Friday Favorites

September 2014J, happiest when he gets to be outside exploring. A, happiest when he is drawing and coloring his next great adventure.

Giving a sweater dress a feminine + elegant touch.

I’m not in the market for a new diaper bag, but I sure wish I had this backpack about two years ago. It looks amazing.

Ten things NOT to do at Disney World.

A fall perfect textured gray throw.

And speaking of fall some fun (and free) Halloween printables.

The best way to study, I already translated this to speaking practice for my class. So smart!

Obviously I need to find some indoor plants because I keep looking up articles on them. Jade seems like a gorgeous option.

Great style options for fall that include my favorite fall color (or anytime color): gray.

Speaking to every parent that has ever had to potty train a child, or carry a child yelling “NO! MORE TRAIN NOW!” out of a Barnes & Noble while people stare at you like you are crazy. Why do they look at you like you are crazy? I’m not the one yelling, people. HA!

Great ideas to switch up your own lunch routine. The ciabatta sandwich looks amazing and simple. Trying it next week!

We had A’s first parent-teacher conference this week. His reading is progressing really well and I am now getting BOB books to help him along based on his teacher’s recommendation.

This tumblr of mom stock photos will make you laugh out loud. I promise. Go read it. Today.

Every year Santa brings the boys their presents in some sort of organizing container. I’m thinking “he” might get crafty this year and make “his” own. “He” better start working now!

And lastly, as we usher in fall this weekend marshmallow chocolate chip magic bars. You all know I can’t resist a good toasted marshmallow!

Have a great weekend!


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Friday Favorites

friday favoritesOur summer heat wave is about to take a turn towards fall, so the boys have been eager to expend their last bits of water-filled outdoor time. A has always been super particular about water, so this picture of him soaking himself is a true anomaly. I’ve always said both boys could go out to play in the sprinkler and J will come in soaked through and A will come in bone dry. Not this time.

And speaking of fall (we were talking about that, weren’t we?), one of my favorite things is new make-up trends. I already have this eye liner, and a satiny green nail polish on my list.

I’m trying to decided on floor cushions for our study, and this Chevron one is on my list.

I opened a new Agatha Christie book the other night and was telling B how much I appreciate the smell of a new book. Obviously, that makes my side of the physical book vs. digital book debate clear.

For A’s fall activities we decided to do non-committal tennis lessons and two four-week after school clubs. Our on-going discussion into choosing those activities really resonates with this article on the choices of after-school activities.

A party sign with maximum impact and minimal effort.

Adorable totem animals to introduce geometric shapes to little hands.

A vibrant and playful cherry tree print.

I’m not particularly stringent on rules of etiquette in hosting, but I find the ideas within it fascinating.

Go outside and play.

A little bunting craft, made for doing with your favorite five year old.

Simple lunchbox ideas that I could truly translate to the boys’ lunches.

A lovely living room update that could be done in a weekend and with a trip to Target.

And lastly, A’s birthday party theme, presents, and activities changes daily right now. One of his ideas was “camping where everybody camps. And such.” His words. That boy.

Have a great weekend!

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesOnly a two-year-old can see a laundry hamper as a tent/robot costume.

If Emma Stone’s make-up artist approves of these products, then just take me to Target!

On choosing optimism.

Castles in Ireland would make wonderful adventure spots for the boys.

I don’t think I would have married B if he didn’t wear Old Spice. Just kidding! Seriously, though it may have been a factor.

This beach canvas is AMAZING.

Gorgeous gold fleck + green teardrop earrings.

Dark chocolate peanut butter granola bites that would be a great addition to our granola routine.

The next style book I want to add to my nightstand.

Oh mashed potatoes, you are tasty any time of the day.

Super excited about the Wit & Delight Target launch…the geometric platter is on my list!

This focaccia is rising in my fridge right now.

Switching out resolutions from New Year’s to Autumn.

Just found out exactly what I need to do for re-painting our dining table and chairs. And yes, it involves Annie Sloan chalk paint.

I love instant inspiration through instagram…I’m adding several of these illustrators to my feed.

And lastly…who knew teenagers actually are wired to go to bed later? I’m pretty sure it’s why I listened to music on my walkman until 12:30 or later on school nights. That’s right. A WALKMAN. Seriously. Somebody help me find my New Kids on the Block tapes!

Have a great weekend!

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThirty-two with these two, is the best.

B has been on a gluten-free diet for the past few weeks (not because it is oh so trendy right now…I would not suggest it. It’s expensive!!), and this recipe was a hit.

Colorful kitchen items make me happy.

Spoiler Alert…Hello Kitty is not a cat. She’s just a Britain school girl who likes apple pie. No, seriously. So…what does that make Keroppi Frog?

Lace + Screen Print Shirt + Pink = End of Summer Perfection.

If we step up our hiking and go camping, we’ll need some essentials.

The must have printable for solving boredom.

A playful set of jacks book ends.

I adore this wooden taxi….I kind of want it for our shelves.

A tunic that could take you from yoga class to errand running to date night depending on how you style it.

A puppy dog I’m sure both boys will instantly love.

When I was picking up my Sephora birthday freebie I had a few minutes to browse and couldn’t resist grabbing the See by Chloe rollerball perfume. It’s apple + vanilla scent is a perfect transition into fall.

You all know I can’t resist a good (and inexpensive) DIY project.

And that’s it! Have a great weekend!

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesOur week of extracurricular activities, including: J practicing his Hollywood square hand print, the return of story time at the library, and A working to perfect his forehand and backhand swing at tennis.

A gorgeous guest room and I already have plans for doing the magazine hanger DIY.

This detailed double hook for our foyer is a steal!

Innovative uses of color and tapestry.

Clothes perfect for both a trip to Africa and fall in the south.

Buttery, smokey perfect shrimp and gouda grits.

Peach ginger muffins for breakfast or the boys’ lunchboxes.

Addressing the awkwardness that is leaving a party.

Proof that no good can come from liking everything on facebook.

A baseball sweater perfect for fall errand running.

Would love to create this hanging garden on our back porch.

A great read for the boys plus a sweet bedtime project.

Two guys from California try to find the “insanity” of tailgating at Auburn and are met with….politeness. Ya’ll, this is hilarious!

And finally…the boys’ cookie of the week.

Have a great weekend!

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesI had to save this little gem of a picture for today. Real life, people. Real life.

All of these basics are what I have found in starting a boot camp program with my sister. It’s the best!

B asked me for a birthday gift list this week…I am putting this tassel necklace at the top.

After some serious searching I managed to track down a pull top Mario themed sports bottle (with lid) for A for school. I had to share because I know there may be some Mom’s looking for the same thing!

I’m going to have to borrow a few tools from my Dad, but I’m planning on putting together this giant DIY frame for our paper wall map.

Downloaded this great review anthology of children’s books.

These adorable back to school printables accompanied A’s cookies for his teacher on the first day.

The inspiration for the blank wall in our study.

Helping me on my quest to switch up A’s lunch routine this year.

A theory to, um, scope out in my classes this year.

Pattern mixing at its best.

And finally, a fossil treasure hunt adventure the boys would love.

Have a great weekend!

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesWhen you’re two there’s nothing better than fresh ice cream and a big spoon to eat it with.

I have found the outdoor space to create in our backyard. Now all I need is an extra 3-4 thousand dollars to make it happen. HA!

Be yourself.

The awesome travels of Lego people.

The revival of the postmodern movement.

Cowboy bark brownies that will make you happy even if you don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby.

How to freshen up your fridge in a few easy steps.

As today was the boys’ last Friday before school starts, we have been following this choose your own adventure plan. So far A has eaten all his favorite breakfast items at once, tried an orange bell pepper, coached us in basketball, played chalk, play-doh, had pizza for lunch, played Lego’s with B, and ate popsicles outside. A pretty terrific day if you are 2 and 5.

Some great tips for kids that are uneasy about trying fish (like mine).

Considering my favorite nude lipstick is none, any of these would be an update.

Great ideas for indoor plants and containers…I write this as I am looking at an empty plant container on our fireplace mantel. So….I should take some notes.

We love mint ice cream around here. Especially with J approved “CHOCOLATE CHIP!”

I’m thinking about trying breakfast “cookies” for my little pop tart eater next week.

And finally…art makes you smart. You’re welcome.

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Friday Favorites


SwimFeels like summer.

Southwest BLT salad sounds like the perfect lunch.

On the hunt for a look for less of this gold and geometric side table.

Breakfast bagel bar party that you could put together for any occasion.

Simple, yet insightful tips for hiking with kids.

So when the ends of my hair got super dry my hairstylist recommended coconut oil. When J had terrible tangles in his hair my hairstylist recommended coconut oil. I also use coconut oil in my granola bars. So…there’s that.

My love for wisteria is right up there with cherry blossoms.

A DIY to give you a reason to pick up a few extra coasters at IKEA.

Nine reasons I’m like Danny Tanner. HA!

A graphic, patterned, and bright bedroom that uses all of my favorite colors!

I had terrific protein squares with chia seed this week, and if I get the recipe I’ll share it! Until then, try these strawberry chia jam snack squares.

An insightful article about how to get past procrastination….if I ever getting around to reading it. Just kidding…I read it, you should too!

Reminding my kiddos to be awesome on their way out the door to school with some free printables.

On parenting in Germany…by one of my favorite food authors.

Biker, Military, or Tailored? The only question….is buying three jackets at once too much?

And lastly…If you’re a Star Wars fan this is the best photo bomb, ever.

Have a great weekend!

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Friday Favorites

July 20141. Our produce pick up from this past week was overwhelming! It was really tasty, but I was glad that I decided split it with my sister. We are still making our way through all of the cherries, plums, and tomatoes.

2. The snap cubes have been a big hit with the boys, especially because you can make shapes out of them, which has basically developed them into Lego tower territory.

3. The boys decided to be my mini-stylists for a day and picked out ALL of my jewelry for me to wear. So…apparently more is more.

4 & 5. Oh, J. I do wish that boy had more personality. 😉

A gorgeous flower shop worth the many sneezes I would undoubtedly endure upon entering.

So that’s how you make iPhone photos look gorgeous.

We have a whole host of tomatoes and more on the way, so I was happy to find a bunch of ideas for prepping and cooking them.

Making all those readings of “Polar Bear, Polar Bear” a little sweeter.

Great travel books, whether or not you are traveling this summer.

Have you read the Elephant and Piggie books with your kids? They are A’s new favorite read aloud books. We are looking forward to sharing (and making) some ice cream, but until that book comes in at our library the boys have been reading “I will Surprise my Friend” and then trying to hide behind things and scare each other. An impromptu activity if you will.

Loving the trendsetting style of Diane Kruger.

One day B and I will have nightstands that are twins. Until then we are settling with our first cousins twice removed nightstands. HA!

And speaking of ice cream (we were talking about that, yes?), I found a great way to count down our last days before school starts again.

B and I used to make this tomato-tuna-pasta dish when we were dating. I just found it’s more elegant older sister. When we met she sounded something like Ina Garten.


Such a cute and a classy way of taking on the cropped top trend.

I feel like this post is mainly about reading and ice cream. So…a book about ice cream seems fitting.

And that’s it! Have a great weekend!

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesSmiles all around! A completed a week of Little Gym camp with cousin J, and to say they had the best time would probably be an understatement. We are at the point in the summer where A really needs some outside things to do (outside of the house), and the camp couldn’t have come at a better time. This weekend we are looking forward to dinner with friends, letting A ride his bike on one of the trails, checking on the garden at my parents’ house, and getting our first basket of produce from here. My sister and I are going in together on a basket and I am excited about what we will be splitting. I’ll share next week! Have a great weekend!

How to create a great summer-proof smoky eye.

Ten things you should not buy at the grocery store. A would totally disagree with the lunchables one.

Ah, there really is nothing like an organized pantry.

Keeping this in mind in case we ever get REALLY serious about hiking.

If you aren’t interested in creating a smoky eye, how about a bronzed peach make-up look?

A terrific travel log of Charleston. Makes me think it would be a great fall break trip for the boys and us!

A sweet little car print that would be great in either of the boys’ rooms….or in your hall bath, K! Check it out!

I have a collection of mirrors throughout or house from exotic places like Wal-Mart and Lowe’s. Grouping them all together one day would be a cool idea.

So, I tried the pretzel bun sandwich at Wendy’s on Thursday…and I’m telling you right now it’s not this good. No matter what Boyz II Men says.

Hey, you know what people are doing at IKEA in China? Sleeping. No, seriously.

And speaking of IKEA, I’m adding the cart featured in this article to my list.

Sweat-proof summer make-up. I’d love to try these products and see how they hold up in our humidity!

A plan idea for next year’s garden at my parents.

Another great summer read….I don’t think I’m going to finish my list if I keep picking up side books!

And lastly, a frozen coconut limeade sounds like the perfect weekend drink for the summer!


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