Eighteen Months

Can it be that we are half-way to two? I am trying to remember what was going on at fifteen months! SO here is what A is up to these days….

– A is 25.4 lbs and about 34 1/2 inches long.

– He has six teeth! Four on top, two on bottom. His little toothy smile is so amazing to me considering I thought we might go quite awhile with no teeth!

– He has a muss of hair and it has grown so much I have considered getting it cut, but I can’t bear it! He already looks too much like a big boy.

– He is wearing size 18-24 month size clothes. He can still wear a few things from last summer which I was pretty excited about.

– He is in size 5 diapers, I thought we might be on the verge of potty training a few weeks ago, but no such luck. That would be pretty impressive!

– He loves, loves, LOVES The Little Einsteins. I’m not sure how he got so attached to this show, but it is the ONLY show he ever takes a real interest in watching. He even has favorite episodes that he asks for (Rocket Soup! Music Monsters!)

– He LOVES being outside. He would stay outside all day if he could, which is not so great for pollen season! I’m sure walks during the summer will be a must.

– He is still a good eater, if it is food he likes. For breakfast he loves blueberry waffles (waffle please, he says) and strawberries (dahberries). For lunch he usually eats a peanut butter jelly sandwich or a cheese quesadilla with green beans and ranch, and oranges or pears or apples. He likes pasta (all different types) and all different types of fruit. We are still working on vegetables and meats and milk. Oh and ketchup! He’ll try anything if you dip it in ketchup. Except carrots…carrots are a no go.

– His favorite activities are playing with play-doh (or play-yo as he calls it), reading, building with his mega blocks, throwing “beach balls” (he calls all balls larger than the size of a bouncy ball a beach ball), cooking in his kitchen, and working on his “fort”

– He basically repeats ANYTHING you say.I ‘m especially proud of his clear annunciation and pronunciation of different words and phrases and believe a lot of it is due to the amount of reading we do each day. A LOVES to read and we spend around 1 to 2 hours total reading each day. I constantly run out of books that we haven’t read over and over.

– He loves to sing and loves for us to sing his favorite songs. His Granna is teaching him twinkle twinkle little star on the piano, and he loves showing us that he knows where “high and low” are on the piano.

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Old Bunny Meets New Bunny…the Epic Adventure.

Here’s Ittybit. He’s only about a year old, but his wear goes well beyond his years. In dog years I think he’d be about 50.

Ye Olde Ittybit

You may be thinking “where’s his eyes??!!” Do not fear. Ittybit never had much but a stitch of an eye to begin with. You can’t lose what you don’t have. Ittybit looks tired. Of course he has been chewed on, thrown, colored on (“bring me bunny!” he stated as he waved the red crayon in the air). You may be wondering why I am calling him Ittybit. Well that’s his true name (The one given to him by his manufacturer Bunnies by the Bay). In our house he’s Money the Bunny (That’s right Money Bunny is his name…don’t ask me why…perhaps because he is priceless?).

Anyway…Ittybit has been the favorite of the house for awhile and I started to get worried that he may get lost and the trauma that would follow. So I searched and found (at Ittybitty) (a replacement (*ahem a new friend twin) for Ittybit. And here he is making his grand debut.

Ittybit the Second

He looks so…clean? Pink cheeked and fluffy? He can actually stand up a little bit on his own? Of course I realize a new bunny would be detected immediately (“No bunny” were the first words I heard), so new Ittybit has been hanging out around the house in various places, just getting used to his new digs and hopefully being a nice secondary bunny in the future. For awhile he was neglected…however today I found this…and immediately ran for the camera…

The duo!

Okay I had to reenact the moment a bit. I wasn’t quite fast enough, but they had definitely been set together, side by side…to fight crime together (or just to ban together to avoid being colored on). They remind me a bit of the Tribbles from Star Trek.

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Halloween Crafts

How does one get crafty with a one year old? With tissue paper of course! I saw the idea for Pumpkin Ornaments in Parent’s Magazine and decided to re-create it for a Halloween craft. I tried to find a craft that I could actually make and it was not something I made and put our one-year-old’s name on it. So I thought ah ha tissue paper. One-year-olds love tissue paper (well mine does). They love to crinkle it, and rip it, and stomp on it, and that is basically what you need to do to create this craft. All you need is clear plastic ornaments (I got mine from Hobby Lobby…on sale this week!), some green ribbon (left over from our Candyland birthday party), a black permanent marker, and some orange tissue paper (also left over from the birthday party). I cut the tissue paper in fourths, so it would be smaller to fill the ornaments. The key with creating the faces for the pumpkins is to draw the faces on the inside of the ornament, so it doesn’t smudge later. So all you do is tear up the tissue paper, draw a face with the permanent marker, stuff with the tissue paper, and then loop with the green ribbon. Super simple, and pretty cute! If you have an older child, they also suggest pom-poms, crinkle paper, or even more orange ribbon to fill the ornaments. Here are our completed pumpkins!

Pumpkin Ornament
Pumpkin Ornament
Bunch o' Pumpkins
Bunch o' Pumpkins
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Doggy Sitting

While my Dad had back surgery last week, my husband, A, and I watched my parents two dogs Sebastian and Paddington. Now Paddington used to be my dog, but he loves Sebastian too much to ever live with us. Sebastian on the other hand could live by himself happily (Ha!). Anyway, we had a great time watching the dogs and A especially enjoyed having the “das” as he calls them around. The spent the most of their two days together watching the cars out the window in A’s bedroom and Sebastian spent much of his time sleeping under A’s bed in his room. Here are some pictures from their weekend together!

Sebastian and the Bunny Looking out the Front Window
Sebastian and the Bunny Looking out the Front Window
Sebastian says "I'll just sleep under the bed"
Sebastian says "I'll just sleep under the bed"
Can I keep the Doggies, please?
Can I keep the Doggies, please?
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Eleven Months

Oh my baby is going to be one year in one month! I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by. We were sitting at the table the other night and I asked my husband, what were we doing at this time last year? And my husband replied in his very engineering way…waiting for the floor to be fixed in A’s room. Oh right…thanks for the reminder! Mainly because I was completely panicked at the time that we wouldn’t get the room finished and set-up before A  arrived. Now I’m not sure what I was worried about. A didn’t even use that room until he was about two months old.

Now I am in the middle of work, crafting birthday decorations, and running around the house chasing after a hilarious and very fast eleven month old. Let’s just see what Super A is up to this month…

– A sits with his legs crossed on the floor (no doubt mimicking us…but it’s funny when they have little short legs).

– A is now down to three bottles a day, loves strawberry toast still, and could eat yogurt for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if we let him. He also loves crackers, and is amazingly good at taking bites of food.

– A is wearing size 18 months in most things at this point, so my fingers are crossed that my sale fall/winter items will fit in a few months.

– If you don’t pay attention to A at the table now he says “hey, hey, hey, HEY, HEY!” until he gets some sort of response.

– A is definitely a mimic. Everything we say he says back (or tries to say back), and this is his favorite game with Daddy.

– A loves to stand at the tub in our bathroom and turn the water on and off, and on and off, and on and off….

– A knows where his nose is and loves to show you where your nose is if you ask him.

– A is walking holding on to the couch, the walls, the cabinets,  and he can pull up and stand on his own for a few seconds. We are waiting for him to take off soon.

– A twists his ear and his hair to calm himself.

– A now loves to talk to strangers and tries to get their attention (much to my chagrin) by waving leaning backwards out of carts, highchairs, and talking.

– A still loves taking baths and they have now become part of his nightly routine.

– A will sit quietly if you read to him, but he is getting tired of certain books that we read often. He will push them away or close them, or say i doh (which means i’m done).

– A loves to share his pacifier, his cheerioes, or his toys with anyone willing to take them.

– A loves “hide and seek” (or a more elaborate version of peek a boo) and I spend a good part of my day crawling around the couch and ottoman, as he crawls after me.

Favorite Memory of the Month: When we were at my sister’s house watching the Auburn game A started crawling across the floor nodding like a horse…and every time someone said “how do you do?” to him he would nod in their direction and keep crawling. It was hilarious…and I’m still disappointed I didn’t grab my camera to videotape it.

Aidan Eleven Months
Eleven Months
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Seriously Cute…A Mini Cupcake Delight!

While this isn’t exactly an edible item…haha, it is a backpack so perhaps someone could put edible items in it. I’ve been looking for a little backpack to put items in for our little cupcake and these are just too cute to resist! They are from Skip Hop and feature a monkey, penguin, mouse, and dog (the dog is out of stock most likely due to it being featured at this party).

Penguin Backpack from Skip Hop
Penguin Backpack from Skip Hop
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Today is Sponsored by the Sound…

Somehow my days are sponsored by Sesame Street, so I would say today and yesterday, and most of the week that they have been sponsored by the sound “kuh”. For A right now everything is kuh. Car, couch, cup, he loves it when you say it and he loves it when he says it. His Aunt K is loving this phase! He sees my sister right now and goes Kuh, Kuh, Kuh! He gets so excited that he can say part of her name (well to him it is probably her whole name, we just don’t get it).

Did I mention A is walking? Oh yes. He started on Thursday, just walking holding on to the couch, and now he can walk holding on to the couch to the chair to the side table. He will walk some holding your hands, but he prefers to do it himself, not surprising, haha. He is getting better at it, but he gets a little nervous once he is up about sitting back down. He is also extremely fast at crawling now. He pulled the carbon monoxide monitor off the wall in our hallway (LOUD) and so now that is secured behind our dresser in our bedroom.

We still have not gotten a picture with his rocket! I have to put part of it back together because it came apart last time and A is so interested in the rocket that I now have a hard time taking his picture with it by myself. Hopefully I will get it taken before he is eleven months old, I don’t really want to skip a month! The most humorous thing he did this week was manage to half undress himself in the morning. I came into his room the other morning and he had one arm out of his shirt! He was quite proud of himself. Here are some updated pictures of our little walking, talking, boy.

It's the off the shoulder look
It's the off the shoulder look
Can I help you?
Can I help you?
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Ten Months

I feel like I just posted A’s nine month information! How time flies. I know this is a bit late, but as I stated in my previous post I’ve been a bit sidetracked this week! The ten month rocket picture will come soon! Here is what is going on in the world of A at ten months:

A is 22.5 lbs, and close to 30 inches long.

A is in size 4 diapers during the day and size 5 diapers at night, and hopefully will stay there until I get through all the boxes I bought during the tax free weekend!

A is wearing various sizes in clothes he is already wearing 18 months in brands like Carters. He is tall so his pajama pants are 18 months for the length.

A is saying nah-nah for no, and i da, for i’m done (different than dada, which is dadada), uh-oh, and ba for bottle, or ba for ball (there’s a slight difference in the accent on those, haha), and mum (he calls me mum, or “a mum, mum”). He also has the k, h, and g sounds down pretty well. The thing I love most about his talking is he whispers to some of his toys and then gradually gets louder. When my husband comes home from work he’ll whisper “dadada” and then get louder and louder.

A is starting to wean off some of his bottles. We are down to three, 6 oz lunch, 8 oz dinner, and 8 oz nighttime bottle.

A is eating more table foods everyday. Last night he had his first Popsicle (lime flavored) and he loved it! He also loves toast with a little butter, cheerios, yogurt, diced pears, and diced banana. He is not a fan of table peas, macaroni and cheese (who knew?), or diced carrots. We are still working on those.

A eats about four containers of baby food a day, and his favorite meat is turkey apple cranberry.

A is crawling super fast now! He can get from our kitchen to our bedroom in a short span of time and he is beginning to stand one leg up when he crawls so he is half-walking at times.

A is pulling up on everything he can find.

A has taken a new found interest in his baby cousin and tries to offer him things like his sippy cup, and he tries to crawl over to give him a pat.

A loves giving slobbery kisses and big hugs. He is still a cuddle bug and usually sits in my lap in the mornings for at least 15 minutes while we both wake up.

A loves his Little People toys and stuffed animals, he loves to chew on them and talk to them. He will hold one of his rabbits (he has three) by the ears and talks to them excessively. I always wonder what he is telling them!

Aidan loves taking baths and now tries to get in the tub when we are getting the water ready.

A constantly babbles to anything and everything (and anyone and everyone) at home, but he is selective about who he smiles and talks to when we are out.

A is extremely curious. He loves to turn his toys over and look at how they have been put together. He also loves cameras and my laptop and likes to touch the keys on my laptop one finger at time.

A stands on his tippy toes when he is holding on to things.

Best memory of the month: A is scared of the door stoppers behind the door(the ones that are attached to the wall). He doesn’t like the loud sound they make when he hits them. A will crawl over to the door stoppers start to touch them and then shake his finger at them saying nah-nah (no-no). Shame on those noisy door stoppers!

Ten Months
Ten Months
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