Friday Favorites

Soccer season has started! How grown-up does this kid look?

Smart casual dress code.

Support for me walking to the mailbox barefoot. Ha!

The eyeshadow palette on my list.

Shredded beef enchiladas were on our dinner list this past week:

I switched the recipe up a bit, using my favorite Frontera Red Chile Enchilada sauce, and cooking the beef in a slow cooker for eight hours before I put the enchiladas together.

Closet goals.

Morning treat.

Book I am currently reading.

Stepping into fall with a maple apple french toast bake.

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Friday Favorites

Nail polish colors to update your fall collection. Hay there is my favorite.

You know when you forget about a product and then all of the sudden you’re like, “why am I not still using this?” That’s how I felt when I saw the Teddy eyeliner in my latest InStyle:

The brilliance of user experience in 1990s anime.

You are more than the best (and worse) thing you’ve ever done.

Happy little garden pots.

Perfect desert colors and inspiring patterns.


Historic libraries.

Leaning in to your full story.

And finally, zebra print.

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Friday Favorites

We are officially in full school/work mode! I have one more Sephora sale item to share, which is my NARS bronzer and blush duo. It adds a subtle glow, perfect for work. My lipstick is Laura Mercier Devotion (sadly not at Sephora), with a swipe of NARS gloss. It’s bright and happy, perfect for a busy Thursday.

Already working on my office plan for when we move back into our main building at work next summer.

The most iconic red carpet dresses.

Lunch for next week.

The cutest little Halloween planters.

The controversy is real.

Books to add to my reading list.

Super feminine hair ties, perfect for top knots!

Weekend skin care routine.

Finally, slow cooker mojo pork with Cuban-style black beans.

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Friday Favorites

We made it through the first week of school! And yes, the picture of A is from Kindergarten to Fifth. I’m still in a bit of disbelief that this is his last year of elementary school. As far as schedules go, I’ve been trying to get up at my normal work time, even though I don’t go back for another week and a half. I think we’ve progressively gotten more tired as the week has continued, so we are definitely ready for the weekend!

Home shopping on Amazon.

A flank steak marinade that got rave reviews from all my boys.

Classic fall pieces.

Four letter food words.

A celebration of color.

Styling black leggings for fall.

Home library goals.

Slow cooker chicken burrito bowls.

And finally, the podcast I’ve got on my list for my drive to work next week.

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Friday Favorites

Soak up that last bit of screen time, kids. School starts next week! And soccer, and Cub Scouts, and golf lessons, and……I’m already tired thinking about it. Kind of wishing we had one more week of summer, but then J and A start singing loudly again and I’m pretty fine with them going back to school. I’ve just about wrapped up my summer class and now I’m going full speed toward completing the starting lesson plans for my fall courses. And in between all of that, here are some of my favorites of the week!

If I trade the soy sauce for coconut aminos and leave out the sesame, I could definitely whip up this chicken and broccoli for dinner this week.

The yoga practice I’ve loved this week.

Pink and sporty for late summer.

Seven decorating tips for the home.

Summer Sunday suppers.

Modern beauty and Manet.

Beach chic decorating.

Natalia Dyer’s make-up routine….pardon me while I go order more Glossier products.

Starting a plan for Fall Break.

And finally, carrot hummus for work day lunches.

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Friday Favorites

How can there be only week left of summer vacation? This past week has flown by! The boys loved golf camp and have definitely caught the golfing bug. They are already discussing Fall lessons, and what clubs they are asking for, for Christmas! I’ve got all school supplies purchased, and I’ve just got to label a few last things before supply drop-off next week. I’m winding down my summer class which means I’m hustling to get final grades in, and then I’ll have a quick break to do some final lesson planning before the fall semester starts for me. Now on to some of our favorites of the week!

Summer side.

Shark inspired kids party. I’m thinking J might find this hilarious since his birthday is in February. Also these party favors would be awesome.

Striped sweater dress for that perfect summer to fall transition.

Home with a rainbow palette.

The most French of nighttime routines.

A little travel bag perfect for the boys’ items.

Styling all my trouser pants.

Favorite yoga practice of the week.

Currently reading.

And finally, my current favorite mascara.

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Friday Favorites

Deep summer. Also known as the time of year when we are in the middle of running kids from camp to camp, doing nothing in the afternoon to recover, and taking hardly any pictures. So I have one. From the kiddos picnic dinner outside because our Concert in the Park was rained out, with no rain. Now on to some of our favorites of the week!

Slow cooker chicken tostadas for dinner this week.

The bento boxes in my Target cart for the boys’ lunches.

A week of outfits.

Interesting article on making college a four year plan.

Gold pineapples and dark blues create warmth.

Cityscapes with watercolor and ink.

Making these cookies this weekend for our Chamber of Secrets movie night. J just finished the book!

A giant jellyfish!

Finally, how to start and keep a creative habit.

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Friday Favorites


The kiddos have one week of swim lessons down! They boys are definitely stretching their skills this year, working on diving, backstroke, and longer periods of freestyle. And our newest swim lesson participant, my niece, is doing great working on her back float! This weekend we are headed to our local art walk downtown, and doing some hiking and biking with B’s parents if the weather holds out. I can’t believe we are winding down the second half of summer! Only three more weeks until school schedules, sports, and everything else is in full swing again!

Organization ideas from Target.

The puzzle we finished over the weekend.

Summertime lemonade options.

My yoga schedule for the month.

And a plan to get my heels on the ground for downward dog.

A cookbook dedicated to my most favorite food.

My Bible reading plan for the month.

Food meal planning ideas for high/low macro days.

Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe.

Six herbs to grow inside when it’s too cold or hot out.

Corn fritters for a veggie filled weeknight dinner.

And, I’m not shopping the Nordstrom sale until next week, but if there is anything left, I’m picking up these sneakers, this tank, and these pants.

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Friday Favorites

Current mood.

A fun Fourth of July party with a candy tray!

Our Wednesday night dinner from this week.

Bark art.

Secrets kept by The Gone Dead haunt the living. Such a great tag line!

Drinking coffee is good for you.

Making childhood dinner favorites a little more grown-up.

We have been having family drawing nights with this Art for Kids YouTube channel.

Finally, I’ve been working on a list of potential items to purchase during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. So far, I’ve got a halter dress, jean jacket, boots, loafers, and a laptop tote saved on my favorites.

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Friday Favorites

The boys’ finished up their first camp of the summer, and they had the best time! This weekend we are having dinner with friends, testing out my parents’ new pool, and getting new hardwood floors put in our bedroom! It’s going to be a busy weekend! I got several more lesson plans outlined for the Fall this week, and I’m hoping to get my July course ready to go while they are putting in the hardwood floors today! In between driving kids to camp, watching Octonauts with my niece, and lesson planning, here are some of my favorites for the week.

I’ve started watching Racheal Ray in the afternoons and I’ve got this meal on my list for next week.

Traveling journals….this has inspired me to start including some collage elements for the photo books of our trips.

All the beaches in Honolulu to visit.

Almost finished with Hickory Dickory Dock.

Take a walk.

True words.

Summer palette perfection.

I’ve got this T-shirt and skirt in my cart waiting for JCrew to have a sale.

My favorite yoga practice of the week.

And finally, a lesson in making chilaquiles.

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