Friday Favorites

We made it through week 1 of virtual learning! The boys have terrific teachers, I’m so hopeful that they will soon be able to get back into the classroom to learn in person and see their friends. J is currently obsessed with Epic which is a platform that reads books to you. He is currently on Chapter 9 of a 39 Clues book. A is very excited about band and playing the trumpet. The first day of my classes went great, I was excited to meet with my students even if it was on Zoom! We are working towards our house (hopefully, finally) closing next week, and navigating moving while still teleworking, and the kids going to school remotely. Here are some of my favorites of the week!

I had a favorite striped shirt and it shrunk, and this one is just like it!

Paper bag popcorn!

An amazing collection of sports memorabilia that includes some of the boys’ favorites.

Easy family meal plans.

Tips on kid proofing a house while still keeping it stylish.

Styling a desk.

And a finally, perfect cheese tortellini for meatless Monday.

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Friday Favorites

Twilight hour watch. The boys officially start back to school (remotely) next week, and my semester starts (online). We’ve got schedules ready to go, Zoom meetings set-up, and we are as prepared as we can be.

Library and sitting room goals.

Tried whipped body butter in a Sephora sample, and love it!

Acrylic coasters, would be fun for the bonus room!

Sheet pan corn nachos.

Fall cardigan inspiration.

Grilled peach burrata salad.

Mixing styles at home.

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Friday Favorites

So proud of A! He played one of his best games ever this week, and he and his teammate won their part of the match! I loved not only getting to watch him play, but see how proud he was of his success. This weekend we are working on getting organized for the boys’ remote learning and how that’s going to fit in with our work schedules. Two things I’ve picked up for them is these acrylic organizers, and weekly marker board schedules. We also had our house closing date moved back again, so we are praying hard that this is the last delay. Now here are some of my favorites of the week!

I’m thinking of bringing back art in the afternoons with the boys on Fridays, and starting with this multimedia bird art.

Mixing multiple rugs in the same space.

The Lions of Fifth Avenue is next on my reading list.

The first book I’m unpacking to read with J.

My yoga practice of the week.

Started a New Testament Bible study recently, that coupled well with the start of 1 John sermons at our church.

Medicine ball workout.

Finally, fashion goals.

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Friday Favorites

J is top toothless! He was bound and determined to get his loose tooth out. He finally did it with a little help from me. You wouldn’t think a missing tooth would make him seem older, but it really does. He was concerned if the tooth fairy was going to show up, but he happily found two dollars the next day and is already trying to figure out where to spend his new found wealth. And here are some of our favorites of the week!

Sea otter escape!

Garlic butter ramen noodles.

Total home inspiration.

My favorite yoga of the week.

Love this print shop! Got three for our bonus room.

Perfect summer to fall transition dress.

The book I’m binge reading this weekend.

And finally, a chicken quinoa bowl for lunch!

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Friday Favorites

Ah, Friday. Not unlike Saturday-Thursday at this point. Things are just so out of our control that I have really let go of trying to plan anything at this point. Our house being done got pushed back and the boys are now starting for at least half their first semester virtual. So, we are building tinker toy telescopes, eating take-out tacos, watching The Floor is Lava, and trying to ignore the continuing chaos swirling around us.

Rows of shelves for the library J has decided he needs.

Finding the perfect rug.

Espadrilles for days in my office. At my house.

Feels very accurate.

Love this top!

A perfect bedroom for tweens.

Finally, herb parmesan polenta fries. I feel like I could make this a meal.

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Friday Favorites

Oh my, how is it the Fourth of July?! This past week I got my hair (and eyebrows, thank you very much) done after an almost four month hiatus. I wore a mask for over two hours straight and it was worth every minute! So glad to have fresh highlights and layers courtesy of my favorite hair stylist. This weekend we will be doing our norm (hanging out at my parents waiting for our house to get finished), but B is cooking a giant brisket on his Traeger. I’m definitely looking forward to that! Here are some of our favorites of the week!

The most amazing water lily designs.

Quick and easy dinners with rotisserie chicken.

Bringing back the nineties with a scrunchie.

New world sourdough techniques.

How to find the best coffee on Amazon.

Great hiking pants I just bought.

Love this office set-up.

Finally, a bit of ruffle and neon.

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Friday Favorites

Handstand for Friday! This weekend we’re….hanging out? Cooking some barbecue? Waiting to hear what’s the plan for schools this fall? Anyway. Here are some of our favorites of the week!

The desk I have my eye on for our office.

Incorporating family photos throughout the house.

Making a popsicle house like the house in Up.

Can’t decide if I should watch this and be terrified like it’s 1992 again.

Buffalo chicken chili. It’s like a combination of summer and fall!

Wardrobe capsule for ZOOM meetings and staying at home.

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Friday Favorites

Constructed a complete Lincoln Log Village. Lately, J has been all about the house he’s going to build when he grows up. He has big plans, although he’s unsure of how he will find all the materials in the real world. I feel like that’s an honest concern considering materials are very easy to find on Minecraft in creative mode. Happy weekend! And happy building planning!

Caramel pecan sticky buns will be the first breakfast I’m making in our new house!

Mysteries of Jackson Pollock’s largest painting.

Perfect places to purchase prints.

Adding the classic Gastronomical Me to my reading list.

Raised garden bed.

Apple butter brie appetizer.

Colorful stack of bracelets.

Listened to three How I Built This Podcasts this week on SuperGoop, Shake Shack, and Jo Malone.  All very interesting, and I got several ideas and quotes for class material.

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week we made Hey Clay penguins, the boys have been playing the new Minecraft: Dungeons, and we’ve done a lot of geese watching, and swimming in the pool. Along with all that, here are some of our favorites of the week!

Kerry Washington’s home is as fabulous as she is.

Inspired by the island and kitchen in this home.

The controversy of plain pasta in Strega Nona.

Creating a whole house color palette.

Simple Pilates exercises to fit in throughout the day.

The New Girl and Bosch are our current nightly shows. Both different, both excellent.

Finally, currently reading, Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe.


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