Friday Favorites

We are officially less than a week away from summer vacation! I’m so ready to be able to sleep in, not pack lunches every week day, and not have to race to multiple activities after leaving work.

Six tablescapes for Spring.

My favorite yoga practice of the week.

One of the many reasons Monterey Bay has my heart.

Summer work wear.

To all those May Mamas.

Ideas to refresh your workplace every season.

The most inspiring podcast I listened to this week.

A stylish dining room on a budget.

And finally, my lunch smoothie for the week.

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Friday Favorites

A little ball practice. It’s that time of year that it’s super warm, but then the winds come up and it’s like the trade winds from when we lived overseas. I can almost smell the sea air at times and it’s glorious! This weekend we are going to see Stomp, maybe attend a ball game if it doesn’t get rained out, and celebrate Mother’s Day! Oh and help A finish up an Alabama History Project.

Physical sunscreen choices for summer skin care routine.

Ways to reboot creativity in fifteen minutes.

Clean lines in a surf inspired bedroom.

These BaubleBar jewelry picks remind me so much of some of my favorite pieces growing up.

These illustrated books are on my library list for the summer.

Crispy salmon succotash.

Tips for container gardening. Perfect with the little container pot J brought me from school for Mother’s Day!

Spring nails.

Fabulously fluffy pancake pieces.

And finally, survival tips for flying coach.

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Friday Favorites

We are counting down the days to summer over here! This weekend, A has a Jesse Owens project he’s working on, J has multiple baseball games (that might get rained out), and I’ve got a short break before my Maymester class starts, and then after a quick three weeks it will really be summer! We are ready for a beach vacation, sleeping in, and lazy days! I’ve also got a few plans up my sleeve for avoiding the summer slump with the boys and I’m excited to share those soon! Meanwhile, here are some of my favorites from the week!

On being decisive. Which I am. But it’s good to have some reminders.

The skirt steak fajitas we had for Wednesday night dinner.

Skincare in your forties, because yes, I’m headed in that direction.

Salad that has me dreaming about summer dinners.

The striped pants and striped bikini top I have on my list from the Target Vineyard Vines.

You’re fooling yourself about the importance of sleep (unless you think it’s important….then you’re not).

Business connected Ted Talks that I’m making my way through for examples for one of my fall courses.

And finally, here are my actual Sephora purchases with my VIB discount:


I mainly went with basics for this round and decided to test out a new setting powder instead of the Laura Mercier powder I have been using. Especially since it’s summer, I tend to focus on skin repair after wearing make-up almost every day during the fall and spring semesters (and yes, as a college teacher, I live in the world of semesters). The Sephora sale continues for a few more days, so happy shopping!

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Friday Favorites

We’re running toward the weekend!

I’m finally resurfacing from a week full of grading, last classes, and prepping for exams. We can feel summer around here, and we are highly anticipating summer vacation and lazy days! As a special treat, I have a Mother’s Day themed Friday Favorites for you, filled with my wish list that I gave the boys!

A backpack for hiking and Disney park traveling.

A curling iron because mine decided to stop working this week. And it’s on sale right now!

My favorite candles (coconut lime & green bamboo).


A set of stack bracelets.

A pair of slide sandals for summer.

Small earrings for the beach.

And finally, a new read during my break!


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Friday Favorites


What a week! J played one of three baseball games this week (two more this weekend), both boys had den meetings for Cub Scouts, and between school, work, and activities, I’m really glad I already have all their Easter stuff ready to go. We are looking forward to doing some celebrating this Friday of my sweet niece, and then Easter egg hunts on Saturday, and celebrating Easter on Sunday! I’m also at the end of the semester, so I’m planning to get some grading in between now and Monday. We’ll see! Here are some of our favorite finds of the week!

A perfect Spring dress.

Increasing brain power through meditation.

A lovely and bright home.

Sculpted arms in five minutes or less.

Spring pea pasta with burrata, perfect meatless meal!

How empowering women changes the world.

The dark side of empathy.

Wardrobe staples for Spring.

All about plants.

And finally, a rainbow bracelet for summer.

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Friday Favorites

Even if it’s super late in the day it’s still Friday, right? The flowers are in full bloom around here, which means I took this picture before quickly going inside to avoid all the pollen. We have a full, and I mean full, day of baseball this weekend, so I’m currently mentally preparing for that. Here are some of our favorites from the week!

The home office of my dreams.

A new tee for our next Disney trip.

These penny ankle sandals are the sweetest.

Best quad exercises, to mix into my weekend workout.

The next book on my reading list.

Remedies for inflammation.

Romper, bracelet, and hat for our beach vacay.

One being a better listener.

We’re taking the train!

And finally, making this simple and delicious meal next week.

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Friday Favorites

Usually the week back from Summer vacation is a tough week, but this after Spring Break has been brutal! The best part of our week was getting A out of bed to watch the nail biter Tennessee/Perdue game. Grateful for a slow weekend with one baseball practice, dinner with friends, and lots more basketball watching. Happy weekend, friends!

I love a good rainbow.

Time really does fly as you age.

One of my favorite summer shorts in railroad stripe.

And a summer top to wear with my shorts.

My favorite yoga routine of the week.

Biscuits for breakfast thus weekend.

Women make the home.

Stranger Things 3 is what we will be binge watching this summer.

Waiting for these Minnie ears to come back in stock.

And finally, styling spring wardrobe basics.

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! We have had a very relaxing Spring Break! We spent a few days in Nashville, did some hiking on one of our local parks, watched movies, read quite a bit, did some spring cleaning, and enjoyed no rain for several days!

Thoughts on cultivating a growth mindset.

A week of outfits.

The one skillet lemon chicken and orzo I made this week.

Preventing jet lag.

A woman’s work is never done.

How to start a meeting effectively.

Another cookbook to add to my wishlist.

Styling your nightstand.

And finally, the spring backpack I’ve had my eye on.

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Friday Favorites


When J gets up before all of us, makes his bed, and starts reading…we know it’s daylight savings week. Spring Break is here! The boys had a pre-break yesterday when their school shut down for the potential of bad weather. The joys of living in the South in springtime….and it isn’t even Spring yet! Here are some of my favorites from the week.

A living room transformed.

The secret to smooth foundation.

An acrylic paint guide.

Soothing, simple and chic…all the words I love in a space!

Salad in a jar work lunch.

Arm sculpting routine.

Loved and laughed my way through the forever 35 podcast this week.

Salad for dinner.

Becoming obsessed with serums.

On embracing rejection.

Inspired weekends.

A raincoat to brighten up cloudy spring days.

And finally, a mango smoothie with turmeric to combat the allergy inflammation!

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Friday Favorites

My daffodils survived the cold! I love seeing them bloom each year, it’s been several years since I planted these bulbs and they always reflower. My goal this fall is to plant soms additional bulbs with the boys’ help.

A rain jacket for all seasons.

How to pot a plant without drainage holes.

A functional and chic entryway.

A book list here and a book list there.

A filter for your shower? Where will technology take us next?

Great summer sandals that I’m on the hunt for on our next Nashville shopping trip.

Perfect summer pajamas.

Stovetop cake.

Cool Moms and Young House Love…two new podcasts on my list.

And finally, that end of winter look.

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