While this picture is from a far distance…

Goal!J played one of his BFFs from school this week (I think almost all the kids in his class are playing soccer this season). And even though it was VERY cold, and I think he was still a bit tired, he scored a goal!

Here is a picture after he kicked it in doing a robot happy dance!

Goal! He only has one game to go in his soccer game season and I know he’s really going to miss getting to play and run each week with his friends!

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Back to Little Gym

Little GymWhen the boys were toddlers Little Gym was the group I participated in to get them out and socializing (for me too), but as the boys got older (and are in school now) it has been quite awhile since I’ve been back. J was invited to a birthday party there recently and I was glad to see that he still loves it as much as he did when he was two…

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First cub scout meeting

Adventures in cub scouting

This past weekend A went to his first cub scout meeting! He has been so excited to participate in the summer events, so he was thrilled to now be attending meetings. For their first meeting they met at one of our local trails, went hiking, inspected forest life, and made apple cobbler in a dutch oven. He and B arrived back two hours later, tired, but full of stories about all their adventures!

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Swim, run, fun

Back to school, back to car line. J brings along Tsum Tsums to play with while we wait our turn for A to get out of the car. Car Line

Both of the boys can now be in the pool on their own! Woo hoo!

Swim Fun

The boys participated in their first Cubadega for Cub Scouts. I think they had as much fun making the boxes as they did racing them…

Cubadega Cubadega IMG_1143 Cubadega

They also enjoyed getting to have hot dogs and mac and cheese for dinner:


And these two spent some downtime catching Pokemon:


And we are back in our routine of going to church and today was move up Sunday:

Move up SundayThey look so angelic here. As if they hadn’t been yelling at each other two minutes before. HA!

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J’s first day of summer

J first day of summerJumping for joy!

J got out of school one day before A did, so he and I accomplished a few tasks around the house, while A finished off a year of perfect attendance! Perfect attendance is no small feat in our household and we are still a bit bewildered as to how it actually happened. At the end of the year it felt a little bit like when your watching your favorite team play on March Madness and they keep winning, but the odds are against them that they will win the whole thing. So this year A won! Woo hoo!

Anyway, back to J. He is a busy busy bee and as long as I have activities for him to do, he’s good to go. If he doesn’t have activities to do, he makes up his own games, which typically involve me saying something like “no you cannot jump off of that.”

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Game playing + car washing

Game playing Car washing Car washinigOur weekend started with a late night baseball practice for A on Friday and an early morning game on Saturday. Besides that the boys spent the rest of the weekend running around in the backyard playing “Bowser Cat” (their current favorite game…don’t ask me the rules), updating their Animal Crossing games, and helping wash the cars. We also grocery shopped, went to church, and did a set of fun time weekend chores. Hurray for the weekend! And now back to lesson planning…

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