Clinique city block review

So since I told my sister…and Jessica that I’d let them know how I liked city block I figured I’d review it on here. Here’s my typical Saturday make-up:

Satuday Make-Up Saturday Make-UpWhich may look like a lot, but I typically get my make-up done in under five minutes on Saturday. Sunblock, a little concealer for under my eyes, eye brows filled in (since I found a picture the other day and realized they are such a pain because I WAAAY over-plucked them in 2001. Doh.), a little blush, neutral eye shadow, and mascara. Done.

So here is me with no other make-up but the city block:

City BlockIt pretty much looks like I have foundation on. And that’s the consistency that you are going to get with it. Which I liked because it meant I really didn’t need anything else on top of it. Oh and it’s colored. Not white. Which worried me at first, but it somehow matched to my skin (I have fair skin with yellow undertones).

And here’s with all my make-up done (and in my half laundry room, no less):

City BlockSo here’s the deal. I really liked it for Saturday wear (and when we go to the beach, Disney, etc.) because my face was not red at all by the end of the day (full disclosure: it was windy and cold…however, it was also very sunny) and it basically substitutes as your foundation. It is thick, so you don’t need very much (I’m talking dime size or less). However, if you put foundation over it, I feel like it would be really heavy, so it’s not something I’d want to wear if I also wanted to wear my foundation. My skin is pretty dry to begin with, so I felt like adding foundation on top of it was going to feel mask-like and make my face really pale.

It doesn’t have hardly any smell and once I put it on, I didn’t feel like I was wearing anything. It also has a lot of staying power…when I washed my face later in the day, it didn’t seem to wash off completely if that makes sense. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Anyway. I’m going to keep wearing it when it starts to warm up, so I’ll check back and let you know if it still works in Alabama’s hot, humid, AKA, air you can wear summers. HA!

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Easter basket loot

So here’s what I have planned for the boys’ Easter baskets this year:

Easter basket ideas[Tsum tsum stuff: Disney Store] [Bibles: Amazon] [Flip flops: Gap] [Toys: Target & Amazon]

Since we hide eggs with candy I tend to stay away from filling their baskets with too much candy, and stick to snack food like Goldfish. Both boys have been asking for Bibles (A wants a more grown up one, as he’s read his first Bible four or five times all the way through, and J wants one of his one). I couldn’t resist the Tsum Tsum loot, as J loves them and the stationary set is right up A’s alley. Then just some summer fun items, as summer is definitely within our sights!

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Shadows + Peeps

J makes me laugh constantly about his frustration over his trailing shadow:

ShadowHe’ll stop, turn around, and say “Stop it, shadow!!” and then continue walking glancing over his shoulder every now and then and shaking his head like a little old man irritated by the weather.

J loves his peeps and they are his favorite playmates (besides his brother and cousins):

PeepsHe takes them in the car, they watch TV with him and sit under his chair while he eats dinner. While his dog and lamb are his favorites, he kindly rotates others in and out and shows them each love and attention.

And I love that my boys still love to to snuggle with me and watch cartoons. My favorite way to spend our afternoon:LoveLove

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Decorating + Wearing…

For the boys…

Decorating[1][2] Wearing[1][2]

For me…

Decorating [1][2][3]Wearing[1][2]

This year I’m working on refreshing and updating. Since J is 4 now and A is headed towards 8 (HOW??!), I’m working on updating their rooms a bit and of course already picking out their new Spring clothes (A always needs updates and J is getting past the point of being able to wear A’s hand me downs…I kid you not…J is almost in a 6). In addition to that I’m working on making our house feel more complete and updating my wardrobe a bit (something I’ve done only in very few instances and through birthday gifts over the past 7 years). On my radar for clothes for the boys are brighter colors, sports wear, and new shoes. For me I’m looking for transitional pieces that I can wear both at work and at home. For home I’m looking for decor that also works as storage plus fun pieces to accentuate everyone’s personalities.

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Notebook favorites

Part of my path to organization (and stopping the on going list from running constantly in my head when I’m trying to go to sleep) is keeping great notebooks around. Here are my favorite planner, list book, and recipe index:

Favorite notebooks[Recipe book] [Notebook] [Planner]

I love the notebook because it’s pretty, but also has wide lines for making lots of lists (before I create a typed copy to hand out to family members…cause I do that.):

Notebook ListMy favorite thing about the planner (besides the tabbed edges) is that it has both full month view and day by day conversions:

Planner PlannerWhich is helpful if I need to organize day by day appointments or activities, but also to put items on the list for months out planning.

After years of using this recipe folder:

Recipe folderI needed something that was not as clunky and was updated with recipes we don’t use. I love the Kate Spade recipe book because it’s cute:

Recipe BookBut also super functional:

Recipe bookSo I can stop being kicked out of Pinterest when I try to make bagels:

BagelsWhich makes recipe conversion to my new book much easier! Happy organizing, planning, and baking!

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Testing out Wal-Mart’s grocery pick up

Grocery ShoppingI hate grocery shopping. So much so, that I am infinitely grateful that B and I switch off grocery shopping. Our Wal-Mart recently started grocery store pick-up and while we typically don’t shop at Wal-Mart, we had heard good things about it and decided that we should try it.

So on Saturday morning we registered and put together our list:

Grocery ShoppingAll from the comfort of our couch. Here is my analysis of it:

The Good:

Easy to select items

Lots of basic options

Good prices

They’ll substitute a larger size for the same price as a smaller size if they don’t have the smaller size

You select a time and they will call you when it’s ready (they called well before the pick up time, had it in a cold holding spot, and we just called five minutes ahead and picked it up)

Boxes & cans were in good condition

Expiration dates were good

Produce was fine quality (we only purchased a few produce items just to see…the bananas were a little over ripe)

The Not so Good:

We didn’t realize that they didn’t have same day pick up, so we completed our order thought we could pick it up a few hours later and then realized we couldn’t…so check your Wal-Mart to know that information ahead of time.

There was a few basic things that they were out of (like ALL the bread).

About five items that I loaded in my cart got kicked out because they went from available to unavailable in the five minutes that I picked them.

Overall Opinion:

The good outweighed the not so good, and I would definitely use it again. Even if for just the ease in buying nonperishable items and frozen food items. It was nice for J and B to just head to the store and return ten minutes later with all the groceries.

And with their quick shopping they were able to fit in a trip to the trail after we unloaded all the groceries:


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Coloring quietly

With two very energetic boys there is a lot of loud in our house. So much that when it gets really quiet (and not after everyone has gone to bed) that I feel a little nervous. The other night we were helping A get ready for bed, and he was being extremely loud and pretty crazy. I turned and saw J sitting at the table coloring quietly. And I met his eye and he gave me a little thumbs up. After we got A into bed I came over to the table and J said “I coloring really quiet, Mama.” Those are the moments that can make your entire day.

Coloring Quietly Coloring quietly

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Carry on essentials

Carry On EssentialsFrom traveling by plane to traveling by car, I’ve started compiling a list of necessary essentials that are enough to keep the boys entertained, but without bringing every thing from home. I mostly pack for them, as they tend to bring really random stuff if I don’t….like half a pair of socks. Here is a round-up of our usual items.

The necessary: Favorite peeps (2-3 small stuffed animals), small pillow, small blanket, flashlight, small bag of snacks (I avoid cheddar snacks…too messy), one treat item (lollipops, skittles…I avoid chocolate snacks…they melt).

Non-Electronics: lightweight books (we avoid hardback books on trips), crayons, coloring pad, sticker book, small activity book, quart size bag of little cars or figures of their choosing, small puzzle box (put into a ziploc for J), small Lego bag (put into a ziploc for A)

Electronics: headphones, iPod for A to listen to music & books, original DS with 3-4 games, iPad with two movies (Lego Movie & Winnie the Pooh Movie)

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Story time

While B would probably prefer me not share a pic of him in his glasses, I had to share pictures of J giggling while reading one of his favorite stories with B; “The Monster at the End of this Book.” This was one of my all time favorites when I was little, so I love how much J loves it and how he thinks it is so funny.

Story time Story Time Story TimeFor all J’s craziness (and believe me he is quite a wild man, although apparently only at home…thank goodness! Here’s hoping that doesn’t change), he is also such a love! At the end of long days (or any day), I’m always grateful for these moments!

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