Baby Birds

After seeing this post on The Southern Housewife’s blog, I’m wondering if this is a new trend!

I looked out the window one day to find a nest on the column of our porch. I have to admit I am not a fan of birds. My husband checked it and sure enough there were eggs in it. I didn’t want to take the nest down after that so we have left it and I monitor the nest daily to see when the birds have flown on. Super A has really enjoyed watching them grow…

And they are pretty sweet to watch.

They are getting so big each day, I am not sure how they are fitting in the nest anymore…

And while we have enjoyed watching them, I’m ready for them to go. They are making a mess of our columns and porch and I am tired of the Momma bird doing swoops toward my head when I walk out front. Did I mention the whole bird family showed up when the eggs hatched (fifteen birds on my front porch all at the same time)? I am hoping it doesn’t take all the relatives to teach them to fly. HA!

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Just Dance

For Mother’s Day Super A got me Just Dance 2 for the Wii. On Friday night we rocked it out with Carly and BJ. They brought Just Dance 1, so we had a huge selection of songs to choose from, including New Kids on the Block’s Step by Step…what what! Of course Super A only wanted to hear one song: Firework by Katy Perry. Every time it was his turn to pick. Over and Over. We were glad to have five people there to take turns, so every one got chance to pick a song!

By the way, I let Super A have the remote for this song and I think he did better than I could have! HA!

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The Long Hiatus

It’s amazing how one week can morph into a week and a half, and pretty soon there is so much to blog about I’m not sure where to start. I’ve always been one of those people that I have to stay super active in something because once I start to lag behind procrastination settles in, and I’m not sure how to start back.

So this is my way of starting back. Our long hiatus. We walked away from one of the worst days in our area’s history with nothing more than a lengthy power outage and the loss of the contents of our fridge.  Despite seeing a wall cloud come across, and Super A having a distinctive story to tell and re-tell (Mommy grabbed me. We ran to the closet. I got a pacifier and a bunny. Aunt K said “what’s going on?”) we watched as surrounding areas were hit and hit again with tornadoes. I ask you to please not forgot these areas that were hit so hard. You can help by donating to the red cross, or checking out my good friend and fellow blogger Tales of a Peanut’s blog post here. She recaptures some of the best ways to help our area and our neighbors better than I could!

In addition please pray for all of the people in areas that were hit hard by the tornadoes. Many people lost their homes, neighbors, friends, and family.

During the power outage, my in-laws graciously flew us up to their home in Virginia. It was a relief considering I was in pretty bad shape from a sinus infection and a terrible reaction to a pneumonia vaccine. So now we are back! And the long hiatus is over.

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War Eagle!

The following sequences of pictures should explain everything….

I laughed for a straight five minutes after taking these pictures. After biting my nails for a straight three and a half hours last night it was a true victory to see Auburn win. National Champions!!! I have been an Auburn fan for a long time, but when Super A went to bed last night in his new Number 2 jersey, when I was sitting on the edge of my chair gripping the sides of it for most of the game, and when I was jumping up and down and screaming after Michael Dyer got that last pass and ran to the half yard line I got it. This is what it is all about.

And when Super A was sitting there in his little jersey over his pajamas, with his pillow, blanket, bunny, and shaker I think he got it too!

War Eagle!

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New Year’s Resolutions

This is my last retrospective type post, then I promise to fast forward to now! Good thing one of my New Year’s resolutions is not to get things done on time…HA! So in perspective of the New Year here are Super A and my resolutions for the year.

First Me…

1. Walk three times a week. I was really good about doing this when Super A was little, but in the past six months I have really slacked off. I want to work towards doing a couch to 5K program, but I do better when I start small. If I can actually get Super A and I out on a walk  three times a week I would be doing great.

2. Do preschool type activities with Super A Monday through Friday. Last month I bought a framed cork board for the kitchen, and on Sunday we make up our schedule and I let Super A decorate it.  Then I try to incorporate the activity of the day into different things we do.

Here’s our schedule for this week. I’ll try to keep up with posting the schedules!

3. Leave the television off until the afternoon. I thought it might be becoming a habit when Super A continually woke up in the morning demanding to watch a show. Now we have no television in the morning, one show for him in the afternoon, and then nothing else until Jeopardy comes on at 6. Super A is addicted to Jeopardy…it’s probably the need to have an abundant amount of useless information that I also strive for.

4. Attend church regularly and get Super A in Sunday School. Super A was very stranger shy for quite a long time and we got out of the habit of attending church because of it. My goal is to get him comfortable in a Sunday School class and us back in the mode of church.

5. Follow Beth Moore’s Siesta Scripture Memory Verse. Thanks to my friend Jennifer bringing this to my attention on her blog! I am excited to participate and I always do well when I have guidelines for something of this nature.

6. Potty Training, Pacifier, Big Boy Bed. These are my three big goals for Super A this year. I am hoping to get him potty trained, get rid of the pacifier, and get him into a big boy bed. This obviously is not happening immediately and obviously not all at the same time.

Super A’s New Year’s Resolutions:

1. To go to story time at the library once a week. Super A loves the library and hopes his Mommy will get him there even though it’s early.

2. To not hit, push, or bite. Super A is working hard on this one, and he repeats the phrase “no hit, no push, no bite” to himself often. He hopes to use his words not his actions by the end of the year (hahaha).

3. To try new foods. We actually ate zucchini at lunch today and I was quite impressed that he tried it. We work under the premise that it’s okay to not like it, but you need to at least try it to tell whether you like it or not.

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The First Sign of Fall

For many people the first sign of fall is leaves falling from the trees, leaves changing colors, cooler temperatures, and warmer clothes. For me the first sign of fall is this:

Tissues. Disappearing. At a rapid rate. Lots and Lots of tissues.

You may have noticed that I have been absent the past few days. No Monday Night Dinner post, no updates from the weekend. Saturday morning Super A woke up crying with his nose draining like a faucet. It continued to run and run for all of Saturday until Sunday. I figured it was a run of the mill cold. Who was I kidding!! We never get run of the mill colds around here. On Sunday night I started getting sniffly and by midnight that night I was sitting up watching old episodes of Iron Chef America and feeling like someone had smacked my sinuses.

Luckily, Super A already had a well visit appointment on Monday with his allergist. We left the office an hour and a half later with a handful of prescriptions. Super A has a double ear infection and I have bronchitis. Lovely. So after a lot of medicine we are slowly getting better. The few items that save me (besides the prednisone, z-pack, and albuterol) is:

Kiehl’s Lip Balm because I can basically only breathe with my mouth open right now.

Mary Kay Fragrance Free Hand Softener, a gift from my good friend (and Mary Kay Consultant) Carly Jordan 🙂 . For my horribly cracked hands after washing them like fifty times a day, and for my incredibly sore’s the only moisturizer that doesn’t sting like crazy.

Super A’s only requirements are lots of tissues, apple juice, his blanket, bunnies, his Doggy McDavid (who he has renamed Fluffy this week), and movies. We have watched Toy Story 3 (now I have to add a Buzz Lightyear to my Christmas List for Super A), Peter Pan, and lots of Little Einsteins.

So…hopefully we are now on the mend. Despite my husband now having a sore throat, he doesn’t seem to be getting any worse, and hopefully it stays that way. I’m not sure if the stores can keep the tissues in stock for us much longer!

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Consignment Shopping

So this past week I decided to go out for a little bit of consignment shopping for Super A. I honestly have never tried it before, but Super A grows so fast it is getting ridiculous to have to buy him so many clothes each season. Plus I have been totally inspired by the For the Love blog that I read. She finds the cutest things at consignment and thrift stores. We have a couple of really cute shops close to us, so I headed out with Super A and was pleased to find some good buys.

A few more fall items…

I got these five pieces for 26 dollars. Not bad!

And I managed to hit the jackpot…

With a 12 dollar Gap jacket. And it’s lined.

I know that on some of the items I could have come back in a few days and got them for less, but I don’t really have the time to go back and forth like that. I wish I did because I could probably get even better deals. But it was a start and adding it to some of the items I had already purchased before fall there isn’t much left I need to buy for Super A this season. After we went to another consignment shop (no luck there) we headed out to Kohl’s for pj’s and gym pants. Before we got to Kohl’s Super A needed pizza “I neeeedddd pizzzaaa Mommy!” I decided to take the leap and take him to Mellow Mushroom. I have to admit it’s one of the few times I have ever taken Super A to lunch just him and I. And he did great! He sat like a little gentleman, playing with the crayons and straws and eating his pizza.

Kohl’s was having a fifty percent off sale, so we had good luck there as well (and I got How the Grinch Stole Christmas for 5 dollars!). Unfortunately Super A is very TWO right now so we ended our time out with him scratching my face while I tried to buckle him into his car seat. Hopefully it won’t leave a permanent mark!

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Pancake Molds

In the past I have tried to make fun pancake shapes for breakfast. I’m not the best at it. In fact, I’m really not good at making pancakes. They never turn out right! However, I continually buy products to make food I’m not good at making. Why I do this I’m not sure, ask the popover pan sitting in my cabinet.

Anyway I found some outer space pancake molds at Williams and Sonoma and couldn’t resist buying them. They said “easy to clean!” and “nonstick”! Not so much.

I’m sure they would be super cute if I ever could get them out of the mold. Oh and I know what you are thinking. I used to much batter, yes? Well I tried it three more times, with a minuscule amount of batter and no such luck. Maybe I can hang the molds on the wall as decoration.

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Summer Reading

As I have probably mentioned before, Super A loves to read. This summer we have taken advantage of the library and I have been really pleased with their selection especially the local branch near my parents’ house. I have found quite a few unique books that might be missed by just going to the bookstore. Plus it has given our little cupcake a great opportunity to not only read different books from his home selection, but begin to understand the benefits of the library.

I wanted to share some of the books we found! I checked and I believe all of these are still in publication, or at least can be found on amazon if you want to buy…or at the library when we return them!

Two eggs is a great book that teaches that things can be different and the same. It has great illustrations from Betsy Lewin (I love her Click Clack illustrations).

This one I liked because it not only has a whole spectrum of colors discussed they are placed with different elements in a cultural setting, so it teaches elements of a different culture while showing you the colors.

This one teaches numbers, and the benefits of helping. Plus it has cooking and a birthday surprise at the end which our little cupcake loved. He is REALLY into birthdays and parties right now…(He also loves If You Give a Pig a Party)

This (in my opinion and to my knowledge) is probably a lesser known Eric Carle book. However, Super A LOVES it…we have already renewed it once. It has great cloud shape pictures that are easy to point out and it has an airplane and a bunny which are two favorites in our household.

This book was actually a gift from Granna and Papa, but if you love the illustrations from Two Eggs, this is the same illustrator. It is also a great book for learning counting.

And this was a recent gift for Super A from Grandpa and Nana. I had completely forgotten about this book even though there are copies at all the grandparents’ houses. It’s a great catch all for word association with pictures!

There is actually a copy of Sheep in a Jeep at my parents’ house, but we don’t have a copy so we checked it out from the library. Super A finds this book hilarious for some reason, he giggles through a good part of it!

Happy Summer Reading!

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And now for some complete randomness…

I was SERIOUSLY excited when I saw the following soda in the check-out line at Target…

When did they decide to bring back Squirt? I wonder if those Koala sodas I used to drink in Texas will surface next….

Lately Super A has been really busy working on his computer…

Hard at work updating his blog.

How do you spell tomato? Oh that’s right…”pah-toe-toe”

“Yeah! Someone left a comment on my post!”

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