Friday Favorites

We’re rolling into the weekend and November! I’m literally holding back all the boys in my family from trying to put up the Christmas tree. I’m not quite ready to put up our fall decorations just yet, but I have got my eye on some holiday decor and my Christmas gift list is taking shape on my notes app on my phone. This weekend we are headed to a birthday party, basketball tryouts, disguising a turkey, and piano lessons. And maybe a little holiday shopping. Here are some of my favorites of the week!

Candy pork sounds like the perfect way to use the pork tenderloin in my freezer.

Sometimes you’ve just gotta read a book.

Reading about the origin of paper because Spaceship Earth is that inspiring.

My favorite new podcast about make-up and more.

The cooking show I’m planning to binge watch on Netflix.

Wedge sneakers to wear with jeans and slipper like flats to wear with work pants. Or jeans.

Marbled maple cornbread is on my Thanksgiving recipe list.

Finally, the holiday cups on my list for my little holiday coffee station.

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Friday Favorites

In between soccer games and creating a pumpkin that looks like Milligan from The Mysterious Benedict Society, there was paint by sticker. J has always loved sticker books, so this next level sticker book is his current obsession. We are headed toward a weekend of soccer, the school Halloween party, pumpkin patch, and celebrating my Mom’s birthday! It’s a fun filled weekend, and the boys couldn’t be more excited!

Go with the flowy is the perfect winter gray.

Great transition pieces for Fall.

Making apple cinnamon rolls over Thanksgiving.

Why the boys’ shoes go in a bucket by the backdoor.

Creating the perfect cheese board.

Avoiding winter make-up meltdown.

Beet salad is my lunch for next week.

Southern scratch essentials and all the cookies is on my Christmas cookbook list.

And finally, Ross proving he is not THAT guy, is my favorite laugh of the week.

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Friday Favorites

We had a blast in Disney! The boys are already asking when we are going again and I’m still in disbelief that we have a ten year old.

Fall essentials: pullover, pajamas, and book.

Love the two wall paintings.

The illustrator behind The Great British Bake-Off.

Perfect Fall dinner.

Print-outs to color with J and A.

Also on my reading list.

Pop of Fall berry.

Finally, a pumpkin biscotti to go with my Trader Joe’s spicy chai tea.

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Friday Favorites

Our Fall garden is ready to go! Hopefully it won’t be too hot for the plants. I’m knee deep in midterms right now and I’m really looking forward to our Fall Break coming up!

A travel guide to Tokyo.

Best advice ever.

Best skin products based on age.

Cider braised crock pot short ribs.

Why we get the Disney photo pass every time we go.

The haircut I’m considering.

Current book I’m reading on my kindle and the one in my Amazon cart.

And finally the Podcasts I listened to this week:

– Loveis Wise interview on Good Company

– Taking your creativity seriously on WorkParty

– The “scary” enthusiasm of Christina Tosi on Women Rule

– Bobbi Brown cosmetics on How I Built This

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Friday Favorites

There’s a bobcat in our midst! J earned his first rank in Cub Scouts this past week. We are so proud of him!

J loves puzzles, so I’ve got this pizza one on my list for him for Christmas.

The hiking backpack I have on my Christmas list.

Lunch next week.

Since my work commute is now taking about an hour I’ve started listening to podcasts. One of my favorites so far is In Good Company and now I’ve got Genevieve Gorder’s new Netflix series on my list, too.

Pattern mixing for Fall.

Melting potatoes and apple pot pies.

Cozy light filled home with lots of plants.

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Friday Favorites

Under the lights.

J is playing his fourth season of soccer. He is our first to make it all the way to U8 soccer and he is loving it! His favorite position is sweeper, and he really wants to play goalie eventually. His team officially started games this week, so we are busy cheering them on in between school, homework, work, and Cub Scouts. He’s got a game this weekend, we’ve got a fall garden to plant, and some general recouping to do after this week, including watching the new season of Great British Baking Show and I’ll be reading The Secret Rooms and Pasta, Pane, Vino.

A study and homework space that dreams are made of! Trying to figure out if I could recreate this in our own study. Along with some great printables to decorate the walls…








Currently dreaming about soups for Fall…









Including a sweet corn and pepper soup and a Thai coconut soup. I love that both of these (with just removing the onions) are allergy friendly for all of us! It’s hard to find a soup that is these days.

And finally, loving these two fall looks with skinny jeans, a lovely top, and neutral loafers…

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Friday Favorites

How is it that a long weekend makes the week feel too long? It’s almost like we had too much recovery time and now we can’t handle it, ha!  This weekend we are having dinner with friends, soccer practice, Cub Scouts, and hopefully also get the boys’ piano lessons in as well. And sleeping in! I mean for us, sleeping in is 7:30 a.m., but I’ll take it!

These hammered leaf prints would be a lovely fall craft.

Destination Hawaii.

The Secret Lives of Color.

Chilled dough makes the best chocolate chip cookies.

“Lies, all lies!”

Cinnamon raisin bagels.

Sweatshirt I’m adding to my Christmas list. For that one week it’ll be cold here.

We learned the hard way last year that fall tasks are important.

Romantic and flannel = two things that don’t seem to work, but do.

Sheet pan chicken, with a bonus recipe!

Lovely light filled house.

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Friday Favorites

It’s a boiling 100 heat index here, friends….somebody send Fall, stat! Oh, and I turned 36 this week, so there’s that.

The new Mary Poppins books’ illustrator is my current favorite Instagram.

Loving the video of Magnolia getting set-up for Fall.

The flats I want for Fall (I’m noticing a theme starting).

A and I both read Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and really enjoyed it!

Currently searching for pens for my new square Moleskin journal.

The five minute make-up tutorial that I’m currently watching.

You do not have to be perfect. Current mantra on repeat.

Say it ain’t soho reminds me of one of my favorite polishes from high school, and since they’re bringing everything 90s back, I might as well jump in!

Something to make with our home grown tomatoes.

And finally, color. My boys would love this!

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Friday Favorites

Ah…to be four! Our favorite niece turned four this week!

Starting a list of Boston sites for a potential future trip.

Perfecting summer make-up.

My kids handled the Bao short film fine. It’s the Goosebumps preview that they’re still getting over.

Fall looks via Victoria Beckham.

Love these jeans.

The perspective of Ansel Adams, and how it changed how we view national parks.

I can finally get the Cheerio behind my fridge that’s been there since 2012.

An Atlas for J’s Christmas list.

Change your perspective, change your world.

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Friday Favorites

First day of school uploading…in 3, 2, 1.

A take on basic black work pants.

Dirt free house plants.

Marinated white beans, also known as I’m at that point of summer cooking.

If it’s good enough for Blake Lively, well then count me in!

Summer work outfits. Especially helpful since summer here can last until November.

I don’t know who made this, but I would definitely read it:

J and I are headed to go see Christopher Robin this weekend, and I’m pretty sure we’re bringing Eeyore:

And that’s it for the weekend! I’ve got two school supply bags ready to take to meet the teacher, lunchboxes ready to go, and first day of school outfits! Now if someone could please tell me how I have a fourth grader and a first grader that’d be great.

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