Friday Favorites

Matchbox and Hot Wheel competition is the theme of our week. It seems like everything is a competition these days with the boys, especially J. Who can buckle their seatbelt the fastest, get their shoes the fastest, etc. You’d think it would mean we get out of the house quicker, but it really doesn’t. Insert my face every morning, here:

There it is. Now on to some of my favorites of the week:

The wavy hair I rocked for most of the week…and then one day looked like Hermoine Granger when the humidity got too high:

Thanks a lot Southern weather.

I love, love, love beachy surf style, so even though I don’t have a beach house, I’m putting a book on my list for a little surf style at home:

A’s second grade teacher has been awesome, and she’s also an artist, so the kids have done some really unique and cool art projects this year and this one may be my favorite:

I was inspired to start replenishing art supplies for fun activities for the boys this summer!

Creating a cozy bedroom through layering….I’m trying to figure out where to layer in a print that I think the boys would find hilarious, and have endless debates about. These are the the things you think of in a house full of boys…how can I make them laugh?

Ideas on teaching kids to have giving hearts. Love this!

And finally, adding Positano to my bucket list with the boys. So lovely!

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Friday Favorites

Love cuddling up with the boys after bath time and watching Iron Chef before books and bed.

Things people don’t discuss in business, but should. Great for my biz com students!

Weatherproofing outdoor chairs, on my list for our outdoor chairs this summer.

Coordinating colors for our bedroom wingback chairs.

Lemon ice box pie with golden Oreos, perfect Spring/Summer dessert.

Gorgeous summer dress and I’m already trying to figure out how to re-create her hairstyle.

I’ve got Hawaii on my bucket list for vacations with the boys. Maybe, Maui?

An alternative to the pencil skirt for the office.

Creating beautiful balconies in small spaces.

Hilariously readings of bad yelp reviews.

Y’all know I’m obsessed with bread and baking bread. I’m thinking about incorporating it with a Between the Lions episode this summer with the boys.

And finally, a kid friendly Fitbit that I’m betting will wind up on A’s Christmas list.

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Friday Favorites

This kid. He’s about to end his preschool years and officially enter elementary school with his brother. I’m soaking up the last days of being able to walk to pick him up from school, visit our neighborhood ducks and turtles, and arrive home to sit on the front porch, eat popsicles, and discuss what animals have ears.

Consider this tape dispenser already ordered for J for Christmas.

A perfect summer centerpiece.

A chocolate chip cookie is always a good reason to grow mint.

Cinnamon sugar tortilla roll-ups, the perfect end to a Cinco de Mayo.

Pool cover-up and flip-flops.

Did Jack Sparrow ruin The Pirates of Caribbean?

On the magic of having boys.

Thoughts on why we don’t embrace the scale for baking in the U.S.

Short ribs and romaine stir fry sounds amazing!

And finally, sunscreen touch up powder is on my list to test out.

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Friday Favorites 

A little old school fix the chair playing this week.

Travel tips for flying with kids. Always good to have on hand!

Apparently, now it’s trendy to sleep?

Taking a cubicle from drab to fab.

Perfect date night outfit.

For when you’re lost at Home Goods.

Making your mantel all Springy.

Alright, I guess I’ll run some.

Easter in London sounds lovely.

Perfect felt crowns for pretend play.

Pegboard as wall art.

And finally, the chicken curry on my dinner list.

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Friday Favorites on a Saturday 

Currently we are having an epic throwback weekend. On Friday we played Wii Link’s Crossbow Training and on Saturday we watched Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. J’s played TBall, our grocery shopping is done, and B & I are currently watching the end of Season 2 of Better Call Saul. So while I wait for Netflix to switch episodes here are some of my favorites of the week!

Finishing up grading, getting woken up by my 5 year old at 1 a.m. an eye brightener is always on my list.

A little paper placement creates a silly scene.

Love this geometric clutch. Perfect for spring weddings or dinner out!

Making a classically simple sourdough.

How seven flowers shaped our world. Fascinating!

We can’t resist a good board game!

Never knock intuition.

One pot chicken pilaf, perfect springtime dinner.

Classic nineties dress with a modern update.

And finally, spring reading list to start after I finish after my current read.

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Friday Favorites…on a Saturday 

You know the term, “babies don’t keep”? How’d my baby turn into a kid overnight? It doesn’t help that the shorts he’s wearing are his brothers from last year and they are already almost too short.

Chocolate mousse dessert to make with the boys this weekend.

Pizza + casserole + make two at one time= on the dinner schedule.

Mastering the topknot with a few simple steps.

Fancy little breakfast sandwich.

All the flowers! So pretty to look at. In pictures only. As I sneeze.

Training your brain to be an innovative leader.

Starting the process of incorporating Misty Copeland’s dance oriented exercises into my work out routine. And by starting I mean I’m planning to.

The magical properties of a simple PB&J.

A whole new level of stained glass.

And finally, a list of curating new spring closet essentials. Love it!

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Friday Favorites

I came to an astounding realization this week of spring break. My boys are officially at ages where they pretty much play on their own. We did some baking, some crafting, played board games, watched Spring Baking Championship, Planet Earth II, & Chopped, but most of the time they played outside (when it wasn’t freezing), built Legos, played Tsum Tsums, and attempted to beat Plants vs. Zombies. We had a great, very chill, Spring Break! Perfect before the rush of the end of the school year begins!

If our graham candy bars above look delicious you can find the recipe here. We used plain graham not chocolate.

Among the many cool scenes from Planet Earth that we watched one of my favorites was the giraffe boot kicking (is that a term??) a lion. The boys favorite was the bears scratching their backs like Baloo from The Jungle Book.

Amazing optical illusion paintings that would be fun to create inspired art projects with the boys.

I love Victoria Beckham’s style so I’m hoping to snag at least a couple of the pieces from her Target collection

How to beat jet lag.

Ten ways to wear rain boots for April showers.

How to upgrade a lunch salad. I’m closer to eating that than a sandwich, so it’s good to know.

And finally, definitely putting Kauai on our family bucket list.

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Friday Favorites

Books to consider adding to my spring reading list.

Simple ways to be mindful and reduce stress.

Going green (cake) for Spring.

A week of work outfits.

A clock that A would find fascinating.

A crayon art project that includes one of my favorite videos on crayon making.

A tassel bracelet for my Easter basket!

Floor cushions for the study.

Sheet pan chicken poblano fajitas

Pink noise to improve memory? 

Nail colors trending right now. 

And finally, conversation starters for kids at dinner time. But then, when would they talk about Pokémon and Minecraft? Ha!

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Friday Favorites 

Simple chicken pho for those cold February nights.

The importance of etiquette

Lunchbox cookies.

The case for under-packing.

Just a small batch of cupcakes.

Why we need sleep. Otherwise known as the persuasive video my students watched this week.

A lighter version of one of my favorite bronzers. 

Vases the look pretty with or without flowers. At my house they’d most likely be without, ha!

And finally a summer suit that has me searching through my closet to try. 

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Friday Favorites

One last pic from J’s birthday week. This is him listening as his great-grandparents sang him happy birthday over the phone. It was my favorite part of his day. So sweet!

Chili to make with our chili starter in the freezer. 

For my non-boot camp days when J is outside swinging. 

A week of outfit inspiration.

Abstract graphic and cubism inspired prints make me happy! 

Paint pallets to inspire your next art project

Sky blue for our blue sky February. 

The pretzel bites we had for our super bowl snack. 

Thoughts on Creativity, Inc. to further my class discussion on organizations. 

Best Valentines ever. 

How fun is this cherry paper wreath

An article on a soul food chef, both insightful and mysterious.

Reading after kids. 

Potential Valentine’s meal. 

Chai tea sugar? Yes, please. 

And finally, I’m testing out Olay’s depuffing eye cream after reading through a list of potentials. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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