Are you ready for some football?

J’s football party was such a blast! We spent our Saturday afternoon jumping sky high at a trampoline park and then spent our Sunday eating queso, tacos, and watching The Super Bowl. It’s hard to believe that my baby is seven! There are times when he seems so very grown-up, but then other times he’s still our silly boy, looking for a laugh and playing with his peeps. In a way this party celebrated that milestone, he picked the theme, the party place, and I just supplied the decorations, and food.

One of my favorite current decorations are the banners on the fireplace:

J’s favorites were definitely the table decor, that included inflatable footballs, a Super Bowl ring, and a golden football that one of B’s co-workers made:

The treat bags for J’s birthday were a hit! I went super simple, just a squishy football, football straws, a football pencil, and a container of mini m&ms:

And that was it! Here’s to a great seventh year, J!

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J’s Super Bowl Extravaganza

In less than two weeks, my baby will be seven. Seven! Both boys were born (by coincidence) on major football weekends. A’s Birthday usually falls on a weekend in October where there are critical college football games, and J was born the weekend of the Super Bowl. This was the first year that J really connected that his birthday was on Super Bowl Sunday, and he was ecstatic. I probably would’ve been annoyed if my birthdate aligned with a huge football game, but not J. He was pumped and immediately asked for a football themed party. I’ve been rounding up football decorations and party supplies, so I thought I’d share what I found so far…

The tablecover, banner, and squishy footballs are Amazon buys. I found that it was a better deal to get all the tableware (plates, napkins, straws, football cutouts), the pencils, and football candles are from Party City because they have smaller quantities. I picked up the football T-shirt from Gap online (sold out, but I also loved this one), and the football washi tape is from Hobby Lobby. I also picked up this sign from Hobby Lobby:

And I’m going to pick up some ring pops to add to the treat bags, and maybe football wristbands because J is obsessed with them:



He’s already so pumped! It’s going to be a great birthday/Super Bowl!

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Batman birthday party

Considering J wore a Batman costume to Christmas last year, to say Batman is his favorite super hero would be a bit of an understatement. This was a big birthday for J! First, he turned six. Officially headed towards big kid territory. Second, he had his first kid party and he was so pumped. The party theme was simple, but I have to say this was one of my favorites!

We has a batastic banner:


A light box and cityscape:



A birthday Mickey with petit fours:

A Vine and Branches sign:

Some carefully guarded treat bags:

And of course:


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Tsum tsum party decor

I went very low key with J’s birthday party decorations this year as far as “theme” goes. We did streamers, happy birthday banner, and little tsum tsums here and there.

We brought lollipops with tsum tsum cut-out stickers to his classmates:

I decorated some food containers with tsum tsum washi tape and stickers:

And got a few table decorations (my favorites were the little tsum tsum plates):

Little vinyl tsum tsums provide some whimsy to the decor:

And the boys got a tsum tsum for a party favor:

And finally some funfetti cupcakes with sprinkles got an extra dose of cuteness with some friends!

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Secret Pizza Party

I cannot believe J is about to be five! Where did the past five years go? I was trying to come up with a theme idea for his birthday and when he and his cousins were playing the other day it suddenly came to me. The boys love pizza, the boys love playing “spy”, and one of J’s favorite books is “Secret Pizza Party”. I ran the idea by J and he loved it. So now I’m collecting pizza party supplies, with some silly additions like little trash cans, bandit masks, and raccoons. A perfect party for our silly boy! 

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Valentine’s Decor

Christmas is our decorating holiday and this year we invested in new lights, mantel decorations, and a friendly little T-Rex. The rest of the year I keep decorating pretty minimal, but I’m working on developing a set of timeless decorations that I can bring out each year. I always remember very specific decorations that my Mom had for each holiday (the door signs were my favorite), so I think along those lines.

First, I decorate our hutch with a few fun items and prints. The puppy salt and pepper shakers are left overs from J’s birthday, but I love them! They match with the ABC heart print, and the little wood canvas I picked up from Hobby Lobby:

Valentine's DecorThen I set out two plastic heart shaped bowls for the boys to store their Valentine candy in. Thankfully, J has finally reached the stage where we don’t have to hide candy because he throws a fit and wants to eat it all immediately: Valentine's DecorAnd then I have a little line up of heart ramekins and decorations at the top (the plate design I made for J’s first birthday): Valentine DecorAnd this year after reading Momfessionals Valentine’s post I purchased these latte bowls from Anthropologie. I love them already because they are perfect for ice cream and cereal.

Valentine DecorFor the table I picked up a couple of little candles and some sour gummy hearts (the boys love these). I’m in the process of testing out candles to see if I can find one that doesn’t give B a headache.  Valentine DecorI invested in new Valentine plates for the boys (Pottery Barn), and fun robot placemats. I also picked up a little table runner from Target (again, I don’t get to put girly stuff up very often): Valentine DecorI also decorated the boys’ doors (because how many years will I get to do that before they start complaining?):

Valentine DecorAnd I have two different banners:

valentines-day-canvas-painted-heart-garland-o(From Pottery Barn…I waited for it to go on sale and so it hasn’t arrived yet…hence the stock photo)

BannerMy sister and I each made one of these heart banners about five years ago. I love it, but it’s definitely starting to show wear and tear, so I may need to make a new one next year.

And finally I picked up a stack of goodies to put at their table on Sunday morning.

Valentine DecorJ’s stuff is on the left and A’s is on the right. B also picked up A a Harry Potter Pop character that’s not pictured. This probably seems pretty unconventional for Valentine’s items, but I always think of it as little happy items. For example, A is always looking for yarn to make lanyards and signs, so I figured he needed his own. I think the boys will be quite excited!

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Puppy Pawty

J was thrilled to turn 4, and he was especially pumped that he got to have both his school party and his birthday party on the same day! B and I felt a little bit like we had been to a college blow-out the next morning, (except in family friendly form…ha!), but it was great to be able to have his celebration all done on one day.

He ran from his room that morning yelling “I’m four everyone!!”

Puppy PartyThen I met up with him at school to have cookies, juice, and pass out a few puppy themed treats to his classmates… Puppy PartyThen I whipped up funfetti puppy chow for the boys to snack on while we party prepped that afternoon… Puppy Party Puppy partyHere are some of the decorations…

Puppy PartyOnce everyone arrived we started opening presents… Puppy Party Puppy Party Puppy Party Puppy Party Puppy PartyThen after feasting on hot dogs, chili, and chips it was time for cake!

IMG_0333 IMG_0340 Puppy Party Puppy PartyThe day after the party A was reminding everyone that he was “still 4” even though his birthday was past. And in case you are wondering even after all the excitement and no napping he still woke up bright and early at 6:10 a.m. Seriously!

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A puppy party with all the colors

I had great plans to do a “Fourrest” themed birthday party for J’s birthday party. While looking through Pinterest (as we all do now to plan parties of any kind), J was sitting with me and pointed at two different pictures. One with all the colors, and one with puppies. He said “I want that! A puppy party with all the colors!” Not surprising considering his two favorite shows right now are Paw Patrol and Mutt & Stuff. So we traded foxes for puppy dogs, and began our party planning.

Puppy PartyLots of paw prints, lots of bright colors, and several personal touches of what reminds us of J at this age (specifically his love of telling us when he sees a number he knows and what letter everyone’s name starts with). I’m off to start putting all these ideas together!

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All Aboard the Circus Train

Circus Train PartyFrom inspiration board to reality, this was a really fun theme to put together for J. It was enhanced by how much he loved the decorations. Usually I start decorating several days before the party, but I wanted J to get the impact of seeing everything done at once. B and I stayed up late Friday night putting everything together (minus the balloons), and J’s reaction on Saturday morning was priceless. Everyone that came to the party got a tour of the decorations by J, from tent streamers to the little circus animals to the mustache duct tape banner.

Some of my very favorite ideas I got from this party and this party. I’ve also included links after the pictures to where you can find a few of the main decor. Enjoy!

Circus Train Party Circus Train Party Circus Train Party Circus Train Party Circus Train Party Circus Train Party Circus Train Party Circus Train Party Circus Train Party Circus Train Party Circus Train Party Circus Train Party Circus Train party Circus Train Party Circus Train Party Circus Train PartyWooden Circus Characters: Janod

Vintage Circus Prints: Oopsy Daisy

See the Circus Book: H.A. Rey

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