Kamado Ramen at Home

We had been planning to take the boys to our favorite ramen spot (Kamado Ramen), but then literally everything closed down. After several weeks of being closed, it opened back up for take out only and we were so excited! The boys ate ALL of their adult sized ramen and gyoza, and it was the best Friday night meal. We can’t wait to pick it up again! I wanted to share a little bit about how they pack it because it is super innovative.

Each ramen comes in covered bowl, with the broth on the bottom, separated from the ramen and toppings. Then you reheat the broth and pour in your ramen and toppings. It’s perfect and fresh, just like having it at the restaurant.

We each got an order of gyoza, but we probably should’ve ordered more:

A could eat gyoza every day of the week. And next time we will order the extra noodles for J:

So good! And love supporting our local businesses!

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Shopping small business online

One of the benefits of homeschooling? You can run outside to do P.E. in between rain showers. We are on Day 3 of online learning and it’s had ups and downs, but we are slowly getting into what will be a new normal for awhile. Since we aren’t really going anywhere, I’ve been doing some online shopping at small businesses that have it available and wanted to share some of my favorites!

First, up I restocked my Piper and Leaf teas:

Then I picked up this gorgeous canvas for our new home from Vine + Branches (picture is from their Instagram):

Glossier to stock up on brow pomade, and to test out a cleanser:

All of my Social Threads picks from yesterday are small business:

Happy small business shopping online!

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Kamado Ramen

Our city has gotten several new restaurants, so B and I have been lunching at several of them on his Friday’s off. First up for the New Year was Kamado Ramen. I don’t think I’ve ever stood in a line waiting to get into a restaurant here, but we did and it was well worth it! The restaurant is situated in a line of eateries at a location called The Stovehouse. Most of the eateries have small or no eating areas inside, but there is a large inside eating area a short walk from the restaurants, and lots of outdoor seating as well. However, we managed to get a seat inside Kamado Ramen, and sat and watched the chefs prepare the food while we ate:

We got the gyoza as an appetizer:

They were excellent! The steam them and then pan fry the bottoms, so they have the perfect amount of crunch combined with softness. It is perfection. Then we moved on to our ramen choices, B got the tonoktsu ramen and I selected the shoyu ramen. They were both excellent and distinctly different. The tonoktsu is creamy with thinner noodles, while the shoyu is a soy based sauce with denser noodles.

It was all delicious and B and I enjoyed spending a lunch meal together!

I also learned a great tip from a friend! The stools you sit on at the counter open up and will hold your purse/umbrella/etc. And make sure to check out the awesome wall art. While the expansive design on the side wall is incredible, this canvas was my favorite:

We love ramen and I’d love this in my kitchen! The boys already want to know when we’re taking them back with us, so they get to enjoy it as well!

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This and That

This dress arrived on my doorstep this week and I’m in love! It fits perfectly, and can easily be worn for work or that date night that people talk about.

J and I finished the puzzle we’ve been working on…

And so I found him the next day with all of his imaginext items out, now that he isn’t getting up to work on the puzzle. I guess he hasn’t outgrown them quite yet:

My favorite blood orange margarita is in season at our favorite taco place:

And like everyone else in America, I’m currently finding the joy of organizing in my house (although let’s be honest, I’ve always found joy in organizing):

While I didn’t pile all my clothes on my bed, I’ve gone through all of my items in my closet and drawers, and I’m slowly dealing with the other clutter drawers in our house. I’ve also got the boys cleaning their drawers out as well! By the end of the year our house is going to be at a super organized level.

And finally, I put up our Valentines decorations, so our house feels very festive!

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Local favorites

I took the boys for tacos at Taco Mama and now A is planning lunches there with his friends this summer:

I’m constantly wearing this Goodworks bracelets from Mint Julep Monograms:

I’m obsessed with this Southern Firefly Green Bamboo scented candle from Sweet Pineapple (it just smells incredibly clean…I can’t describe it any better than that):


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Local favorites

I love our city! I especially love our eclectic and lovely shops and restaurants as do our boys (cupcakes and tacos! Yes, please!). Here is a weekly round up of some of our local favorites from sweets, treats, to eats! And bows that are petite! Ha!

Valentine’s cupcakes from Smallcakes

Valentine’s present from Sweet Pineapple

Mahi-Mahi fish tacos from Rosie’s

Little bows for a special little miss from Itty Bitty (which is closing! I’m so sad!)…

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Donut adventure

Bigfoot DonutsA few weeks ago B and I went on a date night to our downtown’s food truck gathering. Our dessert stop was at Bigfoot Donuts, and they were SO good, that I decided I needed to take the boys on an adventure to pick up donuts before they went back to school. I say adventure because the food truck location on regular days is a bit out of our way…

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Local Eats: Below the Radar

Below the RadarFor our lunch date this past week we decided to head to a local brewery, Below the Radar. As we usually do, we got there right at 11 (as soon as it opened), so there wasn’t anyone there but us. Our waitress was great, very polite, attentive, but not hovering. On the other hand, the food getting to us was slow (it took us an hour for two pretty basic sandwiches), and while the sandwiches were pretty good, we both thought they were a bit dry (in the defense of the Cuban, B gets his sandwiches with no dressing, however, my Mom had the same sandwich with dressing another night and said the same thing).

I had the banh mi sandwich:

Banh MiAnd B had the Cuban sandwich:

Cuban SandwichAs you can see they were pretty basic, typical of what you would think of bar food, where the true purpose is the brewery itself. Which, as far as ambience, is pretty great. You can see the large brewing area through a window glass in the back. B did try one of their local beers and enjoyed it:

Below the radarI don’t know that we’ll rush back, but it is definitely a good place to try if you are interested in our local brewery scene!

Below the Radar


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Local Eats: Taco Mama

Lunch with BCan I say my three weeks off before the boys are done for the summer are some of my favorite of the year? Part of my job that I love is the thought behind creating all of the lessons, the examples, different ways that students can learn more completely. I get to spend time working on that, but also checking off my spring cleaning list that I make throughout the year (clean out behind the fridge! get rid of our yuck carpet!, plant flowers with the boys!). In addition, meeting B for lunch uninterrupted is my favorite. Being able to sit, eat our lunch, and talk without a constant “Hey Mommy!” is really nice.

So this past week, we got some estimates on hardwood flooring and then headed to Taco Mama for lunch.

Their grilled fish tacos are my favorite:

Taco MamaAs are their Mercedes Margarita:

Taco MamaAnd their kitschy and fun decor always gives you something to look at:

Taco Mama

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Local Eats: Farm Burger

Now that I’m on a break from working five days a week, B and I can actually meet for lunch. We decided to start trying out various local eats in our area. Up first is Farm Burger. They use local products, and serve burgers (of various kinds), salads, milkshakes, and root beer.

The decor is simple and we arrived right at 11:00 a.m. because of our schedules and immediately ordered, sat, and were served in less than fifteen minutes.

Farm BurgerB created his own burger, and I ordered the No.1. It has caramelized onions, Wisconsin cheddar cheese, and their special Farm Burger sauce (it has a mayo, pickle relish vibe). It was very good, but I would recommend getting medium well. I ordered well done and it was a bit dry, but B’s medium well burger was perfection:

Farm Burger I went back and forth between a chocolate shake and root beer float and decided to go with a chocolate shake. It was sooo good, with the whip cream on top being not to sweet to over power the shake, making it a perfect mix.

Farm BurgerBest of all (for work and picking up kids), we managed to get in and out of there in 30 minutes and had time to wander around Whole Foods.

Farm Burger

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