A little bit of Fall decor

Since it is officially fall, the boys and I have been doing some decorating and I thought I would share! The boys wanted lots of “bats, spidah’s (how J says it), and spooookkeeey stuff (“Like a Tiger!” J yelled. Kid is obsessed with tigers). I tend to go lower on the Halloween end of it because I really don’t want to have to take everything down and decorate again for Thanksgiving. Thus, here is our comprise:
September 20141 September 20142 September 20143Aren’t the plates gorgeous? Target, baby! I was super excited to find those. I also love having the boys’ costume pictures from last year on display. J has already decided he wants to be “bat guy”, but A is still up in the air. Considering how many times he has changed his mind about his upcoming birthday party, I’m hoping I’m not trying to put together a last minute costume. Or rather buy a last minute costume. HA! Happy Fall!

*Most of the decor was purchased at Target or Hobby Lobby. You can find the print here. Happy decorating!

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Fill those shelves!

So B completed a project for me this weekend….

ShelvesOur shelves from Ikea are up! After putting them up, I set two books on them and B said, “so do you want me to get the rest of the stuff?” And I said “what stuff?” And he said “the stuff to fill those shelves” And I said “I don’t have anything to put on them.” To which B said, “soo…why did we buy these?” So now I have three shelves that I need to fill! I have a few ideas….

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Study refresh: Geometric wall

Study refreshI have probably discussed this before, but I’m a big advocate of moving and changing things in the house to fit our lifestyle. After inheriting a new larger kitchen table, the boys’ easel and play kitchen was a tight fight in our dining area and I kept trying to figure out where to move everything. After five years of our study being mainly closed off I decided it was time for a change….

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The laundry room….phase II

Laundry refreshAbout a year ago, I posted this picture and stated that we were planning to re-paint and refresh our laundry room. I never got around to posting an after picture because it has seemed to be in constant transition since then. I am a mission this summer to finish the project….

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Spring refresh…five updates under ten dollars each.

Approaching Spring makes me eager to do a bit of updating, and there are no better quick updates than these five ideas! While J and I were in between appointments on Monday we picked up all of these (except the frame, that is on my list to do when I don’t have J with me…he and Hobby Lobby don’t mix, but that’s a story for a different post, HA!).


Foaming Hand SoapNew soap dispensers. Now you may have fancy soap dispensers and if so, I applaud you, but I do not. After going through a variety of expensive ones and having them mold/break/stop working, I gave up. I love refreshing for Spring by updating our disposable ones. The Method collection at Target is my favorite. You can get 3 for under $10.

2. Hand towelsNew bathroom hand towels like these Threshold Striped ones. They are a thicker material, and the colors match our bedroom color palette (yellow, gray, navy blue, light blue). Some of our hand towels are still mismatched sets from when we were in college. It’s nice to have a bit of updating! You can get 2 for $10 (they are on sale right now).

3. WashclothsAnd with hand towels, pick up some coordinating wash cloths. My Grandmother has always told us to get thinner washcloths because they are easier to rinse out and clean…and she would know, she raised five daughters! These room essentials coordinate with the more expensive hand towels, but are thin and less expensive. You can get 8 for less than $4. If you want something a little bit more durable, room essentials also makes a one step up wash cloth in similar colors for I think $2 a washcloth. Still not bad.

4. FramesA new frame! I have been wanting to update the frames on one corner of our living room for awhile, and I love each one of these. Each of them are from Hobby Lobby (and did you know Hobby Lobby sells things on-line now? I just found out!), and while their original price is 19.99, with their weekly sales you could easily get them for $10.

5. Potted HerbsMy last update, and probably my favorite, new spring herbs, and a cheerful little line of pots to put them in! The little pot set is from Target (I’m pretty sure it’s in store only), and A is already excited about planting new herbs for spring. The pots + herbs + a small bag of potting mix is about $10 total. Sweet!

Happy Spring refresh!

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Bits and baubles at Anthropologie

My sister, Mom, and I went out on a shopping excursion this weekend. Our goal was to find my Mom a dress for a wedding she was going to, some clothes for the boys, and do a bit of birthday shopping. At one of our stops in Anthropologie I was wandering around and came across a few lovely items that I could definitely add to my special purchase (or Christmas) list.


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Boys’ Bathroom Update

Here is the before:

Bathroom before

And here is the after:

Boys' Bathroom: CupcakesandcommentaryWelcome to the boys’ updated bathroom!

Basically, my plan was to update the room to what I had originally envisioned it to be, when I bought the shower curtain and shower hooks four and a half years ago. The colors that I used to update it were all based on that curtain and hook pattern, and what I love most about it is it will transition as the boys grow. Eventually the animals will move out, but the color scheme can stay.

Boys' Bathroom Update: CupcakesandcommentaryThe canvases were both A and I’s creation. The elephant one we did when he was little with finger paint, and I traced and painted the elephants over. The geometric one we created just using painter’s tape and lots of coordinating colors. The shelf items included a plastic pitcher for holding bubble bath, a container of bubble wands (because they constantly fit over them in the tub), my vintage rubber duckie (that’s right it’s a Sesame Street original), a clock, and a little set of robot wheeled bowls.

Boys' Bathroom UpdateCan I just stop for a minute and say the shower curtain rod replacement may have been the most challenging thing I attempted? The broken rod left a dime size hole in the wall that I had to fill and repaint. AND I didn’t realize upon my purchase that the screws would position differently for a circular towel rod versus the rectangular one.

One of the things that I have learned with A is to change slowly. The first thing he asked when I was re-doing the bathroom is that I not take out any of his “stuff”. So that’s why I kept the shower curtain, and several other pieces:

Boys' Bathroom Update: CupcakesandcommentaryLike our friend the giraffe toothbrush holder

Towel HolderTheir hooded towel holder

MonkeyAnd the little monkey soap container, that contains no soap.

My big projects were the signs by the hand towel rack:

Wash your hands signThese are vintage frames that my Grampie made. I spray painted them white and then created and added the picture hand wash reminders for the boys.

And then my wall sign:

Wash this wayI have an odd knack for creating songs from songs for the boys. This is a reference to that and my husband and I’s quirky sense of humor (it’s a take on Aersomith’s Walk this Way if you are not hearing the song in your head yet…there you go. You’re welcome).

Wash this way signIf you look at the picture close you can see I matched the blue to the blue shower hook, and then created an ombre effect by just adding white before I went to each next letter.

What cracked me up about this is my 7 year old nephew said “wash this way? There’s a certain way you are supposed to wash?” HA! The irony. Then he decided I should get a sign with an arrow pointing to the shower, so people completely understand they are to wash this way. Reason number 670 why I love that kid.

Now let’s look at the wall stripes:

DIY Wall Stripes I got the idea from watching an episode of Sarah 101 on HGTV and I thought…wall stripes! I can do that! There is a very subtle difference, but it is a lighter green, darker green, lighter green, and then a taupe. I am going to eventually repeat the darker green under the taupe, but honestly I was tired! And it looks good for now. I varied the tape dimensions so there are wider and smaller lines in between.

The wall stripes were not super difficult, the biggest obstacle is getting them straight and getting the paint to not leak through the tape. My Dad has a straight edge that was my Grampie’s that we used with a level to mark straight lines all the way across with a pencil and then I taped along the lines. It is 100% a two person job to do that.

The other tip my parents gave me (that I didn’t do because I ran out of paint before, but you should do it!) was to paint over the taped lines with the wall color and let it dry and then paint your colors. It will create a seal so you will run less chance of having the paint bleed through. Super smart! I had a bit of paint spread, but nothing major. However, I am a bit of a perfectionist with that stuff and went back and hand painted the stripes and wall so it wouldn’t show.

So now just a few organizing updates:

IMG_2630I bought a new toy holder because ours had gotten yucky with bath scum and picked up a whale cover for the tub faucet because our other faucet cover would never stay on.

Amazingly the boys favorite part of the update was their new rug:

RugSeriously. It is a really boring color, too! I went with one that was easy to vacuum, wash, and would just blend in. It is also memory foam and both boys had a fit over it (“It’s my turn to sit on the rug!”).

About a year ago I posted about organizing the boys’ linen closet and I wanted you to see that I updated that just a bit:

linen closetBy adding new larger bins and moving their medicine and humidifiers to the top shelf.

Linen closetThe bottom is relatively the same, but the organization that I did has kept up! Yeah for us!

So that’s it! Two things that were out of the budget that I would like to do eventually is to frame around the sink mirror and get one of these sweet pictures to frame and add.

Oh and just in case you are wondering here is my product list!

Wall Color Paint: I used a leftover gallon of paint that I had from when J’s room was painted, which means I am truly not sure what the color is. It was a light mint green from Behr if that helps!

Dark Paint Stripe: Behr Vineyard

Lighter Paint Stripe: Behr Grassy field

Taupe Paint Stripe: Valspar Oatlands Subtle Taupe

Wash this Way Sign: Hobby Lobby Chipboard Letters, Paint Color: Amsterdam Acrylic Sky Blue Light (mixed with pure white to create ombre). I also spray painted the letters first with white to completely cover the cardboard color. I attached them to the wall using first painter’s tape to position them and then command strips to keep them in place and not damage the wall. Again I used a straight edge and level to make sure they were in line.

Shelf, Towel Rod: Target

Baskets, rug, shower basket and faucet cover: Target

All shelf items from Target, except for rubber duck and bubble wand container

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