Busybee Thursday

This time of year, a glorious day can quickly become a turbulent storm, so we try to take advantage of every great warm day when we can.

Yesterday we….

Went to “the gym”, had lunch with Papa, took a walk, checked the garden….

And our shovel… (Yup still looks good)

Cooked hamburgers on the grill and had ice cream for dinner…

And pretty much by this morning…

We were still tired.

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Baby’s First Pillow

Our little munchkin is still sleeping in his crib for now, but as he is almost one and a half we have added a blanket and several “peeps”. “Peeps” is our term for the plethora of stuffed animals that fills his crib. His quick witted cousin coined the term for his own animals and it has stuck. Just clarifying in case you thought he was sleeping with those edible marshmallow chicks. HA!

Another one of our recent adds was a baby pillow.

My Mom handmade this pillow for our little mini cupcake, isn’t it adorable?! She makes them for each of the grandkids and they absolutely love them. She makes them small and flat, with double stitching, so they are perfect for a first pillow. She also makes the little pillowcases that go on them, this one matches our munchkin’s bedroom decor. In addition she double stitches the pillow cases, so there are no strings or threads. They are so sweet, and travel well too!

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Doggy Sitting

We are watching my parents’ dogs for a few days and our little mini cupcake was quite overjoyed at the prospect of having not one, but two dogs to watch. We are currently recovering from croup (him) and bronchitis (me), so there is a lot of coughing and sneezing going on at our house. Now instead of us watching the dogs, they have been following our mini cupcake around constantly. Paddington parks himself outside his room while he sleeps and is at his side constantly checking on him. Which our mini cupcake loves! He has been thrilled to have the doggies be at his side, and he is constantly trying to bring them interesting toys and sitting with them on the couch patting them.

Hello, the baby is coughing...are you going to do anything about that?
Poor baby...coughing and sneezing is no fun.
Patting the doggy

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