Friday Favorites

Oh my, how is it the Fourth of July?! This past week I got my hair (and eyebrows, thank you very much) done after an almost four month hiatus. I wore a mask for over two hours straight and it was worth every minute! So glad to have fresh highlights and layers courtesy of my favorite hair stylist. This weekend we will be doing our norm (hanging out at my parents waiting for our house to get finished), but B is cooking a giant brisket on his Traeger. I’m definitely looking forward to that! Here are some of our favorites of the week!

The most amazing water lily designs.

Quick and easy dinners with rotisserie chicken.

Bringing back the nineties with a scrunchie.

New world sourdough techniques.

How to find the best coffee on Amazon.

Great hiking pants I just bought.

Love this office set-up.

Finally, a bit of ruffle and neon.

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Friday Favorites

Handstand for Friday! This weekend we’re….hanging out? Cooking some barbecue? Waiting to hear what’s the plan for schools this fall? Anyway. Here are some of our favorites of the week!

The desk I have my eye on for our office.

Incorporating family photos throughout the house.

Making a popsicle house like the house in Up.

Can’t decide if I should watch this and be terrified like it’s 1992 again.

Buffalo chicken chili. It’s like a combination of summer and fall!

Wardrobe capsule for ZOOM meetings and staying at home.

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Friday Favorites

Constructed a complete Lincoln Log Village. Lately, J has been all about the house he’s going to build when he grows up. He has big plans, although he’s unsure of how he will find all the materials in the real world. I feel like that’s an honest concern considering materials are very easy to find on Minecraft in creative mode. Happy weekend! And happy building planning!

Caramel pecan sticky buns will be the first breakfast I’m making in our new house!

Mysteries of Jackson Pollock’s largest painting.

Perfect places to purchase prints.

Adding the classic Gastronomical Me to my reading list.

Raised garden bed.

Apple butter brie appetizer.

Colorful stack of bracelets.

Listened to three How I Built This Podcasts this week on SuperGoop, Shake Shack, and Jo Malone.  All very interesting, and I got several ideas and quotes for class material.

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week we made Hey Clay penguins, the boys have been playing the new Minecraft: Dungeons, and we’ve done a lot of geese watching, and swimming in the pool. Along with all that, here are some of our favorites of the week!

Kerry Washington’s home is as fabulous as she is.

Inspired by the island and kitchen in this home.

The controversy of plain pasta in Strega Nona.

Creating a whole house color palette.

Simple Pilates exercises to fit in throughout the day.

The New Girl and Bosch are our current nightly shows. Both different, both excellent.

Finally, currently reading, Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe.


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Friday Favorites

Our last official “school day” has come and gone. It’s a weird feeling and we are entering the summer with so many unknowns of what the next school year will look like. I’m trying to keep our focus on the now, we’ve been doing art projects, lots of outside play, and a trip to the golf course. This is not an easy situation, but I’m proud of the boys’ resilience at such a crazy end to the school year. And now on to some of our favorites of the week!

Patio spring refresh.

Television home design trends.

Online print shops.

Counter and bar stools for the kitchen.

Bee homes.

Van Gogh almond blossoms virtual tour.

Chocolate espresso cake.

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Friday Favorites

We’re headed towards summer! While we don’t have big summer vacation plans (but who does at this point), we are going to sleep in, get in lots of pool time, reading, and eating popsicles. We are starting out the summer with selling our house and ending it with moving into our new house. We took one last picture outside our house this past week, and said our goodbyes to what has felt like a fourth member of our family for the past twelve years. And now on to some of our favorites of the week!

Shake shack burgers and cheese sauce recipe. It’s like they knew exactly what I needed this week.

How to make a gallery wall.

Camping blanket for chilly outdoor sports games and, you know, camping.

Babies do what the want.

Thank you Thursdays.

Creating a better salad.

Thoughts on risk.

Summer pajama pants.

Finally, art in place. Looking forward to viewing this online with the boys!

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Friday Favorites

Reading on a rainy afternoon. This has been a tough week. Homeschooling has become a pretty regular routine, but between trying to finishing packing our house out and trying to keep some semblance of a schedule it’s been trying at times. J keeps trying to unpack what I’ve packed in his room (LEGO creations on shelves, pictures put back up), and so we’ve been doing our best to make sure he’s got space to put his favorite things out at my parents who we are staying with while our new house is being completed. I think we will all breathe a huge sigh of relief and say a lot of prayers of gratitude once we are moved out completely and our current house is closed on and sold. This will definitely be our last move for a very, very long time. And now here are some of our favorites of the week!

This is why the boys want a dog.

Light filled home.

Kitchen inspiration.

The boys were as excited about this baguette baker as I was, so it’s definitely on my birthday list.

Vanilla apricot granola bars.

Reading through 1-3 John in my morning Bible Study.

Summer straw tote..I could use it to hold magazines since I’m not going anywhere.

When I dyed my roots this past week, J told me that the shampoo that I used that came with smelled like lovely lavender. So now, I feel like I need to buy it.

Finally, perfect summer sweater.

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Friday Favorites

Another week down! I’m officially done with the Spring semester of my classes, and I’m busy working on making edits to online courses for the summer and fall. I introduced J to Operation Neptune which I found on a DOS game site. He loved it and it’s been great for identifying different math skills he’s mastered, and ones he needs to work on. We also made rainbows this week to put in the windows, and learned about maps, cause and effect, and a particularly exciting lesson on squirrels.

Drawing videos by J’s current favorite author.

My favorite Sunday work-out is a five minute warm-up (10 each of inchworms, plank lunges, reverse snow angels, and hand release push ups, cycle through until timer is done), then I do a burpee challenge, and then end with a ten minute yoga cool down.

Mickey Mouse beignets.

Baby otters!

Double chocolate chip cookie in a skillet.

Selecting the perfect window treatments.

Sparkling sassyfras strawberry tea.

And finally, picking the perfect couch.

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Friday Favorites

Another week down…now we’ve been home for six weeks. The boys have hit a pretty steady stride with schoolwork at home, Thursday is usually our toughest day. J typically gets pretty done at that point and so it takes a lot of effort to move through the work with him. We are still going through the Disney Behind the Scenes videos, and the boys did a drawing of Llama Llama Red Pajama online with their art teacher. My classes are in finals and so I’m monitoring those, and steadily overhauling multiple courses to go online only for the Fall. It’s a weird world. Here are some of our favorites of the week (plus two things I purchased from the Sephora sale after my last post):

Frozen s’mores.

Week of outfits.

Sweatpants, but make it fashion.

Banh mi lettuce wraps.

Bible study of the next two weeks.

Hey Brad, how’s the weather?

I added Bumble and Bumble Thermal Protection Mist and It Cosmetics CC cream to my Sephora sale purchases.

Reading Living Forever Chic at night and the Tattooist of Auschwitz during the day.

Finally, tips for decorating your house like a pro.

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