Ottoman refresh in 1,2,3

After nine years of use our ottoman started shedding…

And so far I haven’t found a replacement that I like. After much contemplation I decided to re-cover the top of the ottoman until I can find a replacement. This sounds like a difficult task, but it’s really quite simple.

I used: about two yards upholstery fabric, a staple gun, and good scissors

1. Remove your ottoman top:

2. Lay it upside down on the fabric. Then you essentially wrap it like a present keeping the fabric tight as you go (and make sure to fold the fabric under so the ends don’t unravel). I typically wrap and staple the sides first and then fold in the ends. Also make sure to not cover the holes for the attachment pieces:

3. Then just replace the cover:

A great little refresh until we can find a lasting replacement!

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Currently loving…Chatbooks

I’m going to preface this by saying, this is not an advertisement for Chatbooks, nor am I getting paid by them, ha! I just had to share one of my favorite things from the past month. My sister started getting these several months ago, and after looking at all of her books, I was hooked. It’s going to take us forever to get caught up with my instagrams, but the boys were so excited when these came in the mail, it’s going to be such a fun surprise every month when they arrive.

It was also a great way to put all of our photos together from our recent Disney trip! It’s awesome to have actual photo books to look at, and the boys’ enjoyment over these shows me that our world has not gone completely digital. Love them!

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Study re-do 2017

While sitting in the bedroom, listening to the boys yell while playing Minecraft the other day, I told B “alright, I’m done. They’ve got to have another place to play this game.”

Which began study re-do 2017. Our study looked like this:

Essentially a hot mess/piano room/computer room/place for random books.

After a lot of cleaning and purging, we transformed it into this:

The piano is now along one wall where it isn’t taking up the window space and we got a small console, television, and moved several of our consoles underneath it.

We put both desks along the back wall (along with one book case…the other we moved out as you’ll see in a minute), and filed, or threw away papers and moved our filing cabinet to our closet. We have plans to eventually add a rug, update my desk, and update the loveseat, but it works for now.

And my favorite part, we finally got the gallery wall up in the study that I’ve been planning for years. Done and done.

And for the other bookcase:

We moved it to our living room. We also re-arranged some frames and books, and added some decorative elements:

And updated the corner shelves and frame as well:

And now I’m going go take a nap. Ha!



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Valentine whimsy

Here are a few of my favorite Valentine gifts & decor to celebrate love! We need more love, yes? I agree.

Llittle heart frames from Sweet Pineapple, Roam candle, Angel wings from Sweet Pineapple, and a love dish towel from Anthropologie are favorites that are Valentine without being over the top.


Little teacher gifts, a sweet ring dish, bouncy ball class Valentines, and a pillow are both fun and useful. J’s got a big birthday coming up this weekend! He loves the Valentine decor so much this year he wants it up in addition to his birthday decor! 

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A tour of our Christmas decor

Join me around our house! I’ve been steadily adding to our Christmas decorations each year, and I’m loving how everything turned out this year. I’m not the best at decorating, but I’m learning slowly (layering, creating visual points, etc.). The boys’ excitement over the decorations make it worth while. Oh and if you need help decorating quickly, have J come over. He will bustle behind you until you are finished, saying things like “why are you sitting down?” and “keep decorating!!”

First up, our entry way!

I love the idea of combining what you have already with some Christmas updates…

holiday decor

And I was beyond thrilled to find these cotton stems from one of my favorite local shops (Mint Julep Marketplace), to include in the Target vase I had been eyeing:

Holiday Decor

And then we dressed up our little reading nook in the living room:

Reading nook

And our mantel is fresh and new with accents from Kirklands (that mirror was 20 dollars!!):

Mantel DecorMantel Decor Mantel DecorThe bottle brush trees are from Hobby Lobby and I’m going to tell you, they are a glittery mess. But they look awesome!

And here is a close-up of our tree. Take a good look, because this guy is about to be replaced. We have to string lights that work around the middle of the tree because the pre-lit portion stopped working. Last year. No judgement.

Christmas Tree

The layering detail was a tip I picked up from the mantel link I posted with my Friday Favorites two weeks ago:

Stocking layering

And this year we added in a fox to our random lighted animal collection:

Christmas DecorI cannot even express to you the hilarity of this set-up. The Bible does discuss behemoth animals, so I’m pretty sure this is what they were talking about.

Let’s move on to the kitchen, shall we?

Immediately upon posting this, I noticed that one of my candle wraps has slipped down, and my A-typeness cannot handle that, so I’m fixing it now…

Christmas Decor

I love the incorporation of the metal canvas with the cookie print that’s a staple in our house.

Holiday Decor

And our Christmas card holder is ready to go…


And my wall swag:

Christmas Decor

And my wreath that I made a few years ago with my sister and Mom:

Christmas Decor

And our cookie holder and Christmas countdown snowman:

Cookies & Counting

And that’s it! I’ve got my eye on these pieces from Anthropologie to complete a few areas:

Christmas Extras

And then it’s on to wrapping presents! Happy decorating!

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J’s closet refresh

Closet BeforeAfter one day of J’s bat cave falling out of the closet as he was trying to open it and then getting stuck in the door, I realized his closet had gotten out of control. This picture is actually after we removed an additional play tool bench from the closet as well. As sad as we were to admit it J had quite a few toys in his room that he had outgrown. In addition space in J’s room is at a premium as his room is quite a bit smaller than A’s. Thankfully, my sister and her family were headed to IKEA….

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Fall Decor

Fall DecorMaybe if we discuss Fall it will come? Kind of like the whole Field of Dreams philosophy. I would have posted this last week, but Target didn’t have all of their Fall decorations out (I KNOW! It’s the first week of September? Hobby Lobby is already past Christmas and on to Valentine’s Day. Just kidding. Sort of.) and I was waiting on the two pumpkins you see above. So besides those, here are my fall decorations…

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Last day of school project

J 3 YR Pre KYesterday was J’s last day of 3 year pre-K! He has grown so much this year (and not just in height). He can count to forty, knows all of his letters, and can tell us lots of stories from The Bible! He LOVES school and much of that is because of his wonderful teacher this year. I’m so thankful for the program that J has been a part of and I can’t believe next year will be his last year of pre-K.

As it was his last day of school, I decided to forgo my usual lesson planning in the morning and tackle a project I’ve been planning that would be more difficult to accomplish with him at home! We have two bar stools in our kitchen:

Bar Stool RefreshObviously this is not our kitchen. And obviously I need to pressure wash our drive way. However, that’s besides the point. My parents gave these stools to us when they moved and they are great function wise, but the color doesn’t match our kitchen. At first I decided to just buy new bar stools, so I headed to Target and picked up two. A showed me how immediately he could easily tip them over just trying to get on the stool. Thus, we returned them immediately. I then started looking elsewhere, but really didn’t want to spend $300-500 dollars on a bar stool.

While at Hobby Lobby I picked up this paint:

PaintI had read about it here and decided to give it a try. The 8 oz jar was more than enough to paint both bar stools (with two coats). You only need to lightly sand (if it’s finished) the furniture and you don’t need a sealant.

I collected a few more tools that I already had on hand:

PaintI did the first coat:

Bar StoolsThe main issue I had was there are a lot of nooks and crannies with the stools, so I had to use the brush to get in different corners and then smooth it out with the small roller. I used really light coats. You want to avoid glopping it on because then it will bubble up (something I’ve learned from past projects). I let the chairs dry for about thirty minutes and then lightly sanded them and did a second coat.

After the second coat, I looked at the chairs in the sunlight and noticed a few more spots that were not completely covered:

Bar Stool RefreshSo, I touched up those and then let the stools dry in the garage for about two hours:

Bar Stool RefreshAnd voila! Chairs that look as good as new.


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