A little bit of Fall decor

Since it is officially fall, the boys and I have been doing some decorating and I thought I would share! The boys wanted lots of “bats, spidah’s (how J says it), and spooookkeeey stuff (“Like a Tiger!” J yelled. Kid is obsessed with tigers). I tend to go lower on the Halloween end of it because I really don’t want to have to take everything down and decorate again for Thanksgiving. Thus, here is our comprise:
September 20141 September 20142 September 20143Aren’t the plates gorgeous? Target, baby! I was super excited to find those. I also love having the boys’ costume pictures from last year on display. J has already decided he wants to be “bat guy”, but A is still up in the air. Considering how many times he has changed his mind about his upcoming birthday party, I’m hoping I’m not trying to put together a last minute costume. Or rather buy a last minute costume. HA! Happy Fall!

*Most of the decor was purchased at Target or Hobby Lobby. You can find the print here. Happy decorating!

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Study refresh: Geometric wall

Study refreshI have probably discussed this before, but I’m a big advocate of moving and changing things in the house to fit our lifestyle. After inheriting a new larger kitchen table, the boys’ easel and play kitchen was a tight fight in our dining area and I kept trying to figure out where to move everything. After five years of our study being mainly closed off I decided it was time for a change….

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Ice painting

Ice PaintingI’ve seen this activity done lots of different ways on Pinterest. My idea was to use our Popsicle molds, because it would make a convenient handle for the boys. I set them up in their holder:

Ice popsicle paintingAnd then on one particularly hot day, I let the boys fill them with water, and then choose what type of food coloring to put in each. They picked green, green/blue, purple, orange, and “red” (which turned out to be hot pink). Their favorite part was shaking the color in the molds after I had sealed the tops. I stuck them in the freezer and actually forgot about them until this weekend, when they said they were bored with all their outdoor toys.

Ice paintingSo, I grabbed the popsicle paints for an activity. I found that they colored much better on paper than the patio. It also took a little bit of work to get the “paints” working because it was overcast. They started out making pictures and then went Pollock-style and were just dumping paint all over them. The food coloring did stain their hands some, but it came off in the bath.

I tried to save the finished pictures, but when I left them out to dry in the yard, the boys started running through the yard using the paper as capes. So…that’s an option too. 🙂 Happy Monday!

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Summer is coming….

Summer is comingIt’s been a weird few days. We had a few big storms roll through over a span of two days, which didn’t end up directly affecting us, but it still was enough to cancel school, move exams, and shorten work hours. As we waited out two afternoons of storm systems to move through, we spent the mornings prepping by spending as much time outside as possible. Which got me thinking about what I am going to do with the boys this summer….

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Five Minute Craft: Washi Tape Mirror

Since I live in a house of boys, I work to carve little bits of spaces of my own. The space above my desk in our study, my side of the closet, and my nightstand area are all spaces that I am constantly adding more feminine touches, to make my own.

I found a mirror in our attic that I had used as a planning piece for our wedding decorations, and have wanted to put it by my nightstand. The other day I had a yearning to do some crafting that wouldn’t take up too much time:

I had the mirror, washi tape, and some picture hanging command strips (because yes, I keep all of those things on hand apparently).

Washi Tape MirrorA little time later (about five to ten minutes worth of a Sesame Street J and I were watching):IMG_5396And then when I was hanging it up I had the help of a lovely assistant:IMG_5398And only a few minutes after that:IMG_5407All done! Doesn’t it look fun? And so easy to change if I get bored with the tape pattern on it.

And finally here are a few things on my Mother’s Day request list that I’m hoping to get to finish up my nightstand:

Mother's Day Request[1][2][3][4][5][6]

1. A really likes to buy me jewelry, but I’ve been trying to direct him out of the plastic section of Target…so this is a good upgrade and a place that B could take him to.

2. This book has been on my list since it came out. I love looking through fashion inspiration books, and I love Rachel Zoe.

3. This little giraffe trinket dish has also been on my list for awhile, and I think I could safely store it on my jewelry box.

4. I always love new spring nail colors, and this pistachio colored Essie polish looks great.

5. I just ran out of my fresh lip balm, so I’m in desperate need of more….I’m a bit addicted to it!

6. And, I love the Lavanila line of rollerball fragrances, especially for layering scents. This coconut-vanilla one sounds like a great summer exchange for my go to lemon-vanilla scent.

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An Easter Special!

Friday FavoritesA is VERY into art lately. Drawing and coloring are his main jam, and I have found him up at 6:00 coloring some mornings. While we were waiting on a cousin playdate today I did two really quick crafts with the boys that you could do this weekend, without even leaving the house for supplies!

First up, A’s Easter Egg Art:

Easter Egg ArtI printed out a free Easter Egg template and A colored it, cut it out, and taped it on a piece of purple cardstock. I then put it in the IKEA frame on my hutch.

Second, Easter Bunny Plate:

Bunny PlateJ got bored with the Easter Egg coloring pretty quickly, so I knew I needed another craft, and quick! Hence the bunny plate. I just used the back of a paper plate, cotton balls, googly eyes, two ears cut out of paper, a pom pom, and a pipe cleaner. J loves using glue sticks so he had a great time putting it together. He ran out of the glue stick midway through and so I switched to handing him pieces of rolled tape. This was fun….even if it only lasted for about ten minutes because he ran off with it and tore it apart. That kid.

Bunny Craft

And don’t worry….Friday Favorites are coming up soon! 🙂

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Spring refresh: A new frame and a chore chart revisited

I realized the other day that the glass in the frame for A’s artist list had split. Target is running a 25% off cartwheel deal, so J and I headed over there and came up with:

Learning Frame

This four square floating frame. I backed it with a scarf I had that matched our decor. Then I was going to print out a 5×7 of each artist’s facts, however I wanted something on there that J could learn from as well. So I made the little cards you see above. It’s just a google image of an animal and then it has listed underneath the colors of the animal and the sound it makes. J’s two current favorite animals are tigers and ducks (his all time favorites are dogs and horses). J LOVED this when I put it up. Every time he walks by it he says “oh tiger!” “oh duck!”, so I will definitely be continuing it with more animals.

And then I just refreshed and put A’s chore chart on our burlap pocket frame:

Chore Chart

A is working towards a Microfighter Millennium Falcon Lego set (have you seen these micro sets?? The are awesome.).  We have tried some different tactics, but we find we always go back to the chore chart to keep him on track. He works better through a goal oriented system.

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Let’s stick together, Valentine

In between our time spent out in the snow (more pictures to come), A and I put together the Valentine’s for his class. My sister told me about these printables from Life in the Green House blog, and I thought they would be perfect for A’s Valentines. I purchased heart bags and pencils from the dollar section at Target, and my sister and I found heart stickers sheets at Party City for 3 dollars (we split the set). All in all it cost me less than five dollars to put together all ten of A’s Valentines.

IMG_4967I printed out the labels on white card stock and A wrote the to and from for each of his classmates on the back. The printables work better with a skinnier bag, but I loved the heart bags from Target, so I made them work by folding them in half. A also stuffed each of the bags, and he had a little help:

IMG_4968Until J started running off with the stickers. Then he had to settle for putting stickers on his easel, while A and I finished up.

IMG_4971They turned out really cute! And it’s a great idea if you have, say been stuck in the house the past few days and have a Valentine’s day party tomorrow.


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