The other items that are always on my list for tax free weekend are:

Color Printer CartridgeA new printer cartridge Diapers Diapers for J. On a side note: I started buying Up&Up brand for J and I have liked them just as well as Pampers.

And that’s my plan! I am hoping to get some good deals, but also keep in mind the amount of spending I want to do now and later.

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Beach Wedding Outfit

Cupcakesandcommentary/Beach Wedding

We are about to go on our second trip of the year, attending a beach wedding for one of my husband’s friends. The boys are excited, A is really interested in the fact that they are getting married on the beach (are they going to build a sandcastle? was one of his questions). So I thought I would share my outfit choices for me, for the wedding.

Dress: Piperlime…super terrific price. I am waiting for it to get here and hoping it works because I don’t have any other options!!

Jewlery: I am keeping it simple and white/pearl because the dress is teal. Necklace (Target), Ring (Piperlime), Earrings (Kate Spade)

Shoes: We are wearing flip flops on the sand and I am switching to sandals for the reception. I have a terrific pair of Jessica Simpson flip flops, but I couldn’t find a recent perfect match so I am sharing these great Gap basics. Sandals (Franco Sarto)

Sunglasses: Target. I’m cheap.

Bags: So I am planning on taking a bag similar to this Old Navy one because I have to put the boys and my shoes in it. However, if you don’t have two small children to tote about this Michael Kors clutch would be pretty terrific.

Nail polish: Sonia Kashuk Beachy Keen (Target).

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