Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Peace, love, and cupcakes

24 is back, Jack! I really don’t think my husband could be anymore excited.

Retro toy flashback. Pretty sure I owned over eighty percent of these…pretty sure a lot of them are still in my parents’ attic.

Choose your adventure: yogurt marinade style.

Nerdy baby mobiles…pretty sure my husband would want these for our room. HA!

I am kind of in love with these shoes.

I got these bracelets for a steal at Target. The website says online only, but I found them in store!

Tips for taking pictures of kiddos…just in case you are wondering what do you do when they always want to make this face:


Happy Friday!!

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Friday Favorites

Cupcakesandcommentary/Friday Favorites

5 tips for stress free vacation

Any article that starts with “a pair of Davids slayed the Goliaths” is worth reading.

Looking for a good summer movie? Here is a preview of what’s to come.

How kids can help cook for Mother’s Day. Hint, hint.

A cute place for lost laundry socks.

Just finished Sparkly Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle. So good!

I am making these bread sticks next week. And these potatoes look a bit too delicious to pass up!

Hoping I can find this purse, these shoes, and these jeans at our outlet shopping. Knowing my boys’ patience for shopping it’s a good thing I’m thinking ahead. 🙂

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Friday Favorites

Video GamingThis, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get dinner made. And how you get little boys to stay still for more than ten seconds.

Naps = good.

Looking for some summer reading?

Wondering if the boys would eat this cilantro lime chickpea salad.

Apparently if you grow tulips you need pruning sheers. I borrowed some from my parents, but in case yours don’t have several sets laying around…these look nice!

When A was helping me pick a sandwich cutter today to shape his sandwich, he said “well it looks like I’ve already had these shapes this week…” so I’m thinking about adding this airplane one to the mix.

Since B is planning to mow when he gets home today before it starts raining like Seattle for the next three days, I put the ingredients for these chicken philly sandwiches in the crockpot for dinner.

Don’t forget tomorrow is May the Fourth be with you! So on that note:

If you are Disney World, check out these cool t-shirts!

And if you are not, Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles is FREE on the App Store today.

Happy Friday!

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Friday Favorites

Cupcakesandcommentary/Friday FavoritesJ can officially get on the couch now on his own. And my boys officially look grown-up.

I grabbed hand sanitizer out of my work bag the other day and one of my students yelled “AHH poison!” So in honor of that here are some less poisonous choices.

Parenting is not an elective sport.

Chicken curry with sweet potatoes? Yes, please.

Okay, one more link about Game of Thrones and then I will stop talking about it. Even if you don’t watch the show, this post made me laugh out loud. The trials and tribulations of being a medieval/fantasy/sci-fi fashionista.

As fast as J runs and the difficulty of getting clothes on him right now, I have been stocking up on these easy to pull on shorts. And he might need one more hat….

A has always loved the moon and there was quite a spectacular one last night that he declared a medium sized moon. He said that he wanted to see a really humungous moon and so I found these pictures of various moon images to hold him over until a really humungous moon appears.

Happy Friday!

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Friday Favorites


Happy Friday! We safely made it through our first storm of the season. A would want me to report that the grill cover almost blew away, and a few of our tulips lost their petals (he was quite distressed about the petals). I am very glad that I already planted our herbs and veggies so A will have something to look forward to once the tulips have past their prime.

Here are just a few of my favorite postings, musings, and things from the week:

As my husband was hanging out with his buddies in Oxford, Mississippi this past weekend I came across this article from none other than Bon Appetit. Between my husband’s description of their fabulous bookstore and the restaurants listed in the article I really want to visit. Road trip!

Do you buy “happys”? Ever since I was little I can remember the love of indulgence in a little “happy” item now and then (AKA gift outside of birthday/holiday). Two of my favorites that I have purchased for (and with) the boys are J’s Jellycat Bear from Anthropologie and A’s Thumper Bunny from Disney World. Coming up my sister and I are going out for spring lunch and shopping and I have been mulling over this Anthropologie spoon rest or this wrap watch as possibilities. A little happy!

I have talked a lot this week about my adventures outside with the boys. I have always been the one in our house that immediately pulls the blinds up in the morning to let the outside in. I read a really lovely article in The Atlantic this past weekend that echoes that sentiment.

I know that some of you have been reading/watching Game of Thrones as my husband and I have. I saw this great clip about the actors’ choice of who they would have “win” Game of Thrones. I’m rooting for Tyrion.

After seeing these fabulous prints in several different blog posts, I really want one for each of the boys’ rooms. The porcupine and the baby chick are seriously ridiculous.

I am marinating a flank steak tomorrow with one of my favorite marinades and making mashed potatoes. My husband and his work buddies debated about if there is any mashed potato recipe that bests the main course. I am now on a mission to make one. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites/ Tulips

Our lovely tulips are blooming! All of A and I’s hard work this past fall has come to fruition. A checks on them every day when he gets home from school and gives them careful pats.

I know I have talked before about how I really don’t care for lunch. I don’t really like sandwiches, and I can never think of things to make that don’t make a huge mess. These green chile enchiladas are currently one of my favorite go to lunches.

I have been working with J on learning to make animal sounds. The book MOO that he got from his Nana and Grandpa for Christmas has been a great help and he LOVES it.

Speaking of favorite books, some of A’s lately are books about a process. One of his very  favorites is this Eric Carle collection (Walter the Baker, The Tiny Seed, Pancakes, Pancakes!).

As spring is here in the south (although it hasn’t felt like it the last two days!), that means summer is quickly approaching. Summer in the south means two things: hot and bugs. I found this article on Apartment Therapy to be insightful in fighting pesky mosquitoes.

My husband and I have been doing an ab competition following a 15 minute ab tutorial (called Ab Burn by Kendra Kemerley…you can find it on demand if you have Comcast or Xfinity)…however, we would probably do a lot better if we didn’t start laughing during the video.

During one of our recent play dates H’s Mama and I were discussing figuring out baby food options. I started following this series on The Wednesday Chef and it has giving me some great ideas for J.

Happy Friday!

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Friday Favorites

Big hugs / Cupcakes and commentaryJ is loving giving A big hugs lately. A always exclaims “he loves me soo much!” And it’s true.

I have been watching the new season of The Rachel Zoe Project while grading speeches this week. While I wasn’t into past seasons of the show, I am really loving this season. Although it makes me want to shop.

Did you know that I love spumoni ice cream? I saw this spumoni mousse cake on Sprinkle Bakes blog and have been thinking about it ever since.

While reading my new Better Homes and Gardens magazine, one of the editors’ snippets convinced me to try Jon Frieda Luxurious Volume Fine to Full Blow Out Styling Spray (long name). I have tried it once and liked it, but I haven’t tried a full blow out with it…it is light scented, which I also like.

These sandals would be a hefty purchase, but they look really great for summer!

Remember how I said the boys were getting a bit wild this week? Here is a great post from the Happiest Mom on the Block for parents dealing with kiddos on Spring Break.

I always have a hard time picking items for the boys’ Easter baskets. Here are my somewhat unconventional purchases:

Friday Favorites3[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]

And don’t knock Shredder. My husband had to enlist the help of his friends to try to find that guy. I think he looks a bit like Goliath. If Goliath was a ninja. Happy Easter friends! May the Lord’s light shine upon you!

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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites / Cupcakes and CommentaryHere’s to building a train while wearing a train shirt. 🙂

It’s amazing how a bit of purging and living with less can be an incredible stress reducer.

The ultimate collection for my ninja turtle obsessed boy.

My husband is attending a bachelor party coming up and he said they were planning to get some dinner and then play a Mario Kart marathon…sounds like these guys had similar plans.

A terrific collection of basic essentials to update your wardrobe.

In keeping with my theme of travel essentials discussion, I found this list inspiring.

A terrific end of winter slow cooker sandwich.

1 and 1/2 cups of frozen mixed berries + 1 6 oz box of apple juice + scant 1/4 cup powdered sugar + 1/4 cups of water until it reaches the consistency you like = a great smoothie. Make it an adults only drink by adding a shot o’ tequila and triple sec.


I’m going to leave you with a history of rap for your weekend. I’m not going to say that I know all of the songs in the montage…but I just might. Happy Friday!


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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesHonestly this boy is starting to look more like his Daddy every day.

New York and fashion make me happy. I really wish I was headed to New York sometime soon to see this exhibit at the Met. However, since I am not at least some of the collection is up for viewing on-line.

Did you see Jennifer Lawrence’s backwards Chopard necklace from the Oscars? Gorgeous! I really want an excuse to wear a necklace like that. Plus the fact she is always hilarious. Check out this comment and interview she gave at the Oscars.

This NARS eye shadow palette is AHMAZING. It has all the colors I love and own and it has ones I have wanted to try. Something to save my money towards! HA!

This Elmo and this Elmo video with Sutton Foster have been a lifesaver this past weekend.

I am currently reading Luisa Weiss’ My Berlin Kitchen and I absolutely love it. I love books that provide a great description of place intertwined with food. This book excels at doing that and more.

Our sweet baby J is getting tubes in his ears today. Please pray for quick healing and that this will finally resolve the ear infection he has that isn’t responsive to antibiotics.

Happy Friday!

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