Friday Favorites

IMG_4870Happy Valentine’s Day afternoon! The boys are going to enjoy chicken nuggets, fruit, and a movie tonight. Our dinner is being prepped by a local caterer, who is doing a Valentine’s special. My parents offered to treat us to the dinner, and we are pretty pumped about it! All we have to do is pick it up, and put the finishing touches together at home.

And yes, I have a few of my favorites to share from the week! Happy day of love!

I got the idea for the boys photo above from here.

Love never ends. Beautiful print.

Red hots crinkle cookies…I am looking forward to making these with the boys this weekend!

I love this Valentine’s themed color palette…it could be incorporated anytime!

I’m trying to decide if these tile coasters would work as wall decor with my current wall gallery in our room.

J loves blankets, stuffed animals, and little rugs. This starry rug would be a great addition to his room.

This tutorial on how to apply blush is really smart!

For boys who love Legos nothing really is better than a movie about Legos. Since they saw it last weekend for my nephews birthday, A has been discussing it non-stop. If you haven’t seen it, here is a great review of the film.

A humorous, but also really insightful, discussion of well balanced blogging. With charts!

This hat has J’s name written all over it.

In case you are making Valentine’s dinner…this chili rubbed steak looks delicious!

A great DIY for a fabric mirror. Yet another idea for our bedroom gallery wall? I keep telling B one day he is going to come home and the whole wall will be covered. HA!

I am putting this secret agent spy kit on my list for the boys to complete this summer.

Not only a great list of crafting basics, but also a terrific set-up of the crafting supplies. Is it weird I like to organize crafts as much as I like to do crafts?

I bought all the food to make these crunch wrap supremes for dinner tomorrow night.

Five things I can check off my list of not to worry about.

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThe anxiety of watching ice skating is not lost on the young.

How are you celebrating the opening ceremonies? We are having friends over and making hamburgers, french fries, mac n’ cheese, and coke or root beer floats. I also found this great site that has a Lego activity of creating the symbols of each sport! I think A will have a fun time putting them together this afternoon.

So on to a few more of my favorites from the week!

With the cold weather we have been having I have been searching for indoor activities for the boys. I saw this great idea for freezing toys for J, and I’m planning to try it out this weekend.

On that same note, I found a terrific site called Paging Super Mom that has lots of different worksheets for pre-school and up. I printed off these Valentine worksheets for A to do at home when he is spinning his wheels.

And lastly, on the learning activity front, I also am going to do this Monet study and activity with the boys. I think A will get more of the purpose, while J will love painting with q-tips!

I love chicken enchiladas, so turning it into a dip sounds like a good idea to me!

I am slowly implementing some of my own creativity and items into a little slice of office space for me in our house. Any of these fun desk accessories would be a great addition.

I saw this list of thirty things to own before turning 30 and realized I need to go out and buy a pair of classic Manolo pumps stat! I’m sure B won’t mind…..

The sun finally came out for the first time in several days here and I opened every curtain and blind in the house to soak up as much of it as possible! Here are a few other ways to beat that winter slump.

Speaking of the winter slump, one of the things I do is bake, bake, bake. It makes me happy and the oven warms the house. It also makes B say things like “I really need to start exercising again”. HA! These heart doughnuts are on my list.

Cam Newton’s come a long way from Auburn! Check out his thoughts on date night clothes. Seriously. It’s kind of awesome.

If you skip past all the classy writing, these are really just those stuffies pillows for grown-ups.

Splish, splash Splat! was J’s library book choice of the week. We have read it to him and he has “read” it to himself several times. He yells “Kitty, NO!” and then laughs hysterically when he reads it. Obviously, it’s captivating.

The most amazing puffer jacket I have ever seen.

And lastly, I’m making this party popcorn for our opening ceremonies watching as well. I found great red, white, and blue sprinkles in the dollar section of Target today. Sweet!

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesHappy last day before February! I am working overtime getting the rest of J’s party stuff prepped and ready to go for tomorrow. I snapped this sweet picture of the boys walking down the hall together. Simple moments.

So, I’m going to get back to party planning and you enjoy a few of my favorites from the week!

This is how to wear pink.

My sister and her family already tried these baked chicken parmesan meatballs and said they were amazing. They are definitely on our list for next week’s dinner!

I said to B the other day, now that I’ve mastered bagels I wonder if I could make my own english muffins. It was as if they heard me!

Best Valentine day card ever.

I believe this fox is saying “back it up.”

This ordinary man documented his journey to the end of the world…of minecraft. I hear it’s all pixelated. HA!

Perhaps the greatest quote about two-year-olds. And very accurate.

Love this pendant necklace. I’m sure J would like to test it out as well.

A loves this beginning reading app.

And I love the lighting in this bedroom. Very sweet!

Have a great weekend!

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThis Friday is A’s 100th day of school. Did you know that A can count to 100? He will be more than happy to share with you that he can do so, and then count to 100 for you. He is now ready to move on to 200 and then 1 billion he told me. He is a high goal setter, that one.  He counted out 100 elbow macaroni to bring to school today. He is proudly displaying it here, with a photo bomb from J in his diaper no less. We keep it classy around here. 🙂

So a few of my favorites from the week:

This quirky mirror would be a great addition to over or mantel. I am adding it to my IKEA wish list.

I love this high bun style (if it doesn’t link up right, look for the January 21 slide).

These DIY heart stamp cups are really cute. Although, in my lazy crafting style, I might just buy the stamp.

B doesn’t like coconut fudge, so I guess I’ll have to make this recipe and keep it all to myself. I don’t mind.

How to create a library wall….another list of items to add to my IKEA list.

And speaking of libraries, this Target library style storage unit is awesome.

I am really loving trench coats this season and the trench plus the rest of this whole outfit is great.

J’s favorite library books right now are the Pigeon Series by Mo Willems. His favorite? The Duckling Gets a Cookie. Mainly because it features cookies. My favorite thing? Listening to him “read” the books. It may be funnier than the actual story!

My sister introduced me to this Pacific brand tomato and roasted red pepper soup two weeks ago. It’s my new favorite lunch.

And lastly, it is SO cold here right now, I am looking forward to this corn and cheese chowder for dinner tonight! Soup’s on!

Have a great weekend!

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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites“Wha, me, me!” Which is J’s way of saying “wait for me!” I figured out his new saying this week whenever we were about to take A to school. I would tell A to go get on his shoes and J would say “wha, me, me!” and then say “shoe! sock-y!” while running after A. He definitely works hard to keep up with A.

I love how in the south they predict “flurries” and we see nothing. Half the time I think they do that to make people happy. “Oooh snow!” Everyone in the south exclaims. Rarely in the south is snow “an event”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s happened, but not that often. I just jinxed everyone, so you better get these snow boots. Cause they are adorable. HA! Moving on….

I love Shakespeare. And the idea of teaching it to your kids. It’ll put them a step ahead for when they get into that high school English class!

#myweirdwaiter. Hilarious!

Ideas on how to style your coffee table…for when I can actually do that. I’m thinking I may need my own room to be able to do that, or a really high, non-reachable coffee table.

A New York loft that is amazing, bright, and airy. Love all of it.

So if you didn’t get enough of the Golden Globe run down from my post earlier this week, here are more ideas on the styles and trends from the night.

A DIY no-sew scarf. Perfect weekend craft!

The definitive ranking of chips. My favorite is “baked potato chips, like a Pringle without any friends.”

Super cute Valentine’s day party supplies.

I am really intrigued by these whole wheat chocolate chip cookies. I haven’t tried them yet, but they sound pretty great.

Top ten tips from professional organizers….hold on. Did you know you could be a professional organizer? Why am I not doing this?

An article about turning the movie Frozen into a teachable moment. Point 1: Don’t marry someone you just met. Point 2: If taking children to a movie of this nature, assure them beforehand that nobody is going to die (because they may get concerned and ask like my nephew did)….except if you are taking them to see Bambi. In that case wait to take them until they are 50. Seriously. I’m still not over it. Oh and point 2 is nowhere in the article. Just like the clip from the movie they showed in the TV previews. BOOM! My sister is laughing right now.

Love this DIY painting idea that is an homage to Mark Rothko’s art.

And finally…my super awesome hairdresser and I were having a discussion about loving the trend of leather details on pants and cardigans the other day. Then I found this H&M trench coat with leather details…ah! I really think it would go great with those snow boots too, yes?

Have a great weekend!

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Friday Favorites

J's car Since J got his truck for Christmas he has created a collection of items that he keeps in his truck. He started with Curious George and his cat. Then he added his keys, a lanyard, an old cellphone, and most recently sunglasses. All essentials when driving around the house.

Now on to a few of my favorites from the week!

Right now I’m loving dressed up sweatshirts. This Madewell one and this Shopbop one are two of my favorites.

I love this little DIY muslin bag for Valentine’s Day.

Ten hot chocolate recipes for me to pick from for J’s birthday.

Love this little table and chairs set, and it is a great price for all the pieces it comes with.

True thoughts about daycare.

This gingerbread snacking cake reminds me of the one my Mom makes for my Dad (it’s one of his favorite desserts!).

The three days it was ultra cold here, I couldn’t even do my hair it was so dry. These tips on how to winterproof your skin and hair were super helpful!

A delicious looking peanut butter honey yogurt dip.

An amazing and informative photo tour of Tuscany. Definitely on my list of places to go!


Friday FavoritesWhether you are traveling out, or just traveling around the house, have a great weekend!

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesDouble fisted crafting. One of the many things I love about this boy. J is LOUD, energetic, dramatic, and could play outside all day. However, you give this boy a set of crayons and paper, or a bottle of glue and glitter and he is just as committed to crafting as he is when he is kicking and chasing a ball in the backyard. He and A worked for a long time on the glitter confetti circles you saw behind them for the New Year’s Day picture. It was a HUGE mess, but it was a lot of fun, and nothing a good vacuuming couldn’t handle!

I think everyone could use a set of retro Pac-Man salt and pepper shakers.

It is about to get record setting cold here. This outfit would be a great go to, and probably has pieces you already own in it!

And in case you are traveling out of the cold weather, here is a great travel outfit.

Bring on the Sesame Street! And Sofia the First! And Lego: Star Wars! And Curious George!

Simple stir fried brussels sprouts. In 2014 I invite you to give brussels sprouts a chance. HA!

I absolutely love this shared kid’s room. It’s sweet and simple.

I probably don’t need to add any books to my list, but I love a good travel book.

A really simple, yet tasty looking ginger pear cocktail. I am betting you could make it without the vodka and it would also be delicious.

This circulation chest is going on my long term wish list (the very long term).

Mexican chocolate pudding…yes, please.

Re-creating classic art with Lego’s. Awesome!

I am mainly bookmarking this for myself, but this Atlanta Home uses two amazing paint colors that I don’t want to forget!

Oh and Obi-Wan is a total punk. Let the debate begin, young Jedi.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend.

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Friday Favorites

We have had a lovely Christmas week, and I hope your family has as well! We are spending our after holiday days playing outside in the sunny (slightly chilly) weather, assembling Lego sets, and enjoying the chance to chill out! Instead of my usual links around the web, I have some of my favorite pics from the last few days to share! Enjoy!

Nana and Grandpa came to bring presents and I managed to get this picture…

IMG_4204The fact that we matched all the boys on Christmas Eve by chance:

IMG_4250J playing Christmas music with Granna:

IMG_4242A met his very epic (and solid as a rock) Dojo Michaelangelo from Santa:

IMG_4274I tried to convince J to open his stocking by enticing him with Ninja Turtle socks:

IMG_4281B opening up his big gift from me (and the only item I have ever “ran” for on Black Friday):

IMG_4338The excitement of A’s face in discovering we got him “the truly present, I was so hoping for!! (his words):

IMG_4343J’s cheese grin over his new “tractor!”:

IMG_4346Lunch with Granna and Papa on Christmas (and a whole lot of pretend food throwing!):

IMG_4353J continues to prove that he truly has his Papa wrapped around his finger as he was pushed up and down the hall on demand:

IMG_4356This captured moment of “the calm before the…”

IMG_4363…kids started going crazy and J re-created Auburn’s Iron Bowl win by doing snow angels in the paper…

IMG_4378…and we started taking pictures like these:

IMG_4389And that’s the end!

IMG_4209Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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Friday Favorites

IMG_4170-001This is what four days of no napping looks like.

In other news, apparently I’m allergic to pomegranates. So please don’t offer me any. Thanks. I know what you are thinking, how is this possible that one can be allergic to pomegranates? Well apparently it is, and I had the lovely idea of making it my new snack this past week, only to find out the hard way that I should have gone with my typical hummus choice. My Dad suggested that I should try “normal food” from now on. HA! Thanks Dad. Anyway, now I am on a nice steroid pack and armed with an epi-pen in case some unsuspecting pomegranates slip into my food.

Anyway, on to some of my favorites from the week!

There is a picture of me playing this vintage mac at my Papa’s house when I was two. I was such a hipster back then.

If you are looking for a quick and wonderful little DIY for stockings I highly suggest this best of my days calendar. I made one for A.

I like this sugar cookie recipe because it cuts the sugar in half and adds honey instead.

I pretty much love everything about this home, especially the bench in the kitchen.

Snow boots not just for snow days.

This bookweight is an awesome idea. A why did I never think of getting that before, type idea.

Four ingredient fudge. How can you go wrong?

A and I searched Target vigilantly trying to find the mustache glasses in this picture to give B for Christmas (because A denoted them “HILARIOUS”), but couldn’t find them. So we settled for Star Wars socks.

So I read Gone Girl. And I am going to say I don’t get it. Here’s my synopsis “Hey awful person, you treated me awful, so I am going to treat you awful, and oh by the way I’m crazy, so watch your back, oh whoops I treated you awful some more, and by the way we are stuck together being awful forever. The end”.

On that note…I am reading this Agatha Christie mini novel (you can download it to your iPad, Kindle, or Nook for free from Amazon), and then The Orchardist is on my list to read next.

If you are looking for a new app for your 4+ child I highly recommend Clumsy Ninja. It is a fun, interactive game that helps you guide a new Ninja to ultimate Ninja status by doing little games (like jumping on a trampoline, or holding balloons).

A has told me many times that he wants to take a trip to a big city. I foresee a trip to New York in our future, and this list of kid-friendly restaurants is a great insight.

I love this casual with a pop of a bright blue coat outfit. It also would look lovely with this sweater.

I have got this awesome hat and costume wall on my to-do list for J.

And just in case you are looking for a well price house in Pennsylvania, may I suggest this “slightly haunted” one?  HA!

Have a great weekend before Christmas!

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Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesQuite a charming boy, isn’t he?

For your hair, how to get tousled everyday waves.

A gorgeous view of a cherry blossom, from the vantage point of how my boys view the Christmas tree.

One of my weekend plans is to take A shopping for B, and this post really inspired me on how to help him look for gifts.

Dreaming of a bit of summer during this cold snap we are having.

But since it’s not summer I’ll settle for wearing this outfit.

Sparkly white chocolate lemon truffles. The dessert I’m making the next game night.

A fancy yet simple up-do for the holidays.

DIY fancy headbands…for the next craft night….

or this golden nutcracker.

A terrific review of the new children’s book Dusk by Uri Shulevitz. If you haven’t read any of his stories, the book Snow is one of our favorites.

Why you should avoid the snooze button. I found this particularly interesting because I haven’t used an alarm clock on a regular basis in about five years, but I get up at the same time almost every day.

The perfect toy collection….this rocket is my favorite from the list.

And I loved this stocking stuffers list. These bookmarks and this goldie cable keeper are my favorites.

And that’s it! Have a great weekend!

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