Friday Favorites

B and I took a long hike Friday morning, our first since the boys headed back to school. I have more pictures to share, but this one that B took of me is one of my favorites. Isn’t it nice to stop and breathe for a minute? God is great, y’all. You just have to stop sometimes and pay attention.

This picture of Echo Park reminds me of driving through California.

Indian butter chicken sounds so warm and inviting, like the last days of summer.

Lipstick primer I need pronto for work.

Creating a gratitude journal.

Tundra in our study? I’m headed to find a paint sample.

Seeing the biggest dinosaur ever is on my family bucket list for the boys.

And when we head to New York to see the biggest dinosaur, we’re going to 375 Fries for dinner.

Four Ted Talks to share with my students about moving out of ideological comfort zones.

On taking your kids on trips even if they don’t jump and down with gratitude.

And finally, advice for high school success. Saving this, I’ll need it in about six years!

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Friday Favorites…on a Saturday

This week has been ultra busy, which is why I’m just now sitting down on Saturday and blogging. The boys had a great first week of school and we are officially back in Scouts, sports, and school work! Let the new year begin!

If you have extra patience on your hands, make tortillas.

Visiting Oahu with kids, outside of Waikiki.

If you want to know stress…help out with kindergarten lunch.

Thinking about making this confetti cake with the boys for my birthday.

I have a slight obsession with costume design, so I’ve been reading through the rhetoric purpose of outfits from Game of Thrones.

Crispy eggplant sounds like a perfect meal to me!

Picking the right yoga pants.

A cute globe for decor.

An inviting study set-up.


And finally, J and I are going to be joining B and A on Cub Scout camp outs this year. I’m already planning and have this hoodie & these leggings on my list. Because yes, I’m a girly girl who thinks of camping according to outfits.


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Friday Favorites

Getting in one of our summer goals: sleepover!

Picking the perfect paint brush.

Experiencing all of the extremes of California.

A Star Wars hotel…sign every dude in my family up.

Don’t believe Michelle Tanner from season 2 of Full House. Dirt is good!

A week of outfits.

Creating the perfect brow. Did you know that your eyebrows regrow every three months? Indeed.

A beautiful, modern, light filled house.

And finally, finding inspiration from Paris. So classic!

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Friday Favorites

All lined up after a day of model rocket creating, swimming, and playing outside watching the start of the newest Minecraft: Story Mode. The best of summer!

Simple, girly, and somewhat sporty summer outfit.

Books about wonder to read with the boys.

Such fancy pasta!

A bench to put on my next summer to do list.

How I love sunflowers.

Effortlessly adding woven wall art.

A panda array of solar power. Both mathematical, ecological, and adorable.

The reason why our Grandparents are just “resting their eyes” in the afternoon.

Inspiration arrives when…

And finally, why constraints are important in creating a narrative, definitely using these ideas as an activity in my speech class!

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Fourth & family

The boys have had a terrific time this Fourth of July week, with lots of cousin time, family in town, and time at the pool and playing outside.

We swam at the pool:

Twirled glow bracelets while watching fireworks:

Played spike ball:

Put together puzzles:

Played red light/green light:

And other outside games:

Had an anniversary celebration with my parents (43 years! They’re the best!):

Took a few family photos:

We had a terrific week!

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Friday Favorites

Oh to swing with abandon!

Styling out a future patio that’s more than just a concrete slab.

A kitchen filled with lovely plants and light.

Great tips for backpacking with kids, I’m going to need this in the fall for Cub Scouts!

And with that backpacking, some camp food ideas.

Chex Mix all dressed up for the Fourth of July.

A three part system for organizing kids clothes, love this idea for changing seasons.

The history of Pho. The boys will love learning about this because someone made Pho on their current favorite reality show, The Next Food Network Star.

Figuring out how to organize Legos…I’m sorry this is hilarious. Just put those things in the biggest bin you can find and dream on, my friends.

Playground equipment at night in Japan. Awesome? Creepy? I can’t decide.

And finally, summer hats!

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Friday Favorites

Party of five.

The Woman in White is a vintage classic that I’ve added to my reading list.

A panzenella summer salad of grilled peppers and torn mozzarella.

A book of summer memories. I’m getting started on this!

Put a label on it.

A mud cloth American flag, such a lovely idea for The Fourth of July.

Stylish pieces to move you through all of summer.

The home edit is the Instagram I can’t stop scrolling through.

Chocolate chip rosemary scones to make with our new fresh herbs!

Croissants taste better in France. Science says so!

A little s’mores popcorn for all of our summer binge watching. Currently the boys are catching up on Star Wars Rebels and B and I are watching House of Cards & The Chef’s Table on Netflix.

And finally, a dramatic sleeve once, twice. I feel a fall trend emerging!

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Friday Favorites

Waiting in the shade.

My inspiration for re-finishing our dining table and chairs. This year I may just make it happen!

The topknot scarf is my current summer solution for not doing my hair. Ha!

On the heels of my post yesterday, how to actually unplug during a vacation.

Love this all about Dad printable for Father’s Day.

Tapping into creativity through speeches.

A five minute exercise for strengthening your core.

It may seem silly to have an office kit on hand for college kids, but I’ve had meetings where I’ve passed out crayons for two year olds while I talk to their Mom, grabbed snacks for students who didn’t have breakfast, should have, and need to give a speech, and the list goes on and on.

The comfort clothing movement.

A modern superhero party that J would love.

I love planes, and I love the way the boys stop and turn to watch a plane as it soars overhead.

And finally, the Italian pressed sandwiches on my list for dinner next week.

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Friday Favorites on a Saturday

It’s s’more season!

Books to add to my summer reading list.

Long lists help you brainstorm better! Yeah, they do!

The art of successful storytelling to create better communication.

Great idea for spicing up our favorite slow cooker pulled pork.

Vivid and bright art studio with awesome collage inspiration.

 Simple and gorgeous summer looks. With these shoes.

Homemade dole whips to tied us over until our next Disney trip.

And finally, when J was two he bought me Wonder Woman pajamas because “she looks like Mommy and they’re strong”.

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Friday Favorites

School’s out for summer! I’m rejecting my slight-A type need to create a list of summer fun, instead I’m getting out with the boys and we are creating summer fun in the moment. Not that I don’t love a good list! However, after a really busy school year we are going to spend some time being plain bored, watching cartoons late, taking long walks, vegging at the pool, crafting, making fun foods, and reading! I guess we do have a bit of a list after all 🙂

For when the boys are older and we can tackle more adventurous hikes.

Easy cinnamon sugar donuts for one of our fun recipes!

A’s sweet teacher gifted me a book for being a room mom this year and I literally cannot put it down. It’s awesome.

Clean and fresh bedroom in four unique ways.

Literally the only people I talk on the phone with are my Mom and sister.

A fabulous shirt dress, I’m trying to figure out if I can re-create it at a more cost effective price.

Strategies for camping with kids. I better read up, I’m pretty sure we have at least three camping trips this fall.

One thing I decided to do this summer (mainly to keep my sanity), is not taking lunch requests from the boys. I never do that during the school year and I’m done running my kitchen like a short order cook for lunch in the summer. That being said I’ve got a list of lunch ideas in my back pocket.

And finally, the craft room of my dreams!

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