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Okay the sickness in our house needs to go away. Stat! I’m currently running around like:

As soon as one person gets well, somebody else gets sick. So I’ve been cleaning everything and then cleaning it all again, and then saying a whole bunch of prayers that this week we are officially on the mend.

In between all that, J had a soccer scrimmage:

We harvested hydroponic basil that is literally the size of your fist:

This is my new favorite hat:

The hat is Codeword hats and the donate a percentage of their profits to children’s hospitals in that area code.

And despite the fact that it’s still 90 plus degrees I’ve been doing some fall online shopping and picked up this top from Nordstrom:

And finally the boys are obsessed with battlebots, so I already started Christmas shopping:

It’s never too early, right? Ha!

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Spring break weekend

We’re on spring break! We are taking a staycation that started with this:


Y’all. I’m still putting stuff back together. It was worth it though. The paint looks awesome! I ran some errands while B hung out with the painters and I discovered all the bonsai at one of our favorite local garden shops:

And while they were finishing up painting and the boys got out of school on Friday, we headed to get frozen yogurt:


And then for dinner I made shrimp dejohne that we ate with Rhodes dinner rolls, and it was officially a bread and butter carb fest:

Then on Saturday we spent almost all day trying to get our house back together, but headed out for tacos at Taco Mama:

And J was eating salsa with a fork:

So there’s that. And on Sunday we went to Cabela’s to find hiking boots for B:

And they were out of his size, so we headed to Dick’s Sporting Goods and on a whim I decided to measure the boys’ feet:

And discovered both of them had grown about a size and a half since they got new shoes in September. So new shoes all around!

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Garden refresh

After our initial Spring gardening, we re-started the whole thing because most of the plants had either died or gone to seed. We did a simplified set-up for mid-June with basil, parsley, rosemary, cilantro, and mint.

J and I also added in arugula, chives, and lettuce seeds just to see how they would grow this time of the year. I also have plans to add in some flowers to provide some natural pest deterrents for the herbs. J also wants flowers to bring in some butterflies like this one we found at the pool:

J has a love/fear of butterflies. He is intensely fascinated by all animals, but he doesn’t like them flying at him. However, this was an incredibly patient butterfly, who sat steadily as J creeped in and peered at its wings. It even waited until he turned around and jumped back into the pool before it flew away. Definitely one we would like to visit our garden!

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Upping our succulent game

My little plants at home are thriving! So much so that I decided to purchase a few more to keep at my office. The boys helped me plant them, and I thanked the Lord that I thought to buy two because then they could each individually plant one, instead of arguing over turns.

You can see A’s freshly gone tooth, here! He’s proud of that and his freshly potted plant!


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Raised garden bed

Over the past few months, B has been planning and creating a raised garden bed. He was inspired by the Disney ride “Living with The Land”:

I have never ceased to be amazed in our marriage the insight and creativity of B:

This is just the first two sections…he left room to add more after testing it. On Sunday after church we headed to Lowe’s to get our first batch of herbs and vegetables.

We came up with a good start! Bibb lettuce, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, lavender, oregano, and thyme:

And the boys loved helping:

And then we put on our garden gloves and got to work…

After tucking all the plants neatly into rows:

We are prepped for our trial run!

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Garden continued…

While it’s incredibly windy here, it’s warm again which means the boys and I are out gardening. After making a morning run to Lowe’s:

We headed home, unloaded our groceries, and loaded up our garden supplies in our wagon to head to the back yard…

After standing around watching me try to begin to elevate the back of the edge of the flower bed the boys decided they should take pictures of me working.

And various poses of them helping me plant…

They did a pretty good job! And now our flower bed is a little fuller:

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Garden bed update

J and I headed to Lowe’s to start implementing our garden plan this past week. He is quite excited…

He wanted to load all of the plants in the car himself…

And dig all of the spots for the plants…

And after we were done…

We started small (thankfully) with cold hardy plants. Once we get past the final (hopefully) cold snap of the season we are going to add one more Japanese boxwood, and some spring flowers.

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Corner flower beds

In an attempt to stop my parents’ dogs when they are here from going under the fence (the dog that lives behind us is furiously trying to dig a hole under our fence) and create a better space in the moss pit corner of our yard, the boys and I spent Sunday afternoon building a new flower bed area:

Now I’m on a mission to find plants that will survive in this area (it doesn’t get a lot of sun). Here is my collage of shade loving plants that I have on my list to look for at Lowe’s with the boys over Spring Break:

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Little grass plant

J had a little grass plant that he grew at school from an itty bitty seed. His class watered their plants each day, decorated the cups, and he loved his plant! He brought it home and it sat happily by the window for several weeks continuing to grow….and spread pollen through our house. For our sake and the plants, it needed to move to greener pastures, so I finally convinced J that we needed to plant it out in the backyard where it could grow and help the grass.

It took quite a bit of convincing, but finally this weekend we removed our lemon tree (that died. Because we left it outside in the winter. Which you should not do.) and planted his little grass plant:

Little grass plantThat’s his posing in the sun, which is bright, and trying to smile.

And we planted the little grass patch in the ground:

Little grass plantWith lots of fresh dirt, to help him grow! Hopefully he will take hold and spread across the little dirt patch and cover it completely. In the meantime, J will be watching and watering it carefully. And making sure his brother doesn’t try to roll on it. Seriously. That was discussed.

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Feeling fresh and new…

Garden beforeSo if you remember last year, I planted two new boxwood plants in our front garden bed and pulled out the dead plants. In this photo you can see me standing in the middle of a hot mess of scraggly plants that continued down that route for the next year. They were, I think, supposed to be ground cover, or maybe little bushes, but what they turned into was a bunch of weeds that popped up all over the front bed and I could never get them to not look messy.

Flash forward to this Spring:

Garden RefreshJ and I headed to Lowe’s to pick out new boxwoods, new ground cover, and new flowers. J is a surprisingly good plant selector, or at least quite a decisive one (“Pick that one, Mommy! Now let’s go to the water!”).

He also made a friend that I’ve got to put on my list to go back and pick up for him:

Weekend UpdateThe sunning turtle you see on the left, J talked about the whole way home.

After picking out two new boxwoods, four ground cover/grass-like plants, and four snapdragons, we were good to go:

Garden RefreshAnd headed home to start pulling out the old plants and place the new:

Garden RefreshJ loves to do these types of things, so he was right next to me pulling plants and digging holes for the new plants. He especially loved clearing away the dirt and I think we were pretty much covered in dirt by the end of it.

After filling three large contractor bags with the old plants we placed the new:

Garden RefershAnd managed to get them all planted before the rain:

Garden refresh Garden RefreshWe need to get some fresh mulch for the top, and I’m hoping my one little scraggly boxwood in the corner comes back, but it is definitely an improvement!

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