Friday Favorites

Wellll….we made it to the end of the week. We have done lots of Art Hub for Kids, we’re still playing the Monopoly game we started Monday, and the boys Minecraft world is pretty fantastic. We are thinking they will get to go back to school next week, fingers crossed.

Definitely making these candied yams for holiday dinners.

I’ve been using this wave technique on my hair at night and love it!

Pumpkin whoopie pies to make while watching football this weekend.

Adding Before the Coffee Gets Cold to my reading list!

I usually do yoga a few times a week, but this month I’m working towards doing it every day. This is the calendar I’m using with my favorite yoga instructor.

Working on incorporating this academic writing info into the first few weeks of my classes next semester.

Disney’s gingerbread cream cheese muffins.

My current Bible reading plan.

And since our Elf on the Shelf arrived this week, here are 100 ideas for where to put him!

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Friday Favorites

When the boys were little people always used to say “the days are long, but the years are short”. Obviously those people had no knowledge of this year. In the longest year ever, we found out at literally the end of last week that apparently the COVID meter had hit its threshold at J’s school and all students were returning to virtual learning until after Thanksgiving. It was also exactly eight months to the day that they moved schools to virtual learning in the Spring. And we didn’t return until the Fall. J has handled it relatively well, I’m just hoping they get to go back after Thanksgiving. Until then we are going to hike this weekend, bake cookies, and watch the newest Mandalorian episode.

Bible reading plan for Thanksgiving week.

Currently watching season 4 of The Crown.

Favorite Friday yoga.

Watching the Fresh Prince of Bel Air reunion made my week. Love revisiting one of my all time favorite shows.

Favorite Monday workout.

Ina Garten in quarantine is gold, and I’ve got her cookbook on my Christmas list.

Should I add a plank a day?

Pajamas , fuzzy socks, and a cozy throw.

Finally, gingerbread granola!

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Friday Favorites

Hello, Friday! I realized at the end of this week a good majority of the time in this chair, grading papers. This weekend we’ve got plans to go hiking if the weather is nice and put up our Christmas tree.  Forget Thanksgiving we are skipping straight to Christmas, ha!

Love the cuffs on this outfit!

My mantle inspiration for this year.

Perfect Thanksgiving outfit.

Pumpkin cream cheese pie.

Best treatment for winter skin.

Book on my reading list after I finish Agatha Christie’s The Clocks.

Finally, one of my favorite things about The Queen’s Gambit was Beth’s outfits. I loved how they fit into the time period, but were classic and modern at the same time.

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Friday Favorites

I do enjoy our midday work walk breaks! I’ll be sad once we both are back at work full time, although who knows if we will ever be there again. Oh and I tested the NARS matte foundation without the primer and I liked it better without the primer. I did get a bit shiny by the end of the day, but it still held really well.

Perfect holiday stems.

My HIIT and Yoga I did on Monday.

Sweet potato casserole for the weekend.

Sweater weather inspiration.

And continuing with the Fall casserole trend, French chicken casserole.

Just discussed this with my students! Here’s hoping the full results are in soon.

Love this Instagram.

Holiday festive earrings.

Candy bento box!

Carline podcast of the week.

Finally, so much love in one video. The best!

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Friday Favorites

Holy winter, Batman! It went from 70 to 50 in the course of four hours yesterday and now it is downright frigid. Our backyard looked the most Halloween-ish as the sun went down last night with the wind whipping through the trees. I convinced the boys that they needed coats today which was no small feat. This weekend we are looking forward to a low key Halloween, I’ve got a scavenger hunt prepped with surprises in contrast to Trick-or-treating.

Making Choux pastry this holiday season, with maybe peppermint filling?

On my reading list after watching My Next Guest Needs no Introduction with Melinda Gates.

Cookbooks for the holiday season.

Skillet roasted chicken for dinner next week.

The powerlessness of words.

Well we’ve got our election night plans.

Yoga practice of the week.

Stocking up for winter.

Also on my reading list after watching The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix.

Finally, pajamas on my Christmas list.

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Friday Favorites

It’s the influx of that fall/summer hybrid where we are waiting for the bottom to drop out and it will be frigid. J is nearing the end of fall baseball, and he has had a great season! We are so glad they were able to play and he’s learned a lot this Fall. In other news, the Sephora sale is coming! Woot! I’m working on my list of stock up products for this round and will be sure to share next week! Now here are some of our favorites!

Styling a sweater dress.

Made this recipe with cod this week and it was excellent!

My hair cut and color inspiration for the week.

I finished book 15 of the Maisie Dobbs series last week and I’m fairly positive I completed all 15 books in 2020. Which could be my biggest accomplishment of the year.

And now I’m reading The Henna Artist.

The fall nail polish I picked up at Target.

That’s your business. If you know, you know.

Finally, vegetable pizza that J and I would love.

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Friday Favorites

A is 12! He woke up on Thursday an inch and a half taller than he was two weeks ago, and I realized that in about two years both my boys are probably going to be taller than me. A has always been inquisitive, thoughtful, and will eat all the pasta or pizza you have available. In a year where school and let’s be honest, life at times, has been less than ideal, he has shined. He is committed to doing his very best in school, advancing his golf game, and building the next great video game platform. He wants to work in software development with a specialization in computer graphic design, and assures me he will come visit us when he’s grown. We are so glad he’s ours and we can’t wait to celebrate him this weekend!

Open bookcase set-up.

Fall entertaining guide.

Quick podcast on setting holiday intentions.

My new Bible reading plan for the rest of the month.

Book to add to my reading list.

Fall jacket and boots look.

The movement and flow of the spaces we love.

Using our leftover chili to make this dinner this weekend!

And finally, a throwback to ten years ago.

This sweet boy sitting on a bench at what would be his Elementary school for six years. And now he’s in middle school!

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I had every intention of having this done last night, but alas it didn’t happen. We are nearing the end of the boys’ fall break and for not really going anywhere, it seems to have flown by! A is so excited about his birthday coming up very soon (how is he about to be 12?), and I’ve got to get a few last minute details figured out and ordered to celebrate soon! Here are some of our favorites of the week!

First up, this particular reading of my Bible study I have read and re-read.

Fall front porch inspiration.

Love this duffle bag.

Perfect coat and boots.

Totally trying this trick. Genius!

Garlicky buttered herb potatoes.

Yoga practice of the week.

Bringing back my favorite Chanel and Dior palettes.

Finally, Stila patina lipstick is on my list.

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Friday Favorites

How is it October? How is it almost Fall Break? This weekend we are planning to do some hiking, some sleeping in, and making some molasses cookies and this maple pumpkin bread.

Illustration for my office.

Stumbled upon this watercolor YouTube channel and it is lovely!

Yoga practice of the week.

Date night outfit, for when we can go out on date night again.

New book series for A.

Beautiful home and inspired interview.

Tiered stand on my Christmas list.

Scallion flower buns.

And now I have my show to binge watch in October.

And finally, the wild mushroom pasta I’m making for myself the next time the boys go camping.

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Friday Favorites

A quick pic before our first ride back to school! School definitely looks different than I think any of us could have ever imagined, but we are slowly getting it all figured out. It was definitely tough last week to get back to the routine and remember all the things to get them out the door and ready for school.

When you try to circumvent a task.

The Bible Reading Plan I just started.

The two runners I ordered for our kitchen.

Show I’m binge watching this weekend.

Perfect fall vegetable dish.

Cinnamon apple spelt flour muffins.

The next book on my reading list.

My favorite yoga practice of the week.

Fall look if I was actually going in to work. And probably my actual fall look.

Raised garden beds are part of my dream for our backyard.

And finally, the game we are currently playing as a family on our no school, no sport nights.

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