Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! We have had a very relaxing Spring Break! We spent a few days in Nashville, did some hiking on one of our local parks, watched movies, read quite a bit, did some spring cleaning, and enjoyed no rain for several days!

Thoughts on cultivating a growth mindset.

A week of outfits.

The one skillet lemon chicken and orzo I made this week.

Preventing jet lag.

A woman’s work is never done.

How to start a meeting effectively.

Another cookbook to add to my wishlist.

Styling your nightstand.

And finally, the spring backpack I’ve had my eye on.

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Friday Favorites


When J gets up before all of us, makes his bed, and starts reading…we know it’s daylight savings week. Spring Break is here! The boys had a pre-break yesterday when their school shut down for the potential of bad weather. The joys of living in the South in springtime….and it isn’t even Spring yet! Here are some of my favorites from the week.

A living room transformed.

The secret to smooth foundation.

An acrylic paint guide.

Soothing, simple and chic…all the words I love in a space!

Salad in a jar work lunch.

Arm sculpting routine.

Loved and laughed my way through the forever 35 podcast this week.

Salad for dinner.

Becoming obsessed with serums.

On embracing rejection.

Inspired weekends.

A raincoat to brighten up cloudy spring days.

And finally, a mango smoothie with turmeric to combat the allergy inflammation!

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Friday Favorites

My daffodils survived the cold! I love seeing them bloom each year, it’s been several years since I planted these bulbs and they always reflower. My goal this fall is to plant soms additional bulbs with the boys’ help.

A rain jacket for all seasons.

How to pot a plant without drainage holes.

A functional and chic entryway.

A book list here and a book list there.

A filter for your shower? Where will technology take us next?

Great summer sandals that I’m on the hunt for on our next Nashville shopping trip.

Perfect summer pajamas.

Stovetop cake.

Cool Moms and Young House Love…two new podcasts on my list.

And finally, that end of winter look.

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Friday Favorites

These three ducklings napping together remind me of the episode of Friends were Joey and Ross take the best nap ever. If you can’t nap with your besties then who can you nap with? We are bidding these sweet baby ducks goodbye today as they go back to their home on the farm. With the amount of rain we’re getting they could probably swim home at this point! With another rained in weekend, we are looking forward to cousin time, movie watching, and trying not to go stir crazy inside. Here are some of my favorites from the week!

A beautifully light filled kitchen reveal.

The Storyteller’s Tale is the book I’m reading this week.

Apparently Sesame Street had a terrifying episode that we all missed.

When Monet moved from impressionist to modernist.

My boys have talked about becoming chefs for years….and Auburn responded.

Assigning work tasks to different days of the week.

My favorite business podcast from the week.

B and I recently rediscovered my favorite chef show from the early 90s, Yan Can Cook, and we’ve been recording and watching the episodes. I still love his show!

Customizing a plain rug with a little DIY.

Leaning into the winter season….or monsoon season around here.

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Friday Favorites

We have had a lovely week! The boys got to see chicks hatch in my Mom’s class, nobody was sick all week, and we celebrated Valentines Day with steak, microwave potatoes, and Dr. Pepper for the boys. We are enjoying these few weeks of calm before baseball season starts, and we start trip planning for spring and summer vacations!

Libraries to add to our bucket list.

Like I’ve said…go to Shake Shack.

Sundress and sunglasses for Spring.

How to pack a suitcase.

Newsflash: you aren’t at the mercy of your emotions.

Best list for preparing salmon.

Love the color splash in this home.

And finally, The Darkest Year is the next WWII historical book on my list.

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Friday Favorites

What a week! This kiddo is seven and we celebrated at a trampoline park with friends and a family party on Super Bowl Sunday. This weekend we’ve got a Pinewood Derby race for Cub Scouts and a birthday party for my nephew. In between we’ll be making out Valentines Cards and reading, reading, reading!

How to boost your morning coffee. I already add collagen and have been impressed with the energy and protein boost.

The A Beautiful Mess interview podcast I have next on my car drive list.

Love this kitchen and floor plan.

Classic staples perfect for the transition from winter to spring. Which is happening weekly in the south.

A cooking memoir and cookbook.

Intrigued by this etching method of art creating.

I just finished the Nightingale which was excellent, but I definitely needed a lighter read afterwards so I’m starting The Proposal this weekend.

And finally, the loafers and shorts in my Nordstrom cart.

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Friday Favorites

Reading is serious work! Best to wear sweatbands.

A glimpse of Spring.

Easy chicken recipes for weeknight meals.

BBQ chicken quinoa for lunch.

Best ideas to prepare for a trip.

Triple chocolate cookies.

The Home Edit’s top organizing tips. My favorite is the drawer organizers!

Modern and vintage in one gorgeous home.

My favorite new dress from Nordstrom.

The only kind of resolutions to make!

Baking the most average chocolate chip cookie based on science.

Finally, I’ve been doing a bunch of textbook editing this week and podcasts have helped me through it! My favorites were Episode 56 & 57 from The Forever 35 podcast, and Episode 215 & 303 of Milk Street Podcast.

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Friday Favorites

We are one hundred days in! This tiny sir dressed up as a very mysterious one hundred year old man for the one hundredth day. We’ve got basketball games, lots of reading, and potentially snow headed our way! I’m looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday, and maybe making some waffles with the big box of Kodiak Cakes mix I picked up at Costco.

Cheesy chicken and rice for our next weeknight meal.

DIYs to organize all your stuff.

Winter workwear in tweed.

The benefits of after holiday detoxing.

How long to hold a plank.

S’mores bars for when it’s too cold to make s’mores.

Winter skincare routine and product application order.

Spots to visit in Nashville.

Mindfulness to create minimalism.

And finally I was saving my Sephora points up for this set. I’m so excited to test out all the products!

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Friday Favorites

My current favorite gloss that I’m using everyday during this crazy winter season! It reminds me of my favorite Bonnie Bell gloss from when I was a kid, but more adult and has vitamin E to help keep your lips hydrated. Here are some more of my favorites from the week!

Maintaining proper form in working out.

Fascinating facts about The Wave, one of my favorite works of art.

A Place for Us.

Stovetop macaroni and cheese.

My favorite podcast of the week.

Garlic butter rolls.

I am endlessly looking for new ways to cook chicken thighs.

Drawer dividers to work on my joy of tidying up.

Winter casual chic.

How to fall asleep fast and stay asleep.

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