Happy Memorial Day!

And happy birthday to my sweet sister! She’s the best!

We have eaten our weight in popsicles and cherry turnovers this weekend, made fireworks in a bottle, and thoroughly soaked ourselves in the sprinkler. And beaten the castle level on Mario. Obviously a weekend well spent!

IMG_2296 IMG_2299 IMG_2312

And as promised I will update this week with the recipes for everything! Coming soon!

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Spring fever


I saw these cherries while grocery shopping and got completely suckered into buying them. I’m trying to decide what I should make with them (besides James just eating them plain which he has, by the cupful). I’m leaning towards either cherry smoothies, cherry turnovers, or these little gems. Right now the boys are eating me out of house and home and I think it’s partly because they haven’t stopped running for three days.

The phenomenon known as “spring fever” is in full effect at our house. Despite taking the boys outside yesterday and letting them run through the sprinkler for a good long time, A was still literally turning himself in circles last night, singing and dancing. I feel like these last few days of preschool I am dropping him off and telling his teacher something to the effect of “good luck with that”. A picked out a very nice end of the year appreciation gift, so hopefully that will help, HA!

The boys truly have limitless energy, so I have started doing a bit of planning for what we are going to do this summer. A spinning his wheels usually leads to a lot of “Mommy watch this!” Which never leads anywhere good, haha. Keeping with that thought I have handled the spring fever by planning a week of swim lessons, a few days of art lessons, and I’m looking at little theater lessons for A this summer. I go back and forth between scheduling too much and not enough. A has declared he is going to build the ultimate lego tower and ninja station this summer, so I am supposing he will be pretty busy with that. And we have a plan to read 100 books! We are also going to throw a couple of chapter books into the mix. I will keep you updated with our reading progress! Hopefully we will reach our goal. And you know, not go crazy with spring fever! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Celebrating Star Wars Day

Star Wars IMG_2036 IMG_2037 IMG_2043So how did you spend your May the Fourth?? We had a great and afternoon of Star Wars lightsaber matches, making clone trooper poses, hanging out with Yoda, and watching Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out. The Jordan’s joined us for Lego Star Wars watching, dinner, and after the boys’ bedtime; board games.

Oh and I made The Pioneer Woman’s tequila lime chicken recipe, which was pretty tasty. I think the longer you marinate it, the better it is. J was working through a bit of a cold, so he ended up having a bit of a chicken and waffles dinner (more waffles than chicken).

And my sister and I braved the continuing rain and made a run out to our outdoor mall to do a bit of shopping. And I got shoes to go with my dress for the beach wedding we are about to attend. I couldn’t find the exact pair I originally posted, but I did find these, and decided they were a close second. Super excited!

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How was your weekend?

April 2013

On Friday, B, J, and I headed out shopping on a mission to find some summer clothes for the boys. We ended up with a pair of shorts for B and a heap of items from Old Navy that I have to return because they were too big on A.

On Saturday, we spent the bulk of our morning outdoors and finally took apart the garden box B built for me three years ago. The wood had rotted and had become overgrown with grass that we couldn’t maintain. I’m pretty sure our neighbors will thank us for taking it down, but it was a bittersweet goodbye. We are looking forward to building a new one next summer, but for this summer we are sticking with potted gardening.

We spent our evening with some lovely friends of ours who invited us to dinner knowing full well the mess J makes when he eats, HA! I think A’s legs are still sore from running up and down the stairs with Miss G. You will be happy to know that they treated all the stuffed animals in the house and they received a clean bill of health before we left.

On Sunday, our biggest victory was that we made it back to church and made it through the whole service without having to go get J. For a victory lunch we ate out at Jason’s Deli, where A devoured a pizza and an ice cream cone, and J ate up crackers, a grilled cheese, and all the strawberries off my plate. We spent the afternoon strolling the neighborhood in between rain showers.

And that was our weekend! I made a simple veggie pasta last night that I’m going to share with you tomorrow, so stay tuned! ๐Ÿ™‚

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How was your weekend?


My husband embarked on his guy’s weekend to enjoy a day of baseball, country home cooking, and staying at a Super 8 motel. The boys and I spent a good part of our weekend outdoors; planting our potted seeds, playing with cousins, and getting a lot of chalk all over various clothing. Oh and we tried out their bubbles they got in their Easter baskets from Granna and Papa. Seriously awesome bubbles. Thanks Granna and Papa!

The boys and I made chocolate chip muffins and strawberries for breakfast, peanut butter and grilled cheese sandwiches with grapes for lunch, and macaroni and cheese, clementines, and chicken nuggets for dinner (or as A declared it “best day of food ever!”). Then after getting the boys into pajamas, chasing a giggling toddler with a stolen toothbrush, and dancing to A singing the teenage mutant ninja turtle theme song (something his Daddy normally does), the boys were off to bed.

I decided to do a rare manicure and pedicure and watched repeats of the Big Bang Theory and The Rachel Zoe Project. I also caught up on some on-line article reading, and then regretted going to bed later than usual when J decided to wake up at 6 a.m. the next day.

Back to today…we are still enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather (although A is not loving having to put on sunblock to go outside), and I am looking forward to cooking what the classic risotto I used to make when B and I were first married, but it takes more attention now than I usually have. I am curious to see if the boys will actually eat it! If not I have asparagus sticks and ketchup for back-up.

Oh and the nail polish colors I used were: Essie She’s Picture Perfect (fingers), Essie Peach Daiquiri (toes), and Essie Good to Go (topcoat). Peach Daiquiri is one of my favorites for spring, and I have had She’s Picture Perfect for awhile, but hadn’t tried it yet. It’s a bit bright, but if I took the time to paint my nails I am not taking it off until it falls off, ha!

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