Friday Favorites

While you’re finishing up figuring out what you’re going to ask Santa for this year….

Here are some of my favorites from the week.

1. A super cozy pullover for these freezing temps.

2. The Tomorrowland Tsum Tsums the boys are giving each other for Christmas.

3. Sweet DIY wreaths for your window.

4. Merry & Bright.

5. Smart use of an office corner.

6.Tomato tortellini soup.

7. Lavender sugar scrub.

8. Pink coat and boots.

9. Can you hear this, now?

10. What you need to clean, and what you don’t.

11. Denim blue walls with bright whites.

12. Creating meals that work for all different schedules.

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Friday Favorites

1. Starry print.

2. The hand cream that’s currently saving my overwashed hands (in avoidance of sickness).

3. Supermoon!

4. On taking intentional pictures.

5. Hawk shocked by wasp.

6. The Christmas cactus that the boys declared was soooo cute.

7. The payoff of a beneficial morning routine.

8. Christmas decorations ala Target.

9. I just found Kensington Palace’s instagram and I was all “why haven’t I been following this”?!

10. Christmas in a lunchbox.

11. Ideas for a DIY advent calendar.

12. Boozy mulled apple cider.

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Friday Favorites

Happy Black Friday shopping! Here’s hoping you are finding some good deals out there. I’m most likely at Target trying to check the last few things off my list. And while you’re shopping or putting up Christmas decor, here are some of my favorites of the week!

1. On letting go to simplify.

2. The media list I used in class to show uses and gratification theory.

3. Each year we get the boys a new Christmas book.

4. An exquisite short film on creativity versus conformity.

5. I’m currently binge watching The Great British Baking Show on Netflix. It’s so good!

6. The lob style I’m loving right now.

7. The boys and I are going to dress up our molasses cookies this year.

8. Christmas in New York City.

9. One teacher’s experience in revising their teaching role.

10. Turning an IKEA kitchen cabinet into a bench.

11. Organizing all of your NERF items.

12. And finally, I didn’t even know Esprit still existed. I had the best time shopping there with all the girls in our family in the eighties to early nineties. Here’s hoping they’ll eventually sell product in the US again.

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Friday Favorites

What are you up to this weekend? We are shopping for shoe box items, getting our SUV serviced, going to a birthday party, and finishing up a rain forest diorama. We may do a walk through of our local galaxy of lights and purchase a new Christmas tree, since ours has a lack of working lights in the middle. Here are some of my favorites of the week!

1. My hair straightening method of the week.

2. The pink coat I ordered this week.

3. Open airy workspaces.

4. Ideas to update our master bedroom.

5. The best houseplants to purify your home’s air.

6. Learning to chill out during the holidays.

7. Soup on my list for next week’s dinner.

8. The book I added to my reading list after it was suggested when I was buying Orphan Train to read.

9. The cutest paper fox.

10. J would be obsessed with this polar bear Bluetooth speaker.

11. Mini turkey decorations.

12. On why your career should not be your identity.

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Friday Favorites

What do you mean there’s only two months and five days until Christmas?

Ha! Here are my favorites from the week!

1. The pants headed my way from JCrew.

2. My current hair routine.

3. The important book.

4. Weekend catch phrase.

5. Lovely illustrations.

6. The Greek meatballs the boys declared their current favorite.

7. Tinkerbell lounge shoes.

8. S’mores bars for weekend snacking.

9. Travel green. Island green, please. Keep me out of the mountains!

10. Pork wontons for football Saturday.

11. Craft jar organization.

12. Spiderweb sticks.

13. Ruffles + a button down.

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Friday Favorites

It’s Fri-yay!

Here are my favorites from the week!

1. Feeling fall.

2. The golden snitch!

3. Sisters first.

4. Updated room with some of J’s favorite colors and theme.

5. This guy stole my “go to your room point” after getting tackled.

6. Lip stain for fall fresh.

7. Outfit done and done.

8. Book list for A.

9. Weeknight risotto.

10. Animal print booties to contrast fall neutrals.

11. Fresh and glowy.

12. Weekend wear with the best slides.

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Friday Favorites

J making a careful choice of what to use his Target gift card on after getting his flu shot.

It’s finally Fall temps here, so I already have my eye on the perfect winter jacket.

The sheet pan chicken I’m cooking next week, and the skillet chicken Parmesan I made this week.

Styling a floral midi dress here and here

I reference this book when discussing the walls of my work building. I feel like I need to read it again as an adult to see if I’m indeed accurate with my comparison.

I laughed so much over these Game of Thrones memes.

Prepping our yard for Fall, and it feels like Fall! This week, anyway.

These tahini cookies would be a great way to use tahini, besides making hummus.

And finally, A asked at dinner why he needed to learn cursive, and like magic I found an article.

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Friday Favorites

B and I took a long hike Friday morning, our first since the boys headed back to school. I have more pictures to share, but this one that B took of me is one of my favorites. Isn’t it nice to stop and breathe for a minute? God is great, y’all. You just have to stop sometimes and pay attention.

This picture of Echo Park reminds me of driving through California.

Indian butter chicken sounds so warm and inviting, like the last days of summer.

Lipstick primer I need pronto for work.

Creating a gratitude journal.

Tundra in our study? I’m headed to find a paint sample.

Seeing the biggest dinosaur ever is on my family bucket list for the boys.

And when we head to New York to see the biggest dinosaur, we’re going to 375 Fries for dinner.

Four Ted Talks to share with my students about moving out of ideological comfort zones.

On taking your kids on trips even if they don’t jump and down with gratitude.

And finally, advice for high school success. Saving this, I’ll need it in about six years!

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