In a blink of an eye…

We went from this…J's new bedTo this:

Big Boy BedOverly cramped in his toddler bed, J was desperately in need of a full size twin bed. He was thrilled with getting a big boy bed, and was announcing it to everyone when I told him it was on the way (which I waited until the very last minute to tell him…J has NO sense of time, so once you tell him about something, he expects that whatever you tell him will happen immediately). I’m hoping for sweet dreams and more space for J in his new bed. And more space for his peeps!

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When Darth Vader shows up in the kitchen…

I added a Darth Vader print to our kitchen and waited for the boys to notice….

Kirchen gallery wallAnd they are still talking about it. I’m still trying to figure out how to fill in the blank space above the pictures and the area between the plate rack and the black frame. Without more Darth Vader. I think one Darth Vader is enough for a room.

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Closet Re-Do

JThis seems like just yesterday…

J is almost at the point of needing to move from his converted crib/toddler bed into a full on big boy bed. His toes are almost at the edge, and every time I see him in the bed, he just looks more and more cramped. With that in mind, I know that we are going to have to set-up a larger bed, which means that a lot of the items that are in baskets and buckets around his room are going to need to be moved.

I’ve been trying to think of a good way to update his closet, but because of a few factors (utility items that we have to be able to reach, mainly) we can’t do a full closet system. After doing lots of web surfing for closet ideas, I was actually inspired by our re-do in our garage and came up with this:

Closet Re-DoThis is a basic metal shelving unit from Lowe’s. It’s build allows for easy securing into the wall with anchors. I couldn’t believe that this would actually fit in his closet, but after measuring, I found that it will with room to spare!

Which gives me room on one side to put this:Closet Re-DoThis will allow me to still make use of his soft sided boxes, and his current cube system will get moved out to the garage for outdoor storage options.

There is still room at the top of the closet, so I can move his wire shelving up about five-ten inches and that will allow for some extra storage (I’m thinking right now about using it for a certain person’s game system items that are taking up A LOT of space in our closet right now).

It’ll be several months, I’m sure before we get it all put together, but I will definitely post an update when it is complete!

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Office Storyboard

Office Storyboard

Y’all. I’m getting my own office! I haven’t had my own office in about seven years, and even then I had an office mate. I’m beyond excited because I have always, always loved Penny’s room (minus the mess) from Big Bang Theory, but there was not way to incorporate that much color and girly detail into our house. As soon as I was told I was getting my own office it was the very first thing that popped into my head. So, of course I started planning. Some of the items I’m definitely planning on (Penguin bookends? Yes, please!), however others I’m using as inspiration (can I paint my own filing cabinet? Or paper it?).

It’ll be a few months, but I’m so excited to share it with you when it is finished! For now, you can find links to all the products above (and more!) on my Pinterest board. Happy decorating!

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Fresh: Decorations + Outfits for Easter

J is so excited about holidays right now and especially decorating. After decorating for Easter he walked around tapping his chin, saying “what else we need here?” I took him to Target and Hobby Lobby and let him help pick out a few things. With a lot of J enthusiasm here are our new decoration additions:

Easter Decorations


And after decorating I realized that Easter is really right around the corner and I needed to get the boys’ outfits figured out:Easter Outfits


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Living room evolution…

So after two years, I took our living room corner from this…

living room updateTo this…

living room updateI’m really slow at decorating, mainly because I’m terrible at making decisions on any sort of decorative item. I had the IKEA shelves on my list for a year before actually purchasing them…and the metal feather I looked at in Hobby Lobby for three months before taking the plunge (and purchasing it for half off).

What I really love about it, is it seems purposed and planned and pulled together over time. It may be just a little nook of the overall room, but it’s definitely a start!

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Garage Re-Organization

I feel like our extra bay in our garage is that closet in Monica’s apartment on Friends, that nobody really knows about, but then when they find it our true messy nature comes through. HA! We don’t have a lot of storage in our house and I have seriously maxed out every space of our available in house storage. And our attic is filled with boxes upon boxes of old baby clothes, toys, etc.

Garage Re-OrganizationI usually clean out this area once a year during the spring, but it has clearly gotten way beyond what I can clean without some massive overhaul.Garage Re-OrganizationInsert B, who has taken an interest in helping me organize it since he figured out he cannot reach his lawnmower or any of his yard tools.

He has been planning and budgeting of what we can do to make storage easier and more efficient. I had one request which was that we had some sort of project table that I could use for canvas drying and wrapping paper storage.

So here is our storyboard as it stands now…

Garage Re-Organization Storyboard[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13]

You can reach each of the items sites by following the numbered links, however here is a bit of commentary on some of the items:

More wall organization to get a lot of the yard tools from being stacked in the corner (1-4). We like the fast track system because it is very durable and can hold anything from yard rakes to bicycles and ladders.

A project area with outdoor friendly containers (5-9). I am planning a DIY for the project table because the bedford inspiration is not in our budget. My main concern is finding bins that will work with the cubes, but are also sealed (I don’t really want to reach into a box for tissue paper and find a spider, yikes!).

New and coordinating tool storage for B (11 & 13). B has a small tool box, but it is full. A coordinating lower storage box and a wall peg board will help to make tools easily accessible (though I’m not sure why he minds having two jump over two cardboard boxes, a lawnmower, edger, and lawnmower bag to get to things…).

Sturdier outdoor products and paper product storage (12 & 14). We have several hand-me-down plastic storage racks that we will probably still use, but would like to upgrade with a few sturdier pieces. I would especially like a locked storage cabinet for items that need a bit more temperate climate and we don’t want out in the open garage.

*As a side note (and as always) I’m not endorsed by any company for these products. In our searching for items we have found the greatest variety of storage items at our Lowe’s, however your area’s home improvement store may have similar items.

Our first step is getting the entire area cleaned out of all the random items, and then we will move on to start re-organizing it. It’ll be several months, but I’ll be sure to share when we finish re-organizing it!

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Jotting a few notes…

lowesIt’s bitterly cold here. However, despite this bitter cold B has thoughts of springtime (unless you tell him it may snow. Then his thoughts include how big of a snow fort we can build for the boys). With these snow exempt springtime thoughts, B has decided we need to actually organize the third bay of our garage…perhaps the only unorganized spot in our house (minus a few drawers and a filing cabinet that seem insistent on staying cluttered no matter how many times I try to straighten them). With B that means a plan, a budget, and lots of trips to Lowes and Home Depot. I have some story boards of our ideas coming up, but I had to share this picture I snapped of A happily jotting notes in his little notebook to help with our plan…while J eats all the snacks. HA! Happy Monday.

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