Nordstrom anniversary sale

Hanging out in my current home office, it’s hard to determine what I could potentially need from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, besides perhaps my house finally being done so I could move into an actual home office space. Some years there is quite a bit I pick up from the anniversary sale, and then other years I don’t really find anything. This year I have my eye on some work from home basics, that means tops for Zoom meetings and exercise clothes. First up, Zoom meetings:

And days where I have a meeting, but also have to run to the store:


And days where B and I go run when it gets colder out:

All of these items can be found within the preview of the sale, and you can make a wish list of your favorites! Check out my wish list below:


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June Make-Up Buys

Some refills and some new items to test out this month! First up, a few of my usual rotations:

Essie no chips ahead topcoat. You will never convince me another topcoat lasts longer than this one. I’ve tried many, and it’s the best.

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen. This is my current favorite primer for my IT CC cream. If I’m wearing the CC cream, I’m wearing this and I have yet to get burned this summer on my face.

Tarte lip balm in Nude. Love it, wear it almost everyday!.

I switch between Neutrogena and Clinique make up remover. They are pretty similar and I typically only use them for cleaning brushes, so I would go for the steal instead of the splurge.

My boys hate sunblock that smells (is their a kid out there that relishes the smell of sunblock?), so I’m always on the hunt for ones that don’t. Their favorite is the Neutrogena Clear Face, but the SPF on that one is kind of low, especially for being in the pool. I tested out the Sport Face one this month and I feel like it stays better, and no smell.

Ouai air dry foam. Wow does this smell amazing! It makes your hair super soft, and I think if I did double buns it would have had even more of a wave the next day.

Pixie eye patches. Tricky to put on, but they are very cooling, and make a big difference in puffiness under my eyes.

Morphe M105. A narrower countering brush, good for bronzer placement. First saw it on a Lindsey Regan Thorne make-up tutorial and I really like it!

I also picked up a few items for A this month:

Dove deodorant. Good smelling, not super strong.

With the amount of pool time the boys have had this summer, I needed to up their hair care routine. The boys have totally different hair types, so I tested out this shampoo and conditioner with A. It doesn’t have a strong scent and his hair has been super soft and healthy looking!

One of my goals with the boys is that they learn and understand the importance of good skin care and hygiene. This Supergoop moisturizer is for A to put on every morning. He really needs to wear sunscreen everyday, and this one has no scent and NO sticky feeling like most sunblocks. I tested it out and I love it for days when I wear no other makeup. So much so, that I may buy another container for myself.

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Favorite lip balms, sticks, and glosses

I’m a really inconsistent lip product wearer by nature, but over the last few years I’ve realized the importance of wearing at least a balm to keep my lips from getting super chapped. As you can see I definitely have a color preference, and it’s a pinky-nude hue. I don’t like bright colors or reds, because I hate it when they wear off and you get a weird lip line. The ones above are what I wear, from have it on everyday, to special occasion.

First, have it on everyday is Tarte SEA Quench Lip Balm in Nude. It adds just a touch of color, is not tacky, and keeps my lips well moisturized.

My recording lecture videos color is either Charlotte Tilbury in Pillow Talk or YSL in Beige Tribute. These are really similar, the CT runs a bit more on the pink side, and the Beige Tribute has a bit of a darker undertone. Both are matte, so I usually pick one or the other and follow it with…

NYX lip gloss in Creme Brûlée. By far my favorite lip gloss, this is not sticky, wears well, and it’s all I use for touch-ups once I get to work (when I’m actually going, which right now feels like ages ago).

If I want a bit more of a pink pop, but still in a Nude hue, I’ll use NARS Chihuahua lip gloss. This is sticky, but has great impact and shine. I’ll usually wear it if I’m going out, but not if I’m teaching in class. If I’m in class teaching I’m talking a lot and this doesn’t wear great for that.

If we are at the pool, or going hiking I wear Fresh Sugar lip balm in Honey. It is a little thicker than the Tarte Lip Balm, and it has SPF in it. It definitely transfers color though, so be prepared for that.

And my lips would be a huge mess if it were not for my nightly routine:

I put on Fresh caramel balm as soon as I wash my face or get out of the shower at night, then I put on Kiehls lip balm right before I go to bed. I also have realized the importance of drinking a ton of water which helps as well. I usually drink one Smart Water a day, and then refill either my Swell bottle or Yeti thermos multiple times, and aim for around 60 ounces or more.

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Lilly Pulitzer Spring Sale

Lilly Pulitzer had a great sale several weeks ago, so I jumped on the opportunity to purchase some Summer items. Up until then, my main Lilly item was my make-up pouch, however, I will definitely be buying more. I was pleased with everything I got, so I had to share! The colors are bright and pretty true to the online pictures. It also all fit true to size, although I sized up one size in the dress, so it wouldn’t fit too clingy. First up, is this super cute shift I wore on Mother’s Day:

And I loved this hot pink exercise top I wore when we took the boys’ golfing:

And I’ve been wearing their palazzo pants on the regular:

I was particularly pleased with their running shorts, they are fully lined, but still lightweight. I also picked up a new umbrella since my old one has been broken for awhile.

I also ordered this athletic pullover, which will be great for Fall baseball and golf matches:

I’m still waiting on it to come in. Happy shopping!

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April Beauty Buys

This past month was mostly all about the Spring Sephora sale. I wanted to share what I thought of some of the products I got that were new (to me that is), and my ones that continue to be my favorite.

First, the Olaplex shampoo and conditioner. I had read some mixed reviews of this, so I was unsure of what I would think. The smell is a little flowery, but I love the results. My hair is soft and full and it lasts!

Second, Pillow Talk lipstick and lip liner. I like it fine. I’m not sure what I was thinking it would do. It’s a good color, and I like it, but I think I was expecting more. Especially when I feel like I still need to finish it with my NYX creme brûlée lip gloss.

Third, Cali contour. Love it! I like the colors and it’s soft, but well pigmented.

Fourth, Sephora color eyeliner. I love the pop of color in this one and it glides on so easy!

Benefit roller lash. Doesn’t clump, and looks natural with the intensity up a notch.

My empty refills were Supergoop, B-Hydra Intensive Serum, Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil, Peter Thomas Roth cucumber mask, Living Proof Dry Volume Blast, Anastasia Brow Gel, and Fresh Caramel lip balm. All of them never let me down!

And, two items not a part of the Sephora sale, Twinkle razors for dermaplaning, and Winkylux black eyeliner. Not that I’m wearing a whole lot of dramatic eyeliner lately, but this one works well.

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Sephora Spring Sale

It’s the time of year at Sephora when I stock up, and I was so glad the sale came when it did because I had just ran out of several items. Here’s a breakdown of what I had read recommendations to try, had to get to match tutorials, and what I needed to replenish…

Two things I probably collect way too many of are mascaras and lipglosses. The Benefit Rollerlash could easily be my favorite one. I even like it more than my Dior one, so….high praise.

After watching a Lindsey Reagan Thorne’s five minute face tutorial, I decided to invest in the Cali palette to speed up my morning routine.

Every once in awhile I like a pop of color and Sephora’s contour pencils are my favorite. They go on really easily, and stay put.

I finally gave in to the hype and decided I needed to get Charlotte Tilbury’s lipstick and lip pencil in pillow talk.

I needed a refill of my Anastasia brow gel and Fresh lip balm, so I picked up both of those.

I also gave into the hype and bought the mini size of Olaplex shampoo and conditioner to try out. My hair is super dry right now, so I’m hoping this helps until I can get in to get my hair done (my stylist always does a gloss on my hair when I get it colored to help with the dryness).

I’ve tried other B-serums, but the Drunk Elephant is the best.

I selected a Peter Thomas Roth reward awhile back and it came with the cucumber gel mask. I have recently become obsessed with morning masks, and this one is my favorite. It’s cooling and helps kind of wake up my face in the morning if that makes sense.

Unseen sunscreen. I wear this all day, everyday.

Rose face setting mist. Another Lindsey Reagan Thorne pick, I like the idea of this holding my makeup in place after I’ve put in the effort to do it, ha!

Refill of my Living Proof texture spray, that I use when I do my hair full out.

Bumble and Bumble hairdressers oil for pool time this summer.

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Let’s Look: Inside Your Purse

Today I’m linking up with Mix and Match Mama blog to discuss my favorite bags, including the one I got from Target that gets endless compliments! And I decided to feature a throwback of me carrying my favorite travel backpack in Disney with the boys last summer (sigh, sad).

First, up is my everyday purse:

This Dooney and Burke was a gift from my parents and I carry it pretty much all the time. I don’t like a huge purse, but I like to have enough room for my carry-all bag, my wallet, keys, and phone. This one is perfect for that without having to cram everything in it.

Second up is what I use when I need a slightly larger bag, I use it when I’m going to meetings where I need my iPad, or notebook, but don’t want to carry my work bag,

This Fossil bag is sturdy material and features a shorter strap, and also comes with a longer canvas strap, so you can convert it to a crossbody if you want.

Third, is my work bag:

This is the bag I always get compliments on and “where did you get that?” It’s Mossimo from Target online from five years ago. It’s held up really well, and fits my laptop, notebook, all the items from my purse I toss in, and my lunch box. The handles are starting to fray a bit, but that’s my fault from hanging it on a hook in the laundry room.

Finally, is my travel backpack:

Obviously we aren’t going anywhere right now, but this is my backpack I take when we go on trips or to Disney, because it’s lightweight, lined, and has a covered zipper to prevent rain from seeping in.

And these are my two carryall items:

My Kate Spade wallet and then my Lily Pulitzer zip top bag.And here’s a peek inside that bag:

I always have a couple of lip glosses, a small mascara, Cover FX setting powder, Dramamine and Benadryl. And band-aids and neosporin because I have boys that live a “watch this!” life. My dream bag would be Louis Vuitton medium Neverfull, so I’m saving my pennies for that one!

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Five minute make-up

Since I’m not going into work right now, I have paired down my daily morning make-up routine to five minutes. And not five minutes where I’m going as fast as possible to say it’s five minutes. This is literally five minutes. Here are the products I’m using:

I start out by wiping my face with a wet washcloth. I do not wash my face in the morning because it dries out my skin too much. After I pat my face dry I apply Glossier Superglow on my cheeks and forehead and let that dry for a minute.

Then I apply ultra repair cream over my while face and let that dry for a minute, while it’s drying I curl my eye lashes, apply Diorshow mascara, and Glossier boy brow pomade on my eyebrows (not pictured).

Then I apply Becca skin love brighten and blur primer all over my face and Becca anti-fatigue under eye primer under my eyes. I let that dry while I brush my teeth, and then sweep NARS blush on my cheeks and finish with Tarte lip rescue balm in nude.

And that’s it! The only extra I add in is sunblock before the primer if we are going to be outside. I like to have a little bit of make-up on just to keep a routine, and occasionally I’ll add in eyeliner or shadow if I feel like it, but this is pretty much my everyday!

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Shopping small business online

One of the benefits of homeschooling? You can run outside to do P.E. in between rain showers. We are on Day 3 of online learning and it’s had ups and downs, but we are slowly getting into what will be a new normal for awhile. Since we aren’t really going anywhere, I’ve been doing some online shopping at small businesses that have it available and wanted to share some of my favorites!

First, up I restocked my Piper and Leaf teas:

Then I picked up this gorgeous canvas for our new home from Vine + Branches (picture is from their Instagram):

Glossier to stock up on brow pomade, and to test out a cleanser:

All of my Social Threads picks from yesterday are small business:

Happy small business shopping online!

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