Friday Favorites

Friday favorites featuring two of my favorite people in the whole world, A and my Mom. My Mom is just awesome, plain and simple. She works full time, has kept the boys two afternoons a week since they were babies, taught me how to study, how to shop, and most importantly taught me how to be a good person, teacher, and Mama.

So along with two of my favorite people here are some of my favorites of the week:

A city guide to one of our favorite quick trips: Nashville.

The most colorful book of colorful paper projects, J would love this!

The best way to sculpt and tone.

A better bedtime routine.

The best investments for your home.

Spring date night details.

The best way to get hydrated skin, helpful for my seriously dry skin…apparently even in summer.

Two things to make you laugh, balance is a four letter word and the best dance-off of the week.

Finally, feels like summer.

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Friday Favorites

This week I helped host an alumni event…

Had my last class in our building before it gets renovated…

Picked up this bag for our summer travels…

And some decorations for Cinco de Mayo…

I also stopped at Whole Foods and stocked up the fridge:

And chaperoned J’s field day:

And finally finished all of my grading and exams for the semester, so I started out today by making a long list of what I need to accomplish to get my summer course completed, and start prepping another course for next Spring. In addition to all of that here are a few more favorites of the week:

Coffee cake to make with the boys this summer.

A fancier ponytail.

Summer slow cooker meals.

An otter shames a Jaguar.

Triple coconut pie.

White top + jeans.

Transforming a patio chair.

A light filled home.

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Friday Favorites

What a week! We’re headed for a spring camp-out this weekend, and I’m hoping all the rain we’ve had will pull down the massive amount of pollen that’s been floating through the air. And no, I’m not staying to camp. I learned my lesson, and I only camp in the winter, or at the beach. Or in a condo. Oh, and that little tree behind A is our new maple. After a few short hours of digging on Saturday last week, we planted it! I’m excited for its little leafy bits of shade for the boys to relax under this summer. With the amount of rain we’ve had, the tree will be full grown by fall! Not really. But it’s a lovely addition to our backyard!

I’m currently working on our road trip items for the summer, sticker books, this kit, and some of these books are on my list.

I’ve started doing a daily yoga routine to deal with my restless leg syndrome, that seems to be getting worse as I get older.

These heels are everything! Thinking about adding them to my birthday list.

Last year, the baby tigers at Animal Kingdom were not out yet, so they boys are so excited to see them this year!

An apple streusel bread to make for breakfast.

The proper order to put on skincare. I honestly have never done this, and it does make a huge difference!

And finally, B and I both realized that we are definitely at this age (and have been there awhile):


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Friday Favorites

Headed to a T-Ball game!

1. The most important questions in the Meyer-Briggs test.

2. Like a breath of fresh air, peaceful and colorful.

3. Kauai on our family vacation bucket list.

4. Stock or broth? What’s the difference?

5. Planter craft project for this summer.

6. Pretty in pink.

7. Trying these sunbutter cookies out to see if they match my old peanut butter favorites.

8. Great tips for continuing home organization.

9. The pancakes we made for Sunday dinner last week. They’re so fluffy!

10. Loving these pieces from Target!

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Friday Favorites

Spring Break is coming to a close, and the boys are excitedly looking forward to Easter and all things Spring and Summer. I’m trying not to go into complete panic mode about all the things I have to do at the end of the semester and to prep for my summer online course.

1. Boredom, it’s a good thing.

2. The best uses for canned tomatoes.

3. Mini chicken pot pies.

4. Packing success!

5. A spacious and airy living room.

6. Khaki + jewel tones = lovely.

7. Summer red slides.

8. A quirky gazelle pot for J’s new little plant for his room.

9. How technology changes how we communicate with each other.

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Friday Favorites

It’s the Friday before spring break! We’ve got painters coming tomorrow to paint three rooms, including J’s. I’ve got his room re-do almost all planned out, and it’s probably what I’ll spend a good part of the weekend working on after it’s painted. J is most excited to get to spend the night in A’s room on Friday.

Here are my two of my inspirations for the study and J’s room:

I’m ready for a week of not answering emails while I’m drying hair:

We’ve had yet another cold snap, so I brought in my tulips and daffodils:

Thanks a lot…Toby:

Finally, made this pork tenderloin on Wednesday and it was super tasty:

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Friday Favorites

Afternoon spelling practice spot.

1. You can catch stress. We were just talking about this in my communication foundations course!

2. With the beginning of our yearly road trips in sight, I’ve picked up puzzles, a screen time free activity set, koala neck supporters, and lap desks for the road.

5. I love the clean scents from southern firefly.

6. Eyeshadow layering.

7. Pizza bread takes me back to one of my favorite college dinners.

9. Ideas to shake up my breakfast routine.

10. Flowering trees to look at from afar.

11. The benefits of weight training.

12. Classic ruffles for Spring.

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Friday Favorites

This kiddo’s fresh hair cut is definitely my favorite of the week.

1. A light filled corner with a savvy little nightstand.

2. The Kate Spade purse that I’ve got my eye on.

3. Picking out the best Sonia Kashuk brushes.

4. Simple, yet impactful make-up choices.

5. A verse for the boys.

6. Peeking into a garden greenhouse.

7. Cactus embroidery.

8. How to use up all those coffee filters you’ve got leftover.

9. All the baking terms you need to know to watch a The Great British Bake-off.

10. Gingham slide with just the right amount of heel.

11. The debate on jean washing.

12. Since our temps are about to dive again, I’ve got a new humidifier in my Amazon cart.

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