It’s still freezing here, we had a bit of a reprieve this weekend, in the form of 33 degrees. The boys bundled up and headed out in the frigid temps to at least be outside for a few minutes. Definitely a far leap from the seventy degree temperatures we had last January.

Despite the frigid cold we bundled up to run some errands, at Home Depot:



And Target:


B is working on a fancy metal earth R2-D2:

And when the boys aren’t braving the cold:

They’re lounging with the pups! And that’s a bit of our life lately.

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The allusive wild wolf

One night while we were driving to J’s basketball practice we had the following conversation:

J: Do you think a wild wolf would come to our house sometime?

me: I don’t think so, why?

J: Because there’s one that lives in our neighborhood, and I want a wild wolf to come to our house so I can pet it.

me: ok, how do you know it lives in our neighborhood?

J: I saw it.

me: when? I didn’t see one.

J: You wouldn’t see him, he’s too sneaky for you to see. My friend at school has a wild wolf.

me: Really? Who?

J: You don’t know him, he’s always on vacation.

me: Then how do you know him if he’s always on vacation?

J: Because he goes to my school.

Henceforward, J is now obsessed with wild wolves (which yes, I know all wolves are wild, but this is his term). He’s obsessed with reading about wolves, seeing one outside, and for his birthday I have a little plan of a wild wolf (of the not real kind) appearing.

Here are some of his favorite wolf items!

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Link has been hanging out:

We checked the Galaxy of Lights off our Christmas to do list:

I’ve started baking some holiday treats:

We’ve been shuffling between basketball games and practices:

I’ve got hot cocoa ready to go for movie night:

And A went hiking with his Cub Scout den:

And that’s a bit of our life lately!

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Currently loving…Chatbooks

I’m going to preface this by saying, this is not an advertisement for Chatbooks, nor am I getting paid by them, ha! I just had to share one of my favorite things from the past month. My sister started getting these several months ago, and after looking at all of her books, I was hooked. It’s going to take us forever to get caught up with my instagrams, but the boys were so excited when these came in the mail, it’s going to be such a fun surprise every month when they arrive.

It was also a great way to put all of our photos together from our recent Disney trip! It’s awesome to have actual photo books to look at, and the boys’ enjoyment over these shows me that our world has not gone completely digital. Love them!

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A parade, party, and Christmas preparations

This weekend we picked out a new Christmas tree, since ours was nine years old and the lights didn’t work in the middle…

After much deliberation we finally decided on the perfect one:

No, not that one…it was almost ten feet tall.

Then we headed to meet up with my sister, Mom, niece, and nephews to purchase items for shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child:

It was a little crazy with five kids, but we managed to get everything:

Then on Saturday I took A to march with the Cub Scouts in our local Veterans Day Parade:

Afterwards we ran by Starbucks:

And then headed to a birthday party:

On Sunday we took a lazy day, since J hasn’t quite gotten over his nighttime cough he’s been dealing with for a week:

And got ready for the up coming week! Happy Monday!

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J and I watched Wall-E for the first time and he loved it:

But before that he was my wedding date, while A and B were at Cub Haunted:

A turned nine:

And went to The Phantom Tollbooth play with his class (and Granna!):

We graduated to full Monopoly:

And the boys hiked Monte Sano for Cub Scouts:

And that’s a little of our life lately!

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Nine years ago, B and I began the biggest and best adventure of our lives…A. This boy made me a Mama, and we love him to the moon in back. A has always been our deep thinker. Funny and sincere, joyful and kind, I honestly cannot remember when he couldn’t talk, or sing, or ask all the questions. Here’s a trip down memory lane of our first nine with A:

Whether he’s writing a story, creating a short film, reading a book, or working on solving all the math problems, A’s mind is always on the go. He loves big, hugs tight, and constantly tells me that “I’m a great Mom and doing a good job”. My life long cheering section, he watches football with his Dad and Food Network with me with equal enthusiasm. He is the best big brother, I’m not sure many have the patience to hang out with their little brother as much as he does.

I cannot believe nine years has gone by! It seems like only yesterday I was standing up rocking him in the middle of the night. Happy Birthday A! We love you!

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