Friday Favorites

Whelp, it’s the end of February, so it’s only natural that it should be eighty degrees. I’m just praying that this warm snap isn’t followed by a cold snap that takes out my tulips growing in the front yard. The boys are busily being bug rescue rangers…which means I get lots of “look at this bug we saved!” while I sip my tea on the back porch. Which is kind of my favorite way to spend the afternoon.


1. Neutral paint palettes for the perfect backdrop.

2. A little DIY potted plant that requires no watering.

3. Maybe we can all be Olympic athletes? The ethics of this story was the subject of much debate in my classes this week.

4. A cozy hangout room.

5. My happy spring sandals!

6. Have you seen the new Sonia Kashuk brushes? On my way to Target…

7. What malls once were.

8. A historical novel that the director of The Black Panther, Ryan Coogler, said he’s reading. He also plays the Nintendo Switch, so my boys think he’s awesome.

9. Barre routines for at my non-boot camp days.

10. Winter to Spring transition pieces.

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Friday Favorites


This was a week of Valentines, lots of grading, and still recovering from ear infections, and virus created coughs. I’m trying to stay in my mantra of enjoying each moment and taking each moment as it comes, but honestly, at this point, I’ve got spring fever. I just want it to be warm and be able to start planting my spring flowers. For now, I’m just going to cuddle up with my tea and imagine spring. Here are some of my favorites of the week!

1. The rules of buttoning a suit coat.

2. I got a gel manicure for the first time and I’m obsessed! Here’s how to remove it, when my nails outgrow the manicure.

3. The Last Mrs. Parrish, on my reading list, per my sister’s recommendation.

4. A week of meals.

5. Panko crusted lemon chicken.

6. At home work-outs in 30 minutes or less.

7. I love that this coat is stylish, but also looks as cozy as a bathrobe. A win-win in my opinion.

8. Buttery crab bread pudding.

9. A lovely trip to Paris.

10. Perfect Spring trench.

11. Easter table setting.

12. Audiobooks for A for spring/summer road trips.



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Friday Favorites

I’m officially ready for winter to be over. A is sick for the second time in a week with a totally different virus. J was sick two weeks before that, and now I feel like I’m getting whatever A has (not flu, we visited the doctor to make sure). Between that, work, Birthday parties, and pinewood derby weekend, I just really want to hide under the covers and sleep the weekend away. Which is also why I’m just now posting my favorites for the week!

1. All the sweaters of the season, while it’s still cold.

2. Olympic garland.

3. The cutest little Valentine door hangers.

4. A cozy study with double bookshelves (B’s favorite).

5. Rainbow felt macaroons.

6. The best decorating rules.

7. Living room basics.

8. Amping up a classic pump.

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Friday Favorites

Converse twinning with my favorite nine year old.

1. Weekend lover.

2. Prepping for a batastic birthday weekend.

3. Hold on to your crockpots.

4. Fantastic cabinet update.

5. DIY heart cookies.

6. Adding to my bookshelf.

7. My new Instagram (@favoritedisneydishes) dedicated to our favorite Disney foods.

8. Pinwheel homemade rolls.

9. Winter layers for a dreamy bedroom.

10. Super Bowl queso.

11. Japan in winter is magical.

12. Wear your heart on your sleeve…or your shirt!

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Friday Favorites

Bright and sunny.

1. Winter boots on my list.

2. A perfect organization system for J’s closet.

3. How to fix the inevitable sweater snag.

4. Valentine’s Tsum Tsums at Target!

5. A non-traditional pork and beans.

6. Current cut request.

7. How to stay organized simply.

8. Creating a more effective blow dry.

9. Chicken tortellini soup, perfect for the upcoming cold snap.

10. Subtle shore inspiration.

11. All the best ways to pack.

12. Bundle up! It’s about to get frigid again.

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Friday Favorites

We’re preparing for another round of freezing temps, cancelled school, and potential ice by having sixty plus degree weather. This is Alabama, friends. On another note, we discovered a little bird nest once our stump tree lost all its leaves. I think our birds have finally decided our tree is better than the columns on our front porch. J has been dealing with allergy issues all week, so I’ve been working on the fly trying to juggle him at home some, lots of basketball, and my first week of the semester. B also was out of town early in the week, so we ended up at my sister’s house for dinner quite a bit. Her dinner’s were a big hit with my boys, so they’re featured on my Friday favorites this week!

1. I added these three steps to my hair wash routine.

2. Resolutions I could actually work toward achieving.

3. The history of stripes is going on my January/February reading list.

4. The pasta dish J ate at my sister’s house Tuesday night and wants me to make again, like right now.

5. This silly faces game would be right up J’s alley of giggles.

6. The dinner we had at my sister’s house Wednesday night that is seriously on par with fancy restaurants. It’s so good, y’all. Make this now.

7. Thinking about picking up cross-stitching as a hobby, and it’s apparently on trend.

8. A perfect side table set-up.

9. The salad my sister took for lunch this week and I’m going to make for next week.

10. And speaking of cross-stitching…some good stitches to know.

11. Dress + boots perfection.

12. A humorous book to add to my reading list.

And finally my other favorite of the week is A trying to teach J how to jump out of the way quickly, when playing tag.

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Friday Favorites

Happy Freeze-day, friends. We are not getting the intense snow and ice of the east coast, we are just sitting at about 25 degrees for four consecutive days. The boys have had late starts everyday because it’s been even colder in the mornings, which has eased us back into work/school mode. I’m scrambling to finish up my courses before the semester starts, as well as, planning for J’s sixth birthday (less than a month away, yikes!). In between doing that, here are some of my favorites of the week!

1. An inspirational book to jump into the new year.

2. The soup my sister made and gave me leftovers (it was amazing!).

3. This house is everything I love, open concept, centered kitchen, not stuffy.

4. Cozy chic wear for these frigid temps.

5. Organizing by simplifying.

6. Boots!

7. The beginnings of J’s Batman birthday inspiration.

8. I may just eat only soup for the rest of winter. Just saying.

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Friday Favorites

Roasting s’mores! Loving every moment of our winter break.

Here are my favorites of the week!

1. Update of a classic nineties look.

2. A rope DIY to fancy up a Christmas tree.

3. Inspiration for our games at our Feliz Navidad party!

4. Delicious dips for holiday parties.

5. Taking care of houseplants during the winter.

6. Cookie bars as a back up when the tiny chocolate cake I keep talking about bringing for Christmas doesn’t get made. Ha!

7. Genius idea for using a flat iron to create waves.

8. DIY to remember for the seashells we’ll collect at the beach next summer.

9. The holiday survival guide I’m still laughing about. Hilarious!

10. A lovely artichoke pizza all for me.

11. A fancy sugar cookie drink that I’m pretty sure I’d request if I was Santa.

12. Noncommittal book club.

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Friday Favorites

It’s Christmas break! Here are some of our favorites from the week!


1. These leggings can be stretched over your foot or scrunched for a leg warmer look.

2.Perfecting concealer.

3. Fragrant orange pomander craft.

4. Fancy gift wrapping.

5. Sequin foam tree craft.

6. Red + stripes for winter.

7. How to be the perfect houseguest.

8. J wants a wild wolf to come to our house so he can pet it. Ha!

9. Everything bagel Chex mix.

10. Um.

11. Bunny giving you side eye.

12. Chocolate pound cake for Christmas morning.

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Friday Favorites

While you’re finishing up figuring out what you’re going to ask Santa for this year….

Here are some of my favorites from the week.

1. A super cozy pullover for these freezing temps.

2. The Tomorrowland Tsum Tsums the boys are giving each other for Christmas.

3. Sweet DIY wreaths for your window.

4. Merry & Bright.

5. Smart use of an office corner.

6.Tomato tortellini soup.

7. Lavender sugar scrub.

8. Pink coat and boots.

9. Can you hear this, now?

10. What you need to clean, and what you don’t.

11. Denim blue walls with bright whites.

12. Creating meals that work for all different schedules.

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