Prime day deals

We purchased a few things on “Prime Day”. I thought I’d share some of our best deals, and some of our favorites!

First up, these are the specific prime day deals…

The ring doorbell. This has been a long time coming in our house. Our front door has limited visibility, so this was something we’ve had on our list for awhile.

Sports thermoses for the boys. Another necessary item…all of ours are lost or broken.

Collagen peptides. A scoop of this goes in my coffee every day.


I’m starting on back to school shopping and copy paper is on the list (I bought the three reams 30% recycled for the best deal) .

This could be the best deal of the day for me, and I put it on my birthday list for B to purchase:

I also picked up this rarely on sale Stila liner:

Second, these aren’t prime day deals specifically, but were good prices:

Under Armour shoes for A:

Composition notebook packs for school supply list:

T-shirt sets for the boys:

Happy shopping!

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Master bedroom refresh

I was trying to find a before photo of our room and then realized this was literally the best I had:

After ten years in our house we decided that our builder grade carpet needed to go. We used our same flooring company who did our living room, and a half day later:

Bye, bye carpet and hello hardwood! I also had several other updates in mind. First up, was a memory foam rug pad:

I’d read about these rug pads here, and was sold. It makes the rug super cushy. My only regret is I should have purchased the larger size to cover more area under the rug.

I was really pleased with the rug, it matches our neutral gray theme. Here is the fully finished room:

The rug, storage ottoman (similar here), pouf, and bedspread (similar here) are all Target finds. The bed frame and my nightstand are Ethan Allen, that I’ve had since college. As you can see, the rug pad makes the rug dip a bit, so I’ve got to fix that eventually. I’m probably just going to buy a second one and connect it to the first.

And here is the view from the other side:


One of my favorite new items that I incorporated into the room were these prints:

They are Sugarboo designs, and I picked them up from a local shop. The frames were Amazon finds and I was really pleased with them. They were exactly the style I wanted and very well made.

This is my favorite reading corner in the morning:

In our mostly neutral room, these peach chairs are one of my favorite pops of color. This chair (and the matching one in the opposite corner) were passed down to me from my parents after one of their furniture updates. They are Ethan Allen circa 1985, so vintage? Anyway, you can find a similar style here.

I updated a few of the other frames in the room as well. I’ve still got to update the black frame at the top right.

And lastly, we went through and edited our bookcase and added new drapes and an air purifier:

The drapes aren’t quite as light blocking as our old drapes, but considering we typically get up at 5:30 a.m. they work well enough. The air purifier was a splurge, but a must have for us with our allergies. And it does not include a filter you have to buy every three months.

Here is the bookcase after I styled it up a little more:

Everyone in our family is big on office supplies, especially pens. The little terra-cotta pot that J decorated for Mother’s Day for me is filled with a variety to grab for notes, lesson planning, etc. I also love the stack of square pictures set on a little vintage plate stand. You can make these through companies like Chatbooks and they are fun to change out and I love including older pictures and new. Last things are a globe from Anthropologie, a wooden turtle that I got when I lived overseas as a kiddo, and a little potted plant.

And that’s it! I was really pleased with how it turned out and the room feels brighter and cleaner, too!

This post contains affiliate links, thanks for supporting my blog! 
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Friday Favorites

My daffodils survived the cold! I love seeing them bloom each year, it’s been several years since I planted these bulbs and they always reflower. My goal this fall is to plant soms additional bulbs with the boys’ help.

A rain jacket for all seasons.

How to pot a plant without drainage holes.

A functional and chic entryway.

A book list here and a book list there.

A filter for your shower? Where will technology take us next?

Great summer sandals that I’m on the hunt for on our next Nashville shopping trip.

Perfect summer pajamas.

Stovetop cake.

Cool Moms and Young House Love…two new podcasts on my list.

And finally, that end of winter look.

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Teacher Tuesday-Office Favorites

Right now my office space is shared while they are renovating our very old building. I’m excited for when it is completed because I will have my own office space again, and I’ll be able to move all of the items that are currently living in limbo in our garage. Here are some of my office supply essentials!

1. A stamp for especially great projects or papers (I also use this virtually for my hybrid courses!)

2. A selfie light for my laptop because I have to record lectures, and you don’t really think about lighting until you realize fifty plus people per semester are watching the videos.

3. A dry erase board that I have outfitted with this DIY for semester planning.

4. A weekly to do list that I keep beside me to write down reminders in class and in my office.

5. A microphone so that students can hear over our apparently loud air conditioner.

6. My current favorite pens recommended to me by one of my students.

7. Expo markers, I’m constantly buying these because I use them in class and lose them a lot.

This post contains affiliate links, thanks for supporting my blog!

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‘Tis the season

While we are not putting up the Christmas tree just yet, I’ve been busy ordering some updates to our holiday decor. Last year I waited and almost didn’t get a few items I had on my list. I went back through my Christmas decor pictures from past years (because what is having a blog if not to keep a virtual scrapbook of things like this), and focused in on a few areas that I wanted to add some additional decorations or update items that have gotten worn looking. I also added several new holiday storybooks because one of our favorite parts of the holiday season is reading our collection of Christmas stories as many times as possible between the day after Thanksgiving and January 1st.

As per usual, Target doesn’t disappoint with their holiday decorations and I found quite a few items from their collections:

Including a tiered stand for our high counter, garland for the mirror over our mantle, and new plates for my plate rack:

A pom pom wreath, and cheery pillows:

A cozy throw, tablecloth, and wooden centerpiece:

And I always search for a few pieces from Anthropologie including little monogram ornaments to go inside the wreaths on the boys’ doors, a silly towel, and a stack of holiday coffee mugs:

And new Christmas plates, red plaid garland, and shams from Pottery Barn kids:

And our new stack of holiday books:

How have we not read The Best Christmas Pagent Ever? It’s been so long since I’ve read it, I’m going to read it first, and then pass it on to A and then to J.

Walk this World is a beautiful pop up book with Christmas celebrations around the world, the illustrations are lovely, and the boys love books that have facts woven in.

Construction Site on Christmas Night because we love Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site and what’s better than construction vehicles setting up Christmas decorations?

And finally, The Nutcracker retold with illustrations from The New York City Ballet. I love The Nutcracker and the whimsy of the drawings.

And now I’ve just got to figure out where to store everything until after Thanksgiving!


**This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Thanks for supporting my blog!**


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Front porch refresh

From winter…

To Spring…

And our new corner nook…

Our back porch is not covered at all, so especially in the summer, we rarely sit out there during the day. Our front porch on the other hand is completely covered, and we frequently sit out front to watch the boys play basketball or ride bikes. After getting tired of sitting on the ground out front, we invested in two chairs and a small table. We also have a great view of the “mountain” from our front porch, so it’s pretty to sit out there. All the new pieces we got on sale from Target!

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J Room Update Mood Board

J’s room is a space that I constantly feel like I’m trying to keep up with. Where A’s room is a large box, J’s room is smaller and awkwardly shaped. A also doesn’t like anything to change in his room, where J is more open to updates.  I updated it last year, and found myself again this year, struggling to keep up with his massive Lego buildings and art pieces. I’ve realized that we need to move up, instead of keep adding longer furniture. I’m also planning to re-paint in a cooler gray, to lighten the room and help it transform from little kid to big kid.

I love this room color:

And the character items here, J would love:

And I have ordered several Target items, and have planned a trip to IKEA to pick up a few more storage and decorating solutions:

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve

There’s a lot of white in my choices and that’s because J has several rich mahogany dressers and a smaller book case in his room already. Instead of trying to match to these pieces I go in the complete opposite direction with contrasting whites. I’m also bringing in some navy and blue tones with a couple pops of orange….and not just because we’re Auburn fans! I’m excited to pull it all together over the next few months and can’t wait to share the finished result!

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Ottoman refresh in 1,2,3

After nine years of use our ottoman started shedding…

And so far I haven’t found a replacement that I like. After much contemplation I decided to re-cover the top of the ottoman until I can find a replacement. This sounds like a difficult task, but it’s really quite simple.

I used: about two yards upholstery fabric, a staple gun, and good scissors

1. Remove your ottoman top:

2. Lay it upside down on the fabric. Then you essentially wrap it like a present keeping the fabric tight as you go (and make sure to fold the fabric under so the ends don’t unravel). I typically wrap and staple the sides first and then fold in the ends. Also make sure to not cover the holes for the attachment pieces:

3. Then just replace the cover:

A great little refresh until we can find a lasting replacement!

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Currently loving…Chatbooks

I’m going to preface this by saying, this is not an advertisement for Chatbooks, nor am I getting paid by them, ha! I just had to share one of my favorite things from the past month. My sister started getting these several months ago, and after looking at all of her books, I was hooked. It’s going to take us forever to get caught up with my instagrams, but the boys were so excited when these came in the mail, it’s going to be such a fun surprise every month when they arrive.

It was also a great way to put all of our photos together from our recent Disney trip! It’s awesome to have actual photo books to look at, and the boys’ enjoyment over these shows me that our world has not gone completely digital. Love them!

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