Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites“We’re BOOOORRREED!” A said. “Go inside!!” J said. I turned off the sprinkler and headed in to get towels. When I returned I found this. “We don’t want to come inside, yet!” A said. “We playing!!” J declared. Sometimes I think all those boys need is a hose, cardboard boxes, and outdoor air to be happy.

And now on to some of my favorites from the week!

A perfect work outfit.

Cobalt pieces to match the cobalt nail polish I received for Mother’s Day.

You may not know this but I was Posh Spice for Halloween one year (okay maybe it was two years in a row). So obviously my love for Victoria Beckham’s style goes way back.

A home that has lots of light and brings the outdoors in is a dream of mine. Without actually bringing the outdoors in…we’re allergic to that. HA!

A dinosaur party that J would love. I hear, “STOMP, STOMP, ROAR!” daily.

This Father’s Day card could not be more perfect for my Dad.

I love being able to teach A not only about past artists, but also current ones. Yangyang Pang is an excellent choice.

J has tangles in his hair that will not quit. I purchased this detangler brush after reading about it in my Instyle magazine. I don’t know how or why it works, but it does and it is AMAZING.

The other night I had to make dinner on the fly, and I had chicken, bacon and cheese. So, I made this. They were great…even if I didn’t realize to the last minute that I had no buns for them. Lettuce wrapped!

A great interview about Molly Wizenberg’s new book and a tasty rice noodle salad.

This apartment is the same size as B and I’s first apartment. We could have been so much fancier with our decor!

And lastly, tasty picnic ideas for our many trail outings this summer.

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThis is a typical view of one of the valleys on the trail we hike. It brings two thoughts to my mind: One, how have we survived walking amongst all these allergens &  Two, who is mowing the fields on The Walking Dead? Think about it!

Being Maleficent and the standard of good vs. evil. Wait Maleficent is mean? I was too busy thinking about her awesome purple eyeshadow and sculpted brows during that movie. And then the Prince comes along is like “Boo, you’re a dragon I’m going to take you out…because you’re a dragon”…and then he marries some girl who has been asleep for all of their relationship. I’m going to hashtag that “bad choice…not okay”.

And speaking of eye make-up let’s talk about the best eyeliners. Mine is on there!

It’s as if IKEA knew I was coming and hence was the subject of this article.

How to “for real” budget…not just the pretend kind where you say you have a budget and then never use it…not that I do that.

Customized chore charts are a bit old for J, but A would get a kick out of them.

Almond torte mascarpone ice cream with a brown butter almond crunch. Yes, please.

A cute DIY for a stamped scarf. Sounds simple once you get the stamp put together. But that stamp putting together part…makes me wonder if I could just use the golden retriever stamp I have sitting in my craft drawer. Yes, I have a golden retriever stamp. And a staple gun. I have many items.

A list of 100 pieces of fantastic journalism.

How to clean out your car, quick!

I am currently reading Molly Wizenberg’s A Homemade Life, and just found out she is publishing another book. Book ten of my summer reading list!

My sister and I are continuing in our collection of matchy-matchy shoes with these super cute sneakers. She got the light gray and I got the dark gray. Both great!

I am going to let A use my old camera to take some pictures during our trip. This guide was my inspiration to help him get started.

And finally, if you are okay with a bit of foul language….these terrible tweets made me laugh until I cried. Seriously….just, why?

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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites“Sit, Sparky!”

J LOVES Sheriff Callie (It’s a show on Disney Channel). B is endless worried that J is going to develop a horrible southern accent because of it, however, A doesn’t sound like Yoda or an Octonaut, so…ANYWAY. J named his horse that he got for Easter “Sparky” after Sheriff Callie’s horse. He bosses it around, which is hilarious. He says “Sit, Sparky” and plops it down next to him when he flips through books, puts together puzzles, or watches a show. I suppose it’s nice to have something to boss around when you are constantly being bossed by your older brother.

And while J is bossing Sparky around…I’m going to tell B that clothes are waaay cheaper than they used to be, which is reason to buy more. HA!

Outdoor living is pretty much our theme for all summer, so it would be nice to dress it up.

A balance bench…that I can’t figure out if they would use or ride like a horse. Which is why we will test it out when we head to IKEA this summer. 😉

A dinosaur worksheet for A this weekend.

Sweet honeycomb sugar cookies.

I’m thinking this dress for summer + coat when it gets to fall.

I can never pass up a good caramel roll.

Barcelona has been on my list to visit since I took Spanish in high school and learned they take siestas. Yes, please!

A DIY entryway table that I think would look great in our living room.

The mini cube of Essie polishes the boys gifted me with for Mother’s Day.

A host of different ways to wear braids this summer.

Love the bright colors of this boys’ room.

Who knew a request for fruit could launch a thousand memes?

A go to outfit for rainy weather.

A seafood party sounds like a great plan for summer!

And finally to go with the seafood party….white chocolate lemon pudding cookies. Yum!

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesI present you with J pretending to snore in our bed. It’s a spot on impression of B. Hahahaha!

So now a few of my favorites from the week:

Some ideas for when we start building a garden again next year.

Ms. Piggle Wiggle’s house come to life!

Ruth Reichl is diving into the world of fiction and I’m game!

The best places for night sky viewing.

Best advice ever: start where you are, use what have, do what you can.

The best apps for Mom’s on the go. Or Mom’s sitting on the couch watching Law & Order re-runs while updating their blog. HA!

Love this great print for the kitchen.

This may be a bridal shower, but I want it as the theme for my next birthday.

I’m incorporating these feedback tips into my business class.

This strawberry lemonade frozen yogurt is on my list to make over the summer.

And lastly nine ways to hack your morning routine.

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesTwo years ago after A’s very first year of preschool he told me before his Music & Art Show, “Mommy, I am NOT going to sing.” And by golly he did not. Two years later at his last preschool Music & Art Show, A was one of the loudest singers on stage. We could not be more proud of this sweet boy! Although I have felt a little sad about him leaving his preschool years behind (in part because of how wonderful his preschool is), I know that this confident, happy go lucky, earnest child is ready to head off to kindergarten in the fall.

So after a bit of reminiscing, here are some of my favorite items, thoughts, and ideas from my web reading this week!

A stack of fashion reading approved by none other than Anna Sui.

Paint color mistakes to avoid. Good to know as I am researching hall colors for our house.

A farmer’s market birthday party, such a cute idea for a 1-3 year old! Or any kid that likes farmer’s markets…maybe I should do it for my birthday. HA!

Delicate stripe earrings. Lovely!

A pastel make-up tutorial that will send you on a trip to Sephora and the MAC counter to pick up the essentials.

It is possible to baby proof and be stylish (I’m still skeptical).

I’m picking up the ingredients today to make this Vietnamese caramel pork stir fry.

Handwriting notes > Typed notes. However, anything is better than no notes, I’ll surely remember it….Not.

Did you know you are worth $1.40 more to marketers when you are pregnant? Here’s how one woman attempted to completely hide her pregnancy from big data.

I’m thinking about this for a great Mother’s Day idea….no peeking Mom!

Some serious hats….I’m wondering if I can wear any of these to garden this summer.

And lastly four ways to wear boyfriend jeans, and take them into the summer.

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesWhen little boys have to wait in line for an Easter Egg hunt, they wear their baskets on their heads.

As someone who gets up and gets showered, hair done, and make-up on at 6:30 a.m. on work days, and then goes to work at 4 in the afternoon, I am always seeking out tips on how to make my make-up and hair last all day.

And on that same note, a long wear lip color that is on my list.

I’ll make you banana pancakes….and you can eat them all because I don’t like banana pancakes. However, I’m sure my boys will love them!

A little known fact about me…I did NOT want to wear a wedding veil when B and I got married (I ended up relenting to one with a super sparkly clip). However, these dramatic veils and dresses may have helped me change my mind.

An apricot mousse approved by Christian Dior. Seriously. This reminds me of a dessert we used to have when I was little, but I cannot place it. I am now on the hunt to find it!

An IKEA system to hold the boys’ art supplies.

Caramel sauce…put it on ice cream, cinnamon rolls, a spoon.

Would you like some of our fancy Brita water? It’s filtered. HA!

This knob, this trivet, and this lacquered tray would all be great pops of color to add around our house.

Great kid-friendly spring crafts. And if you save up Starbuck’s frappuccino bottles like I do, craft one should be a cinch!

A book about creativity to add to my stack on my nightstand.

And lastly, one of my students final speeches was teaching the class how to tease hair and create a look just like this one. Super cute!





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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesJ likes to help me unload the dishwasher. So, if you are ever at our house for dinner, yes J’s face has been in the measuring cup. And yes, he sang “Darth Vader’s Anthem” while carrying it about.

I have been saying I need a way to take off toe nail polish without ruining my nails for like…ever. Genius.

When in doubt, bake cookies is a slogan I can get behind.

Highly creative people take naps (amongst other things). Definitely my mantra in graduate school.

Lemon almond bread sounds like a great switch-up from our usual weekend blueberry muffins.

This is where Walter White should have escaped to, instead of that snowy shack.

A craft book that combines kids crafts and decor projects. I love it!

Combining baseball and handwriting in one great weekend worksheet.

One of A’s favorite things to do during the summer is picnics. I am planning a moon watching picnic for him in June, since after five years the first thing he asks me when I come home from work is still, “Did you see the moon tonight, Mommy?”

B has been having a great time learning to cook Chinese food, so I’m thinking of adding this cookbook to his Father’s Day surprises.

The jelly bean has had a long and complex history…..of deliciousness.

I made pork chops with raspberry sauce this week after getting the recipe from a great friend. They were excellent! I’ll be making them again soon.

Travel to the moon, sir?

And just in case you need a few more last minute Easter craft and decoration ideas.

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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites“Saw cheesey, MaMa!” He said.

I tried drinking coconut water this week. It was gross. And I’ve had coconut water from a coconut before….but this. I don’t know. However, this article is about the benefits of coconut oil. Which you don’t drink. So I really am making no suitable connection with this discussion. Carrying on….

I really am drawing to houses that are bright and colorful. I need to start actually incorporating it in my own house!

A bunny birthday party. We love bunnies around here.

Some good to note tips on styling your home.

A beauty uniform discussion that is absolutely lovely.

Rose gold make-up + NARS = LOVE.

You know what else doesn’t mean what you think it means? Irregardless.

Once again, science proves what Moms already know. Thanks science :). HA!

COLOR! Pink, red, orange, yellow. This is what I need to incorporate into my all navy wardrobe.

I’m Reading: Agatha Christie’s “They Came to Baghdad”

B’s Reading: George R.R. Martin’s “A Dance with Dragons”

A’s Current Favorite Story: Jane Yolen’s “Waking Dragons”

And lastly, the book J insisted on checking out from the library and pretended to read the whole way home: Stephanie Calmenson’s “Dinner at the Panda Palace”

And that’s it! Have a great weekend!

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThe current favorite activity at our house: Fix the truck and the fireplace. Tools required: Safety goggles, a play blowtorch (yes they make those), a play screwdriver, a lightsaber, and a batmobile scooter.

So here are some of my favorites from this week!

I am going out to buy marbles and rocks, after I read this genius idea. So smart!

Making B’s favorite kid’s cereal into a cookie? Yup, there’s a recipe for that.

I think J would love this little cargo plane balancer. And I’m betting a certain aviator cap wearing buddy of his would love it too!

An eye shadow in the radiant orchid spectrum. I think I’ll add this to my Mother’s Day request list.

Tips for looking great in your thirties. My favorite suggestion is the Butter London lip color.

I love the rich chocolate color of this crossbody bag and these sandals.

Now I need to go back and get the brioche I saw at Publix to make these french toast sticks for breakfast.

I love the clever storage ideas featured in this article, but my favorite is the bunk beds. Adorable and organized!

Because you can always learn more about Disney World.

A list of spring essentials that inspired some of my update purchases for my own wardrobe that I’ll share next week!

Two soups for stormy April weather.

One of my favorites: Emma Watson.

Lego’s in the kitchen? At least I wouldn’t be stepping on them.

One of B and I’s favorite catchphrases: I’m going to write them a sternly worded letter. Apparently no one else actually writes them either.

And lastly, I’m on the search for this little Zebra cloth napkin. Hoping it will show up at our Anthropologie soon!

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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites“May I help you?”

If there is one thing J eats well, it’s yogurt. He’ll eat any kind in any form. Any time. I buy enough for him to have two a day (and one for A…he likes it too!) a week and I get a variety from plain vanilla to strawberry-spinach-pear (yup they make that). ANYWAY. On to a few of my favorites from the week!

Spoiler Alert! An extreme form of media detention. I’m going to leave you to ponder why high school kids (I think that’s the age they reference) are watching Game of Thrones. Um, no.

For your inner science geek: seriously cool pictures of lightning as viewed from the international space station.

An adorable DIY felt garden box…J would LOVE this.

Although I tend to play close to neutrals, I love a bright color palette.

Okay, I was wearing this ponytail when I was in fourth grade. Seriously, I’m pretty sure I invented it. Apparently, I need to bring it back.

Plaid shirt on my list for Madewell in D.C., check, check! And here is the outfit that I first saw it styled with. All of which I love.

Pretty much what I love about this flour tortilla tutorial is the video at the end of the grilling process.

A beautiful and well styled apartment. It has SO many good ideas! My two favorites were this book to help with picky eaters, and this felt wall map.

Oh sure, blame your bad jokes on your kids. That’s the ticket.

A camera style tape dispenser for washi tape. Love!

An amazing wall art panel filled with different objects.

Silly pets.

My Mom made a shell mirror like this about 22 years ago. Again, we are ahead of the trend! HA!

Spring worksheets for your spring breakers who may be beginning to spin their wheels.

And lastly, more amazing cherry blossoms. I can’t get enough!

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