Sidewalk Chalk and Washing Cars

Except for the unbelievably high amount of pollen in the air right now (a jump from 1000 to 3000 count in two days, yikes!) this week we officially skipped spring and headed straight for summer. It was so hot this weekend that A could only be outside for a few minutes during the day. We went out at dusk on Friday to let him play with sidewalk chalk for the first time. He was so excited to be able to draw on the driveway!

On Saturday we had a wedding shower to go to for our sweet friends Carly and BJ. A stayed with his Granna and Papa during the shower and that night we took him over to Carly and BJ’s house for dinner. Carly and BJ have two cats and two larger dogs (a German Shepard and a Border Collie). A LOVED all of their animals, he had the best time trying to find the cats and throwing the tennis ball for the dogs. I wish I had remembered to bring my camera to take some pictures!

On Sunday, A was still sniffly and coughing so we stayed at home and got some things done around the house while A rested. He decided he wanted to help me wash cars so we let him come outside (in his jammies no less!) and wash cars for a few minutes. He loved scrubbing the bugs (or as he says…”ewww bugs!” while laughing hysterically) off the front of the car.

I love this next picture. Doesn’t it look like the car is talking to him?

Just grabbing another washcloth….

By Sunday night A was running a fever and was a very upset baby. After a trip to the doctor we are now treating a double ear infection and sinus infection. It doesn’t seem to be slowing him down too much, but hopefully he will be on the mend soon!

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Waiting for Daddy

During the week while I am fixing dinner, our little cupcake spends a good amount of time sitting at the window waiting for Daddy to arrive home. I decided to fix him a little window seat out of sweater boxes. He loves it so much that he likes to sit and wait to see if Daddy is coming home earlier in the day (like 10:00 this morning). He’s going to have a while to wait!

I forgot to post earlier how much I love this pose. It’s amazing how much children mimic your actions, and this is definitely a product of that!

And introducing…the Bailey Dog!

Otherwise known as his Christmas bear from Aunt A. 🙂

Do you think Daddy’s home yet?

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Busybee Thursday

This time of year, a glorious day can quickly become a turbulent storm, so we try to take advantage of every great warm day when we can.

Yesterday we….

Went to “the gym”, had lunch with Papa, took a walk, checked the garden….

And our shovel… (Yup still looks good)

Cooked hamburgers on the grill and had ice cream for dinner…

And pretty much by this morning…

We were still tired.

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