Behind the face

I’m nine chapters of outlining in…

Behind the face...And am way to lazy to figure out why the back of this picture is blue. Continuing on…

After my post on Clinique city block, I used it for several more weeks and realized it was making my face break-out. OF COURSE. It’s supposed to be for sensitive skin, but as I’ve learned, what is for sensitive skin, doesn’t always work for my sensitive skin. I have weird sensitive skin. Atypical, but certainly typical for me. I thought I’d share what works for me (don’t take this as testament that it’ll work for you, I’m just sharing what works for me).

So here is my typical line-up:

Behind the faceWhen I first met B two things I introduced him two were face wash and moisturizer. He probably won’t appreciate me sharing that, HA! Not that he didn’t use those, but they were full of fragrances, etc. B has skin that is very similar to mine, so we tend to use similar products. I stay away from anything that says “natural” “plant based” because while those may be “green” or healthier for some people, for B and I (and the boys) it’s basically a bad allergic reaction waiting to happen.

My skin also gets super dry, and my helpful salesperson at Sephora told me it was because I wasn’t exfoliating enough in addition to moisturizing. I was super hesitant about using an exfoliator, but she convinced me that First Aid’s facial radiance pads would work. And they do! And they are awesome…her tip was to cut them in half so they’ll last longer.

I use the radiance pads a couple times a week and then I use my Clarisonic on the other days. I use the delicate brush head (also recommended by my salesperson at Sephora).

For an eye make-up remover I use Clinique’s take the day off oil, which also works double to clean my beauty blender. If I’m putting on moisturizer at night, I use Neutrogena’s oil free sensitive and for the morning and around my eyes I use Sephora’s instant moisturizer. As I mentioned earlier, my skin is weird…the instant moisturizer isn’t for sensitive skin, but it doesn’t make my face break-out. I also use it instead of an eye cream, since a certain person (who will remain nameless….Jessica) scared the crap out of me of picking an eye cream. I really don’t want to permanently scar the skin around my eyes, so I’m sticking with the Sephora moisturizer for now.

And if I have any trouble spots, I use Neutrogena on the spot, which I’ve been using since high school (not the same tube of it…that’d be unsanitary). I bleached the carpet of my bedroom at my parents’ house with it. So there’s that.

Oh and by the way, I went back to my old standard of sunscreen:

SunblockIf I need to wear sunscreen, but don’t want to smell like it, I wear Neutrogena’s clear face. It literally smells like nothing. And…it doesn’t make my face break-out. So hurray! And the Coppertone sport holds up really well. And also doesn’t make my skin break-out.

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Save the printer paper

Printer paperThe boys color, draw pictures, make Mario maps, and fraction books daily. They had gone through ALL of their drawing paper and had moved on to asking for printer paper. And then using that up as fast as they could. On a shopping trip to Target B said he would pick up more paper. He came home with four different types of drawing paper, a Winnie the Pooh coloring book, a new DS holder for J’s DS (because his broke), and another Wiimote so everyone can play Mario Party 10 at the same time. I laughed and laughed because after over years of grocery shopping at Target, B has finally got sucked into the Target realm.

targetThe boys should definitely be set for awhile!

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Clinique city block review

So since I told my sister…and Jessica that I’d let them know how I liked city block I figured I’d review it on here. Here’s my typical Saturday make-up:

Satuday Make-Up Saturday Make-UpWhich may look like a lot, but I typically get my make-up done in under five minutes on Saturday. Sunblock, a little concealer for under my eyes, eye brows filled in (since I found a picture the other day and realized they are such a pain because I WAAAY over-plucked them in 2001. Doh.), a little blush, neutral eye shadow, and mascara. Done.

So here is me with no other make-up but the city block:

City BlockIt pretty much looks like I have foundation on. And that’s the consistency that you are going to get with it. Which I liked because it meant I really didn’t need anything else on top of it. Oh and it’s colored. Not white. Which worried me at first, but it somehow matched to my skin (I have fair skin with yellow undertones).

And here’s with all my make-up done (and in my half laundry room, no less):

City BlockSo here’s the deal. I really liked it for Saturday wear (and when we go to the beach, Disney, etc.) because my face was not red at all by the end of the day (full disclosure: it was windy and cold…however, it was also very sunny) and it basically substitutes as your foundation. It is thick, so you don’t need very much (I’m talking dime size or less). However, if you put foundation over it, I feel like it would be really heavy, so it’s not something I’d want to wear if I also wanted to wear my foundation. My skin is pretty dry to begin with, so I felt like adding foundation on top of it was going to feel mask-like and make my face really pale.

It doesn’t have hardly any smell and once I put it on, I didn’t feel like I was wearing anything. It also has a lot of staying power…when I washed my face later in the day, it didn’t seem to wash off completely if that makes sense. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Anyway. I’m going to keep wearing it when it starts to warm up, so I’ll check back and let you know if it still works in Alabama’s hot, humid, AKA, air you can wear summers. HA!

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Easter basket loot

So here’s what I have planned for the boys’ Easter baskets this year:

Easter basket ideas[Tsum tsum stuff: Disney Store] [Bibles: Amazon] [Flip flops: Gap] [Toys: Target & Amazon]

Since we hide eggs with candy I tend to stay away from filling their baskets with too much candy, and stick to snack food like Goldfish. Both boys have been asking for Bibles (A wants a more grown up one, as he’s read his first Bible four or five times all the way through, and J wants one of his one). I couldn’t resist the Tsum Tsum loot, as J loves them and the stationary set is right up A’s alley. Then just some summer fun items, as summer is definitely within our sights!

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