Friday Favorites

Reading is serious work! Best to wear sweatbands.

A glimpse of Spring.

Easy chicken recipes for weeknight meals.

BBQ chicken quinoa for lunch.

Best ideas to prepare for a trip.

Triple chocolate cookies.

The Home Edit’s top organizing tips. My favorite is the drawer organizers!

Modern and vintage in one gorgeous home.

My favorite new dress from Nordstrom.

The only kind of resolutions to make!

Baking the most average chocolate chip cookie based on science.

Finally, I’ve been doing a bunch of textbook editing this week and podcasts have helped me through it! My favorites were Episode 56 & 57 from The Forever 35 podcast, and Episode 215 & 303 of Milk Street Podcast.

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Friday Favorites

We are one hundred days in! This tiny sir dressed up as a very mysterious one hundred year old man for the one hundredth day. We’ve got basketball games, lots of reading, and potentially snow headed our way! I’m looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday, and maybe making some waffles with the big box of Kodiak Cakes mix I picked up at Costco.

Cheesy chicken and rice for our next weeknight meal.

DIYs to organize all your stuff.

Winter workwear in tweed.

The benefits of after holiday detoxing.

How long to hold a plank.

S’mores bars for when it’s too cold to make s’mores.

Winter skincare routine and product application order.

Spots to visit in Nashville.

Mindfulness to create minimalism.

And finally I was saving my Sephora points up for this set. I’m so excited to test out all the products!

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Friday Favorites

My current favorite gloss that I’m using everyday during this crazy winter season! It reminds me of my favorite Bonnie Bell gloss from when I was a kid, but more adult and has vitamin E to help keep your lips hydrated. Here are some more of my favorites from the week!

Maintaining proper form in working out.

Fascinating facts about The Wave, one of my favorite works of art.

A Place for Us.

Stovetop macaroni and cheese.

My favorite podcast of the week.

Garlic butter rolls.

I am endlessly looking for new ways to cook chicken thighs.

Drawer dividers to work on my joy of tidying up.

Winter casual chic.

How to fall asleep fast and stay asleep.

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Friday Favorites

We are definitely back in the swing of school, work, and basketball games. This weekend I’m looking forward to working on a narwhal project with J, finishing up reading The Library Book, and celebrating my Dad’s birthday on Sunday! Next week is going to just as busy as this one was, so I’m glad for the downtime!

The puzzle I got for the boys and I to work on this weekend.

A colorful beachside home.

Chicken chilaquiles that I learned how to make while listening to a podcast on the way to work.

Grown-up lunchables.

Tips for tidying up, but don’t take it too far.

Palm tree design.

The boots I have in my shopping cart at Nordstrom.

Sketchbook inspiration.

And finally, an Oahu travel guide.

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Friday Favorites

Our winter staycation is officially over in two days. We are trying to slowly get back on our schedule before we go back to work and school next week. I’m also trying actively to not panic about the traffic increase due to a major road closure near us and if I’m going to need roller skates like Ross in that episode of Friends to get from class to class because of our main building being remodeled. And, it’s still raining! For now I’ll be working on some lesson planning, we’ll be playing board games, watching football, and doing some organizational preparing for the new year!

Places to go when visiting Atlanta.

Creating a mindful nighttime routine.

How to create an effective bullet journal.

Degas book to add to my reading list.

Chicken faijita bowls for lunch.

Ingredients to always have on hand.

And finally, subway tile backsplashes creating light in the kitchen.

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Friday Favorites

Pregame pep talk.

This week my grandparents arrived and we are looking forward to a weekend full of cookie baking, gingerbread house decorating, and our annual Feliz Navidad dinner. We’ve also got a couple of basketball practices and maybe going to see Mary Poppins Returns mixed in as well. And of course the boys are counting down the days to Christmas. Let the holiday festivities begin!

A calming playlist.

On creating a balance of home responsibilities.

Brush pens and dual tip markers on my list for my art journal.

White chocolate and cranberry biscotti for Christmas morning coffee.

Mail order caramel.

A new cooking memoir to add to my reading list.

Cilantro lime dressing for our side salad on Feliz Navidad.

Garland inspo for next year.

The biscuits I’m making for Christmas Eve.

Two weekend looks, one with buffalo checks and one with a cropped sweater.

Love this home that combines comfort, neutrals, and pops of color.

Lunch soup.

Finally, ringing in the new year with a holiday medley.

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Friday Favorites

This week I attended “Elf University” with J, and we had such a fun time! He has learned all of the details he needs to be a successful elf, and he’s hoping to put his skills to good use this holiday season. This weekend we’ve got basketball games, cousin fun night, and a whole bunch of rain headed our way. One more week until Christmas break! I need to start wrapping presents!

The Music Shop is the next book on my reading list.

If I could live in a store, I’d live here.

Slow cooker pork loin, a perfect week before Christmas break meal.

Reading makes you a better person, science says so.

I love these carefully crafted illustrations and the stories behind them.

J asked to add this puppy to his Christmas list.

Thoughts on being fully present during the holiday season.

Adding to our must visit list in Hawaii.

Ordered this work pullover for B, classy at a really reasonable price.

Coconut lime macaroons for our Feliz Navidad Party.

Creating a breakfast date to plan for the week.

The new podcast I subscribed to this week.

The chocolate chip cookies we made for a mid-week treat.

A Christmas village craft for the rainy weekend ahead.

And finally, arm dancing to tone your arms….or put that present carrying to good use.

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Friday Favorites

This has been a crazy week! My classes had their final meeting days, I’m trying to get courses prepped for next semester, grades in from this semester, the boys had basketball practices this week, plus homework, plus, oh yeah A got sick midweek and I had to bring him to work. I’m so ready for the weekend! Our elf, Link, shows up tomorrow, and we are headed to Santa’s Village at some point to see Santa! The boys are very excited!

Buffalo chicken dip is perfect for pre-game holiday snacking.

The key to improvement.

Homemade orange rolls for Christmas Eve.

Perfect holiday travel wear.

Peaceful home in Coastal Spain.

Reading up on one of our bucket list travel places.

The organization blog of my dreams.

Oreo ice cream pie for Christmas Eve Eve.

My current hair cut and color.

And finally, a birthday that is the GOAT.

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Friday Favorites

It is sitting below 35 degrees here, and I’m living in this fleece. It is fluffy, so warm and may be my new favorite item, especially if warmer weather doesn’t return until spring. I’m also currently obsessed with the newest coffee B picked up at Starbucks:

It is so good, friends! And yes, it also comes in k-cups. Okay enough chit chat, here are the rest of our favorites from the week!

The boys have been watching the ESPN Basketball: A Love Story documentary. We love basketball a lot right now at our house!

I have started encorporating yoga into my routine at least four days a week, and Yoga with Adriene is by far my favorite set of you tube videos.

And when the boys aren’t watching basketball, I’m watching The Great British Bake-Off Masterclass.

Asian roasted brussel sprouts, perfect to make with jasmine rice and salmon.

The most amazing gray polka dot coat.

How to be a more patient person.

A timeless hobo bag.

And finally, creating a memorable camping weekend.

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Friday Favorites

While these two play a giant piano….

I’m excited to share a Sephora themed stocking stuffer Friday favorites! The Sephora sale is now open to VIBs and I’ve been working on my cart all week, so I’m excited to share my purchases from the sale that will be going directly to B’s side of the closet until Christmas.

1 & 2. Verb ghost shampoo and conditioner. I got these as a sample and loved them. I’m loyal to my Bumble and Bumble hair products, but they are so expensive. These are lightweight, safe for color treated hair, and smell amazing.

3. Benefit blush bar. These are five full size versions of benefit blush/bronzer/highlighter. The packaging is my favorite (ballet!) and I love having multiple options in one palette.

4. Winter is coming, friends. The time of year where I run a humidifier constantly, and am always reaching for lip balm. I love fresh lip products and this set is three of their classics.

5. Clinique take the day off. Best for removing eye makeup and cleaning beauty blenders.

6. And speaking of beauty blenders, mine needs to be replaced.

7. And finally, I have every NAKED mini palette, except one. This one. So obviously it’s on my list.

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