Friday Favorites

Holy Sephora sale! I ordered all my essentials and I may have hit rouge status when I added a Becca highlighter for my Christmas stocking. This weekend we have big plans to recover from all our illnesses by laying low, watching football, and working on our current mission: de-clutter the garage/attic.

Super satisfying paint pour.

Victoria Beckham’s make-up routine.

Refreshingly minted fall look.

The affect of perception on fashion.

My boys at every sports game, ever.

Improving skin health.

And finally, deep dish pizza.

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Friday Favorites

That’s a wrap on October! We are officially on the downward slide towards the end of the year festivities with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s in our sites. The boys are already busily circling items in the holiday gift guides as they arrive in the mail. We are preparing for a frigid weekend, so we will be hunkering down to watch some football, finish up our monthly puzzle, and recoup from the busy week!

Easy recipes to switch up our ground beef staples.

Office inspiration.

M&Ms and frosting are the highlights of these copycat Disneyland brownies.

Star Wars bedroom re-do.

Well I guess I need to go get a new bra.

Neutrals versus pops of color.

Slightly annoyed I can’t blame being tired on my age.

Seasonal polish.

Terracotta ornaments.

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Friday Favorites

A vacation week should leave you feeling refreshed, so why are we so exhausted?! A’s birthday was great, he had the “best sleepover ever” and I’m still in disbelief that we have an eleven year old. Eleven! That’s the year that Harry Potter learned he was a wizard, so we anxiously await a Hogwart’s letter soon. Until then, the boys have a camp out this weekend and I have a big stack of papers (virtual as my students turn in most things online) to grade while they are away. So now that A has counted 10,000 steps on his new fit bit, here are some of my favorites from the week!

Perfect print.

Flannel pajamas.

Cutest goat.

Winter boots.

After work.

Uniqlo pants.

Color pop.

Dinner in.

Finally, futuredew.

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Friday Favorites

I can’t believe Fall break is almost over! After going out of town for the past two years, we stayed home this year. We baked cookies, played basketball, read a bunch, watched Into the Spiderverse, spent time building Minecraft worlds, and worked on our Halloween puzzle.

Winner, winner, lemon dill chicken dinner.

Perfect Fall work outfit.

Realizing the goal is difficult is part of the journey.

Farmhouse style.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Netflix.

Kindness comments.

My favorite yoga practice of the week.

Steak and sweet potatoes.

Grace under pressure.

Modern Asian comfort food.

And finally, perfect throwback lipstick.

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Friday Favorites

A had his first golf match this week! Which was great! But after two days of two hour golf, two days of soccer, running club, and a fun run during school, I think they are as ready for the weekend as I am.

Fall break reads.

Sides that make pasta a full meal.

A sky blue sweater like this or this is a fall must have.

Family dinner around the world.

A podcast with one of my Cooking Channel favorites!


Have you heard of peak week? After having asthma for 37 years, I was amazed to learn that the reason I get sick almost every September is actually a thing.

Magic, memory, and the Underground Railroad.

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Friday Favorites

Making tens. After a week of soccer games, golf, cub scouts, field trips, running club, school, and work,  we are looking forward to a lazy weekend of sleeping in and college football watching.

Best casual outfits.

Writing tips from Roald Dahl.

Tennis ball scuff remover.

On wearing makeup for yourself.

Favorite podcast of the week.

Little local Texas cookbook.

Best hydrating face powders.

Yoga practice of the week.

And finally, sneakers and sweatshirt in my shopping cart.

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Friday Favorites

A worked with his Cub Scout Den at a local nonprofit this week and it was a wonderful experience! It’s B’s birthday this weekend! We are excited to celebrate him, watch some football, and eat Walking Taco Salad (stay tuned for the recipe next week) and brownies. We’ve also got a soccer game for J, a Den Meeting for Cub Scouts, and A has an artifact to create for social studies.

Heart health tips, considering I’m now 37 and have high blood pressure (hurray for late thirties).

Chocolate peanut butter smoothie.

Honest academic job postings.

Scary stories to read on chilly fall days (that will happen eventually).

The skill of being “indistractable”.

Buffalo check + dark denim.

Cheesy turkey meatloaf bites.

Dream craft room…for me.

The last train to London.

And finally, wildlife comedy.

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Friday Favorites

Soccer season has started! How grown-up does this kid look?

Smart casual dress code.

Support for me walking to the mailbox barefoot. Ha!

The eyeshadow palette on my list.

Shredded beef enchiladas were on our dinner list this past week:

I switched the recipe up a bit, using my favorite Frontera Red Chile Enchilada sauce, and cooking the beef in a slow cooker for eight hours before I put the enchiladas together.

Closet goals.

Morning treat.

Book I am currently reading.

Stepping into fall with a maple apple french toast bake.

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Friday Favorites

Nail polish colors to update your fall collection. Hay there is my favorite.

You know when you forget about a product and then all of the sudden you’re like, “why am I not still using this?” That’s how I felt when I saw the Teddy eyeliner in my latest InStyle:

The brilliance of user experience in 1990s anime.

You are more than the best (and worse) thing you’ve ever done.

Happy little garden pots.

Perfect desert colors and inspiring patterns.


Historic libraries.

Leaning in to your full story.

And finally, zebra print.

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