Last day of school project

J 3 YR Pre KYesterday was J’s last day of 3 year pre-K! He has grown so much this year (and not just in height). He can count to forty, knows all of his letters, and can tell us lots of stories from The Bible! He LOVES school and much of that is because of his wonderful teacher this year. I’m so thankful for the program that J has been a part of and I can’t believe next year will be his last year of pre-K.

As it was his last day of school, I decided to forgo my usual lesson planning in the morning and tackle a project I’ve been planning that would be more difficult to accomplish with him at home! We have two bar stools in our kitchen:

Bar Stool RefreshObviously this is not our kitchen. And obviously I need to pressure wash our drive way. However, that’s besides the point. My parents gave these stools to us when they moved and they are great function wise, but the color doesn’t match our kitchen. At first I decided to just buy new bar stools, so I headed to Target and picked up two. A showed me how immediately he could easily tip them over just trying to get on the stool. Thus, we returned them immediately. I then started looking elsewhere, but really didn’t want to spend $300-500 dollars on a bar stool.

While at Hobby Lobby I picked up this paint:

PaintI had read about it here and decided to give it a try. The 8 oz jar was more than enough to paint both bar stools (with two coats). You only need to lightly sand (if it’s finished) the furniture and you don’t need a sealant.

I collected a few more tools that I already had on hand:

PaintI did the first coat:

Bar StoolsThe main issue I had was there are a lot of nooks and crannies with the stools, so I had to use the brush to get in different corners and then smooth it out with the small roller. I used really light coats. You want to avoid glopping it on because then it will bubble up (something I’ve learned from past projects). I let the chairs dry for about thirty minutes and then lightly sanded them and did a second coat.

After the second coat, I looked at the chairs in the sunlight and noticed a few more spots that were not completely covered:

Bar Stool RefreshSo, I touched up those and then let the stools dry in the garage for about two hours:

Bar Stool RefreshAnd voila! Chairs that look as good as new.


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Random items

While this kid quietly plays…

Random Items You can find the following items of his in various spots around our house.

Like Clifford, his dog, on the hardwood…

IMG_0521 His thermos on the floor of his brother’s room:

Random Items A stormtrooper on our bathroom floor:

Random ItemsAnd a party favor in the middle of his bedroom floor:

Random ItemsDid you ever play the game Clue, Jr.? Where they are on the hunt for a missing item? I feel a bit like that with J.

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J’s Music & Art Show

It’s hard to believe that we have been going to Music & Art Show’s for five years. J was SOOO pumped about getting to show us all of his art and sing for us. Their performance was adorable and he was very serious about getting all of the moves right! I’m very thankful for our wonderful preschool and their terrific teachers!

Music and Art Show Music and Art Show Music and Art Show Music and Art ShowJ was cracking me up in our pictures at the end, as he wanted to stand behind us with his hands on his hips for every photo. That kid.

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Little grass plant

J had a little grass plant that he grew at school from an itty bitty seed. His class watered their plants each day, decorated the cups, and he loved his plant! He brought it home and it sat happily by the window for several weeks continuing to grow….and spread pollen through our house. For our sake and the plants, it needed to move to greener pastures, so I finally convinced J that we needed to plant it out in the backyard where it could grow and help the grass.

It took quite a bit of convincing, but finally this weekend we removed our lemon tree (that died. Because we left it outside in the winter. Which you should not do.) and planted his little grass plant:

Little grass plantThat’s his posing in the sun, which is bright, and trying to smile.

And we planted the little grass patch in the ground:

Little grass plantWith lots of fresh dirt, to help him grow! Hopefully he will take hold and spread across the little dirt patch and cover it completely. In the meantime, J will be watching and watering it carefully. And making sure his brother doesn’t try to roll on it. Seriously. That was discussed.

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Opening day

When they say “opening day” they really mean it at this point in coach pitch. A played three games on Saturday, starting at 7:15 a.m. and leaving at 5:45. With a game for J in between, it was a very busy day!

It’s amazing how much A has grown in just a short season. I was so proud of how hard he worked, his commitment to the game and his support of his team.

Opening Day Opening DayA little break in between on what was a very windy and chilly day at J’s game:

Opening DayAnd then back we drove to A’s game to see him playing catcher:

Opening dayAnd snacked on a blue icee…

Opening DayAnd a cherry red icee…

Opening day And then it was back to the game! A’s games consisted of a bracket competition and their team won 2 of the 3 rounds. At the middle of the 3rd game, our team was down, A stepped up to the bat, bases loaded, and after two strikes he hit it, and got enough RBI’s to tie up the game. It was extremely exciting, and such a proud moment for A! And even though his team didn’t end up winning the bracket, he got the game ball for his terrific play and team work!

Opening DayBy the end of the day we were all completely exhausted, but what a great set of games! Baseball season has definitely started again!

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J’s first T-Ball game

J had his opening ceremonies and very first T-Ball game this past weekend! He was a super star, hitting the ball and running the bases. Though, I’m pretty sure his favorite part was getting a celebratory sno-cone after the game.

J TBall Game J TBall GameJ TBall GameJ TBall GameHe was a real trooper on this day as the opening ceremonies were long and the kids had to wait around quite a bit. He really loves any sport he plays and we are so proud of him for continually trying his best!

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Balancing act…

One of the things that we have learned parenting A is the importance of letting him learn things on his own timeline. He’s been speeding around on his bike for several years now, but had absolutely no interest in taking off his training wheels. Until this weekend. He announced to us on a windy and sunny day that he wanted to try riding without the training wheels. So the balancing act begins!Balancing Act Balancing ActI learned it really isn’t easy balancing them, while they are pedaling, while you are leaning over, and walking along side them all at the same time. However, after lots of back and forth up and down the sidewalk he’s growing in his confidence and soon I know he’ll pedaling on two wheels!

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Final basketball game of the season

A has really amazed us with how much he has enjoyed basketball. He is already looking forward to the next season! Since Saturday was his last game I brought my good camera and got some pictures of him in action.

Basketball game Basketball game Basketball game Basketball game Basketball gameThis is the first sport that he has played that he has talked about how he wants to continue playing way before the season begins. I think he has really enjoyed all the running and jumping! We are planning to get a higher basketball goal for practicing before next winter!

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