Friday Favorites


Tying knots. And we arrive again at the end of the week! This weekend we are switching off date nights with my sister and her husband, so Friday we’ll be having pizza with five kids and Saturday we are going to The Bottle for the first time. In addition to that, the boys are going out to practice golf this weekend before A’s next match on Sunday. And we’ve got derby cars to finish! Here are some of our favorites of the week!

Drunk Elephant has become one of my favorite skincare brands.

On my salad lunch list for next week.

Sophie Turner’s skincare routine.

Stack bracelets for Spring.

Messy bun hair tutorial.

Basketball room inspiration for J.

Perfect winter outfit combination.

Sweet ice cream plush for my office space.

Finally, lemon blueberry bread. Perfect for weekend breakfast.

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Friday Favorites


Baby ducklings are J’s favorite, and according to my Mom, the feeling is mutual. They’ve been following him around all week. I know they will be sad to see the ducklings and chicks go (they go back to their farm this weekend). Today we’ve got school Valentine’s parties and then we have a fondue dinner planned for at home tomorrow night. And then we are sleeping in on Saturday and it’s going to be grand! We’ve had something every night this week, and I think we are all ready for a long weekend of relaxation. Here are some of my favorites of the week!

My current hair style and color.

Tips for styling hair in rainy weather, which is every day here.

Book I just added to my reading list.

The couch I have my eye on for our new family room.

Sweatshirt from Amazon that my fitness instructor was wearing last week.

Closet staples from Nordstrom.

Favorite yoga practice of the week.

Piper & Leaf is killing it with their teas. I may have to make a trip out this weekend to pick it up!

Spring sandals.

The podcast that made me laugh out loud.

Finally, my new favorite granola snack.

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Friday Favorites

Hello friends, it’s Friday! My Mom has baby chicks in her room again this year and the boys are so excited! This week A had golf, J had basketball, and we also had a PTA meeting, and second grade performance in between all of that. Plus work and school. I turned around and the week was just over. Now, we are headed towards a weekend that also includes basketball, but I’m also hoping to throw in some organization and packing as well. And we’ve got to complete a whole bunch of Valentine’s for class parties next week. And there are class parties next week. I need a nap just thinking about it! On to some of my favorites from the week!

Memories of weekend past.

The power of eye contact.

The art of squinching. I’m apparently way behind on my selfie game.

What Summer Roberts taught us about fashion.

Office inspiration.

My favorite podcast of the week.

Chicken sweet potato stew. Perfect for the cold weather coming in!

I have the segments of Stranger Things behind the scenes on my podcast list.

I just finished Home and it was a terrific yoga series! Highly recommend. All free on YouTube.

Perfect pants for summer…it may be winter, but it’ll be summer here soon enough!

Finally, total look.

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Friday Favorites

What a week! A and I went on field trip, J had a basketball game, there was school, work, and everything in between. J is stoked about his birthday party next weekend, that is aptly basketball themed. We’ve got another basketball game for J this weekend, and some serious sleep catching up to do. And here are some of our favorites from the week!

A lovely home.

Anxiously waiting for this sweatshirt to come out in adult sizing.

Lemon angel cake bars.

The cheesiest.

My favorite everyday layering tanks.

Work outfit ideas.

Thoughts on renovating spaces.

Continuing with day 20 today!

Finally, I have this diffuser in my cart to combat all the dryness of winter.

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Friday Favorites

Hello! After taking a break for the holidays, I’m back with some of my favorites from the last few weeks. One of which is that perfect California tree above, that I saw on an impromptu and wonderful trip this past week.

Perfect pan pizza cookbook.

Creating a guest room in a multipurpose space.

All the mushrooms.

My January yoga plan.

The art of Freddish.

Creating a high messy bun.

Lunch smoothies.

Baby Yoda is a Disneyland foodie.

And finally, perfect style.

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Friday Favorites

It’s the holiday season! While we probably won’t be getting a drift of snow again anytime soon, we are going to celebrate the in-coming of winter with full enthusiasm. School is about to be out for two weeks after a slew of holiday parties today, and we are going to sleep in, watch lots of movies, and probably play too many rounds of War (J’s new favorite card game). And while I get the rest of my Christmas wrapping done…here are some favorites from the week!

Superpower strong.

Winter workwear ideas.

A python, a jackal, and a honey badger walk into a desert clearing….

Last minute stocking stuffer? Get this eyeshadow palette.

Sweetie pie chai latte.

Mini cheesecakes for Christmas desserts.

A DIY using holiday houses you can find at Target.

The most accurate clothing ad I’ve ever seen.

And finally, embracing the hygge of the season and having cookies with it.

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Friday Favorites

Happy holiday shopping day, friends! We are headed out to hit some of our favorite shops, and if you live in our area (or even if you don’t) be sure to shop small with some of our favorite shops including Piper&Leaf, Southern Firefly, Sweet Pineapple, & Mint Julep Monograms.

Holiday outfits for a work party.

White cabinets.

The perfect winter coat.

The backsplash I have my eye on.

Pumpkin snickerdoodles.

A new way of creating gallery walls.

Perfect pesto for fish.

Interior design hacks.

Honestly, this also would be my dream Thanksgiving dinner.

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Friday Favorites

Thanksgiving week is upon us! It’s also final papers, projects, exams, and presentations time which means grading season is upon me. This weekend we have big plans to put up the Christmas tree, and get out the rest of the decorations.  I’ve got a Christmas list going as well, and I’m slowly checking things off that list!

Harbour house.

Bullet journal essentials.

Plaid blazer + beige coat.

Yoga practice of the week.

One minute rule cleaning ideas.

Cinnamon apple bread pudding.

On appreciating a good beauty tutorial.

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Friday Favorites

Holy Sephora sale! I ordered all my essentials and I may have hit rouge status when I added a Becca highlighter for my Christmas stocking. This weekend we have big plans to recover from all our illnesses by laying low, watching football, and working on our current mission: de-clutter the garage/attic.

Super satisfying paint pour.

Victoria Beckham’s make-up routine.

Refreshingly minted fall look.

The affect of perception on fashion.

My boys at every sports game, ever.

Improving skin health.

And finally, deep dish pizza.

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Friday Favorites

That’s a wrap on October! We are officially on the downward slide towards the end of the year festivities with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s in our sites. The boys are already busily circling items in the holiday gift guides as they arrive in the mail. We are preparing for a frigid weekend, so we will be hunkering down to watch some football, finish up our monthly puzzle, and recoup from the busy week!

Easy recipes to switch up our ground beef staples.

Office inspiration.

M&Ms and frosting are the highlights of these copycat Disneyland brownies.

Star Wars bedroom re-do.

Well I guess I need to go get a new bra.

Neutrals versus pops of color.

Slightly annoyed I can’t blame being tired on my age.

Seasonal polish.

Terracotta ornaments.

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