Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThis is J’s “wonder/surprise” face. If he thinks somebody is here to visit or you find something that is hidden, he makes this face and an “ah ha!” sound. It’s adorable!

Love this article entitled “what my son the thespian taught me about parenting“.

So B got us on a kick of watching the Breaking Bad series (don’t spoiler me, we aren’t to the last season, yet!). If you watch it here is some back story on Walter’s hometown.

Neon yellow converse shoes for kids. That’s it. Because I think that pretty much speaks for itself.

Just in case you were wondering what Bobby Flay eats for breakfast…(spoiler alert: it’s yogurt! AHHH!)

When we were back to school shopping my sister and I ended up (of course) in the mini notebook section looking for notebooks for ourselves. Why, you may ask? Because doesn’t everyone need some fresh office supplies? I found this little list of cute ones. I’m partial to the thumbtacks.

One of my favorite family blogs had this sweet post about sisters…the pictures and writing will make you happy, guaranteed! 🙂

For a mere 95 dollars you can own….Coach Barbie. You’re welcome.

I am always in a state of growing out my bangs. (I cut them, then push them to the side, then cut them again). Here are some helpful tips if you do that as well!

A and I made these peanut butter toffee cookies this week and they were soooo good! You must try them.

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesA helping J wake up from his nap. Absolute love.

A typographic print that would earn a Jedi’s approval.

Is it too early to start Christmas shopping? This banjo is on my list for J.

Animal crossing is scary, ya’ll.

Seen Back to the Future a hundred times? And love it? You’ll love this print.

Killer whales are totally hip. Who knew?

Ten things you should not refrigerate.

Did you know you can participate in ninja training in Japan? I know four boys saying, “sign me up!”

Essie wicked. One of my all time favorites for fall/winter.

Grilled sweet potato salad.

And, another item on my tax free weekend shopping list: these tees. Cute, lightweight, and super inexpensive.

Happy Friday!

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Friday Favorites

Simple zucchini saute

One of my favorite summer sides is a quick saute in olive oil of fresh corn, thinly sliced zucchini and then throw blueberries in right at the end so they are a bit warmed but not fully cooked with a squeeze of fresh lemon over the top. So easy! Yum!

The ultimate in simplistic container gardening (baby pool required).

These little wooden toys remind me of ones from Granny’s house.

Keep it simple, swordsman.

This is the ice cream maker I am liking for my birthday. And I don’t think it would be complete without getting this e-book to go with it (shout out to my Ohio fam!).

Ten home decorating mistakes to avoid. The one about buying fabric on-line is so true. It’s like swimming the waters of on-line dating, you never know if they will look like the picture. Not that I would know anything about that.

Apparently birds aren’t as scary as I thought.

On being a stylish mom.

I would love this great book to sit with my super chic desk lamp in our living room. (Anyone who has seen said lamp is laughing right now).

After seeing this post on the new benefit primer I went out and bought it. And…I love it. It pretty much does everything it says it will.

And finally…avocado shrimp salsa. Happy Friday!

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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happiness is a boy with a new Lego tie fighter.

Super cute summer peasant top. Oh and here’s a less expensive version.

Tricks for applying eyeliner.

Thinking about purchasing this terrific print for our hallway gallery wall.

I absolutely love this lamp, but where to put it?

I made these grilled steak fries last night. So tasty!

This looks like a sweet little book for the boys.

Cute white pumps.

Snapchatting a scent? I can’t explain it, you just have to read it.

Deep dish chocolate mint cookies. Yes, please!

Happy Friday!

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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Our neighborhood put on quite the show of fireworks this fourth of July. A got to see huge fireworks, floating lanterns, and extensive sparklers all from the comfort of our driveway (which was well out of the zone of firework displaying).

Just in case you were wondering how big they were, this was one of the smaller ones:


And since the boys stayed up until almost nine they of course slept in until the late hour of 7 a.m.! Living the dream, people! HA!

Anyway, here are some of my favorites from the week:

I went shopping with my sister today and picked up this book, these coasters, and this shirt from Anthropologie.

I am always looking for new treat recipes for A and I to make and this cookbook looks like a great choice.

I am almost done re-doing the boys’ bathroom and then I am moving on to the laundry room. I have been searching for navy and coral accents for the laundry room decor and after seeing this room now I am thinking about also adding some copper.

How to make a house to a home.

I don’t know why, but I think this little card would be hilarious to frame for J’s room.

So many s’mores.

Barbecue chopped chicken salad.

I have been searching for a new nail polish color and this one is on my list.

J is tall. So tall that he reached his tree canvas and took it down. I had to move it but now every morning he sadly pats his wall and says “dat, dat?” I kept trying to think of what I could put there instead (high up, of course!) and then the idea of a fabric banner jumped into mind (and by jumped I mean I have seen it EVERYWHERE). I found this DIY tutorial that I am planning on following and I am off to find fabric!

Have a great weekend!

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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

I tried these hummus chicken enchiladas last night and they were so yummy! It’s in that “you just have to try it to believe it” category. I used red pepper hummus, and added chopped green onions. I will definitely be making them again!

I found this blog about children’s books and was instantly addicted. It is so fun!

Love this geometric mobile.

How to teach fiscal responsibility to kids.

A sweet fourth of july party theme. My favorites are the silly sunglasses and the patriotic popcorn.

And if you are having a party, this cute red and white tee would be great for a fourth of july cook-out.

I love this little giraffe necklace.

A cute idea for DIY ombre wooden spoons, and my inspiration for the wall letters I am working on for the boys’ bathroom.

A cookbook combining Asian and American comfort food. Sounds fabulous!

This week J started making cookie monster noises whenever he saw cookie monster on tv, or his waffle box, or if you say “gimme some cookies!!” It is so hilarious, we cannot stop laughing when he does it. Makes me want to go buy this guy to go with his Elmo!

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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Summer! It certainly feels like summer, and we had a nice loud thunderstorm last night to usher it in (and for A to yell for me from his room that the wind was too loud, and could I turn it down?). We are smoking chicken legs on the grill tonight, my favorite!

I’m sure you have already heard about this scandal, but did you know that Cap’n Crunch isn’t truly a Captain?? I have to rearrange my whole way of thinking.

I love this little clock for beside my bed, so I can see what time it is in the morning without the bright glow all night.

How to make your home more kid friendly. My favorite is the backyard chalk board.

This rain chain is next on my more involved DIY project ideas with A.

I am on to the book Cooked. Loving it so far!

Love this idea for make your own poptarts. On my list to bake with A!

Frozen strawberry limeade. Headed to get the ingredients…now!


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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Sometimes the most perfect picture comes from a very unexpected place. When I was moving a side box out to vacuum (that is normally in front of those cords, no we do not let our kids play with those, thanks), J scrambled underneath the desk to grab one of his most coveted favorites: a can of tennis balls. I randomly had my camera sitting on the bed because I had been taking pictures of window cleaning (HA!) and snapped this picture before I moved him out away from the cords.

This picture is so classically J; the piercing blue eyes, wisps of blonde hair, and that pout lipped little stare, with his arms gripping tightly to his treasure. Perfection. This is one of my favorites of the week.

Continuing on…here are some of my favorite reads and finds from the week. Happy Friday!

One of my grad school friends and fellow bloggers did a great post review about the book Desperate: Hope for the Mom that Needs to Breathe.

On reheating frozen bread. In case you couldn’t resist those two huge artisan french loaves from Costco. Just saying.

Speaking of grad school, when I was there one of my professors gave me a book about writing, and it started my love of books about writing. This one is on my list.

Sesame noodles. Or as A calls it, spaghetti without the red sauce.

A cute pair of espadrilles.

My worst road trip snack idea is always a chocolate bar. I always end up getting one some place and I always end up getting it on myself. Here are a few more

Bunnies snuggling on a hotel bed. No, I’m serious.

Jute bins for storing random toys, blankets, etc.

Some tips to know for cooking with cheese.

Quirky fish coasters, which I really think would go well in our house, and if J threw them I’m pretty sure no one would get injured.

In the words of Sheldon Cooper, you’re sitting in my spot.

And…what game night is like at our house according to the Jordans. I found it to be amazingly accurate. HA!

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Saturday afternoon favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy June! Can I tell you how ridiculously excited I am about this ice cream? My sister told me about it yesterday and, of course, I went out and bought it. Lemon ice cream with vanilla flavored creme filled cookies? Yes, please!

Anyway, just in case your husband (as well, in addition, too, also), has decided to make his way through four seasons of Breaking Bad in a month and you need something to flip through this Saturday night, here are some of my favorite stories, items, and ideas from the week!

I need to print this and put it in our kitchen for when B has to clean and dry our cast iron skillet. You know instead of saying “Hey, what do you want me to do with this?” 🙂

J loves to climb, leap, and lay on anything higher than the floor. Which is why I think he would love this cushy little pouf.

Just in case I didn’t get enough lemon from the ice cream…a lemon sorbet punch. Have I mentioned before how I have always wanted a lemon tree? It’s a true story.

A has recently become asking to go camping (which I really just want to laugh all day about that). However I have looked at a couple of tents for camping in the backyard and particularly liked this one.

This was a random thought, but one of the small appliances we use and love the most is a panini press my aunt sent to me for Christmas one year. We make most of our weekend sandwiches on it. Ours is an older version of this one here, and it has stood up well!

I really love this Mary Poppins print.

Upon seeing this tweet, my husband said “Man, Patrick Stewart is so awesome”. It’s good to be Patrick Stewart.

Have you read the book Stuck to your kids? A thinks it is HILARIOUS. I have to say I found it pretty funny, as well!

These Kate Spade plates are really adorable.

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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites/ Popsicle Ingredients

A and I are prepping to make Popsicles today, I’ll share our recipe soon! In other news….

Astronauts are cool. Enough said.

At A’s end of the year party yesterday I was discussing with some of the Mom’s the limitless energy of boys…so here are some tips on getting more energy.

A really lovely post about the writing method (this is a MUST read if you love writing).

This article may convince me to restart the sit-up challenge B and I had going a few months ago.

If you REALLY love Minecraft…this decor may be up your alley. I on the other hand am happy to pretend tunnel to nowhere (while actually pinning things to pinterest) while B deals with zombies, bwahaha.

Baked risotto…on my list to make this weekend!

Terrific summer sandals.

This weekend I am going shopping with my Mom and sister. These Gap shorts, TMNT shirt for A, and zebra shirt for J are on my list. (You MUST check out the zebra shirt…it is hilarious!)

DIY Porch Pillows….super simple and cute.

Memorial Day preschooler craft.

Upon seeing this, my husband turned to me last night and said “We have got to go to New York this weekend!”

Happy Friday!

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