Steak & Arugula Pizza

One of my favorite Saturday night dinners is a homemade pizza. Using The Pioneer Woman’s  pizza dough recipe, B grilled flank steak while I prepped the marinara sauce. I mixed a half a cup of store bought marinara with 3 tbs of bbq sauce, and a splash of Worcestershire sauce. After the flank steak was medium rare we sliced it thinly and placed it on top of the rolled out dough and marinara mix. We topped it with cheddar and mozzarella and baked it at 475 for about ten minutes. Immediately after pulling it out of the oven we topped it with arugula. So good!

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Recipe spin…vegetable tortellini pasta salad

Vegetable tortellini pastaThis has been one of my favorite pasta salads for lunch so far. I used a Mix & Match Mama recipe, but instead of pepperoni  & cherry tomatoes I substituted one small jar of slice olives, and one small jar of sliced mushrooms. I made it up on Sunday and then ate it throughout the week. My only recommendation would be to add a little extra salad dressing on top as it gets a bit dry throughout the week. Lunch planned!

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Lately we’ve been…

Creating marble towers before church…

Making Marble Towers

Creating an entire code system for the alphabet and numbers up to 15:


Going to Cabela’s to look at tents and being amazed by all of the taxidermy animals they have there:

Cabela's(I mean, why are they fighting? Couldn’t they just as logically be eating a nice rabbit and some berries peacefully beside each other? Maybe they are arguing over who saw the fifty percent off hiking boots first.)

Making one of my two favorite dinner rolls:

Dinner Rolls

Making honey lime enchiladas for dinner (not to go with the rolls, but I mean why not?):

Honey Lime Enchiladas

Back to our system of me putting a bunch of books on hold at the library and then picking them up later in the week:

Books{J’s favorite has been I will Take a Nap!, A’s favorite is the Dinosaur Bones Encyclopedia, and I’m currently reading The Little Paris Bookstore and enjoying it so far}

And finally, playing hide and seek and eating snacks while waiting during A’s tennis lessons:

Tennis Lessons

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Jedi Juice Pops

JJPAt the library this past week, A found a Star Wars cookbook. I was reminded of the Care Bear cookbook I had when I was little. Okay, still have it. Don’t hate because you don’t have one. Anyway. A was very excited about it and wanted to cook something from it immediately, which was great because the boys lately have been uninterested in helping out in the kitchen…

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Blackberry tea

Blackberry tea

One of the fun things that we do for birthdays and holidays is come up with either an appetizer or drink to celebrate (sometimes both!). My Mom comes up with great ideas, and my sister’s birthday drink was no exception! This blackberry tea is a bit labor intensive, but is definitely worth your time and effort. If you’re not a fan of bourbon you can leave it out, but if you are adding it, making sure it’s good quality. Oh and crush the fresh blackberries in your cup while you drink! It makes the flavor even richer.

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