And he refused to sing…

A had his first pre-school art show and music show a few weeks ago. Our boy…who sings ALL the time…decided that he was not singing. Perhaps he only wants to share his love of song with his closest family? And all the people at Target? Hmm….

Yes I know he has a crazy side part. He needs a hair cut desperately. I trimmed his bangs myself today…more on that later! And on another note, how fabulous does my Mom look?! Gorgeous!

Doing the hand motions…VERY SERIOUS.

Picture with Daddy.

Pic with Mommy!

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J’s Two Month Stats

We went in for J’s two month check-up today. He did great! He had to get three shots and an oral vaccine, but he was a happy baby before that! He is 13 lbs 7 oz (90th pct) and 25 inches long (95th pct). He is keeping up with A’s growth at that age he might end up being taller than him!

Happy baby!

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One Month Old!

Baby J you are one month old! Here is what is happening with Baby J this month:

He is taking between 3.5-4.4 ounces per feeding and eats about every 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

He weighs around 11 lbs.

He is wearing 0-3 months clothes and some of his newborn outfits, but they are getting a bit small.

He is wearing size 1 diapers (we skipped the newborn diapers to begin with)

He can hold his head up when laying on his tummy.

He takes decent naps during the day and is going back and forth about sleeping well at night. We still are not totally scheduled, but I have worried about that a lot less this time around.

He has gotten the nickname Spike around our house a bit due to his spiky hair, that is still growing! I cannot believe how much hair he has!

We get a good laugh out of his poses when he is sleeping (hands under chin deep in thought), and the way he sighs loudly.

After two night of wanting to be swaddled while sleeping, J is back to sleeping completely spread out and for the most part in his pack n play bassinet.

J you are such a joy! We love you!

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