Puppy Pawty

J was thrilled to turn 4, and he was especially pumped that he got to have both his school party and his birthday party on the same day! B and I felt a little bit like we had been to a college blow-out the next morning, (except in family friendly form…ha!), but it was great to be able to have his celebration all done on one day.

He ran from his room that morning yelling “I’m four everyone!!”

Puppy PartyThen I met up with him at school to have cookies, juice, and pass out a few puppy themed treats to his classmates… Puppy PartyThen I whipped up funfetti puppy chow for the boys to snack on while we party prepped that afternoon… Puppy Party Puppy partyHere are some of the decorations…

Puppy PartyOnce everyone arrived we started opening presents… Puppy Party Puppy Party Puppy Party Puppy Party Puppy PartyThen after feasting on hot dogs, chili, and chips it was time for cake!

IMG_0333 IMG_0340 Puppy Party Puppy PartyThe day after the party A was reminding everyone that he was “still 4” even though his birthday was past. And in case you are wondering even after all the excitement and no napping he still woke up bright and early at 6:10 a.m. Seriously!

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Cheese bread

My Mom had her sixtieth birthday last week!

Mom's BirthdayI know my Dad’s going to appreciate this picture of him lounging in the background, ha! We got my Mom a fancy teapot (because she collects teapots)…and:

Mom's BirthdayA photo album of pictures from our trip to California. I think she was quite impressed that we got it put together with only about a two week turn around.

We also made Mostaccioli (her birthday dinner tradition) with salad and bread. We also made appetizers one of which was this tasty dish:

Cheese BreadMy uncle made this when we were in California and my sister and I have been looking for an opportunity to make it again. When we served it on my Mom’s birthday, and there wasn’t a slice left.

I don’t have exact measurements, so you’ll want to taste as you go…I can tell you to not go too heavy on the garlic salt.


About 1/2-1 cup of mayonnaise

8 oz cheddar cheese block, grated

1 tsp Lawry’s garlic salt

Sourdough bread (about 7 slices)


Preheat oven to 350. Toast the sourdough bread. Mix together the mayo, cheese, and salt and divide among the toasted bread and spread. Bake until cheese is mainly melted, then broil until it’s bubbly on top.

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A’s family party

After all the fun of A’s kid party we then switched gears for the family party that evening. A asked for 4 specific things for his birthday: a 3DS (with a Mario game), two Minecraft Lego sets, and a Minecraft plush skeleton. And he got all of them from the family! He was so pumped!

A7 A7One thing he got from B and I that he didn’t ask for was a multi-colored pen. This kid loves office supplies. HA!

A7Sharing the excitement of the skeleton he got from my sister’s family….he read it Minecraft books later that night. So cute!A7 A7The after opening gifts dance off… A7And finally blowing out the candle on his pan of birthday brownies:

A7He told me he had “the best birthday party day ever!” So glad for his terrific day!

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Minecraft party fun

As I mentioned a few months ago, when A said he wanted a Minecraft party I was super grateful that I had just read this Momfessionals blog post. Almost all of my party ideas were from that post, with just a few extra ideas of my own (cardboard torches, cardboard box of TNT, creep around back poster, and scrapbook paper faces). The biggest hits from the party were the bouncy house we borrowed from a good friend and the Steve and Creeper faces (worth every penny!).

Minecraft A7 Minecraft A7 Minecraft A7 Minecraft A7I did not have good luck with the Minecraft hangers from Amazon (they had a set featured with ten and I ended up getting only one and had to call Amazon to get a refund), so we went with a little set of Minion crayons (because they were Minecrafty colors), a Minecraft cookie, and blue diamonds (which were a big hit). Minecraft A7 Minecraft A7 Minecraft A7 Minecraft A7And of course we had to include our sassy Creeper planter:

Minecraft A7 Minecraft A7And the boys got a big kick out of the pink balloons with the pin the tail on the pig:

Minecraft A7 And like typical boys they ate the food as fast as we could bring it out (which was good because it was super windy and the food was flying away!!):

Minecraft A7 Minecraft A7And then they were back to playing and running:

Minecraft A7Minecraft A7Minecraft A7 Minecraft A7And they took a second break to open presents (again as fast as possible):

Minecraft A7And then it was back to playing:

Minecraft A7All in all the kids had such a great time! I’ve learned that boys move through activities much quicker than you’d ever expect (like five minutes or less per game), and so it was great to have the soccer goal and the bouncy house for just some fun play.

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SevenThis boy is seven.

A is our charming boy. Sometimes reserved, sometimes incredibly goofy, and sometimes a little old soul that reminds me where I left my glasses. He is constantly reading Magic Treehouse books, figuring out his math homework before I do, making plans for his next Minecraft village, and building Lego Zelda maps. He wants to know what’s for dinner at breakfast, but would prefer to hold his breakfast until an hour after he gets up. He’s already planning what he’s going to be when grows up, although it changes from week to week. He loves getting to hang out at Granna and Papa’s and drink lemonade. He studies everything and sometimes we have to remind him to look ahead instead of looking all around (mainly so he doesn’t run into people or get lost). His brother is his constant companion, and also probably biggest headache (ha!). He loves Sister Schubert rolls, ribs, and any kind of dessert. He is studious and kind, silly and sweet. I cannot believe he is seven! We love you so much A! You are our shining star!

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Fall ball

Fall BallThe transition to coach pitch is not easy. First, you get them settled into hitting a ball off a tee. Then, they transition to having a ball fly at their face that they have to swing and hit. It’s difficult, and a little scary. When A first started this season, we were constantly telling him to stand up out in the field, and when he came up to hit, to watch the ball and wait to swing. I kept shaking my head thinking it was too much. B and A spent evening after evening practicing in the back yard.

fall ballThen, a change. He was standing constantly in the field. He was vying to play catcher. He was cheering on his teammates and tapping his bat on the plate. Then he hit the ball. And he hit it again. And again. And we cheered. And his coaches were almost in tears. And I was thankful that he again had the best coaches. Coaches that supported him and rooted for him.

Fall ballTonight, after he finished his celebratory mini sonic blast (with Oreo’s and M&Ms), I asked him if he wanted to play baseball in the spring. He looked at me incredulously and said “of course!” Followed by “Do you think I’ll be able to get the same team and the same coaches?” Such a testament to a great season. Here’s hoping for that for A, and hoping for a great spring season. We have a lot of practicing to keep up all these good habits between now and then!

fall ball fall ballAnd of course, we cannot forget that this was the very first time that our own Statler and Waldrof got to be on a team together:

Fall ball fall ballThese two. I can’t even. They got to spend approximately one game standing next to each other, and then they were separated because they spent more time dancing and sassing each other than actually paying attention. They make us laugh and shake our heads. Every day.

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The soccer kid

J had his first morning soccer game this weekend (in fact his only morning soccer game), and true to form he did not disappoint with his enthusiasm.

First, his terrific soccer coach provided pre-game doughnuts…

J soccer gameThen J practiced some warm up kicks…

J soccer gameJ was very excited to have a cheering section there (beyond me, ha!)…

J Soccer GameAnd to have some extra help with shoe re-trying…

J Soccer GameAnd of course the best thing about playing a game when you’re a kid…

J Soccer GameSnacks!

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I love you this much…

amourosaurusB’s birthday is today! We celebrated his birthday this weekend by playing lots of Mario Maker, going to sports games, and letting the boys watch cartoons on our bed Sunday Morning (a rare happening in our house).

B's Birthday B's Birthday B's BirthdayB's BirthdayAnd of course I found the perfect present after his birthday:

B's BirthdayThis guy was just hanging out protecting the pumpkins at Target like a boss. Storm troopers have to work, too.

Happy birthday B! We love you so much!

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Playing catcher

A playing catcher…

Playing catcherA at bat… At batA got to play catcher for the first time in coach pitch and he LOVED it. I figured it would be his least favorite position to play considering in coach pitch you’ve got baseballs bouncing up in your face constantly playing catcher. He took it very seriously and got so much praise from the coaches! He was so proud of himself, and we were so proud of him!

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