Trail blazing

I’m here to share photos, not the experience because I didn’t attend this hike. B, my brother-in-law, all of our boys, and my cousin’s husband went on a hike while we were in California. A 4.25 mile hike. If you can’t believe that my four year old was able to hike that long, you’re right. They carried the younger boys a good part of the way. I had to share how gorgeous the California trails are (despite the drought), and this one even had a farm on it! So fun!

Trail Blazing Trail Blazing Trail Blazing Trail Blazing Trail Blazing Trail Blazing Trail Blazing Trail Blazing Trail Blazing Trail Blazing Trail Blazing Trail Blazing

They capped off the trail by heading to Five Guys (yes, I know what you are thinking…why not In & Out Burger? However, I’m pretty sure by the end of the hike they were trying to find food as quickly as possible):  Trail BlazingI still can’t believe they hiked for that long! The air is a lot dryer there and cooler, so it makes it a little easier to do the longer hikes. The boys said they had a great time, but were super tired by the end!

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California 2016

California LoveSo for the first time in I don’t know how long (twenty years maybe??), all of my family traveled to California for my cousin’s wedding. This picture is of all the grandkids (there are twelve of us). I didn’t take a lot of photos during the trip, so I’m grateful that my cousins did and posted them on Facebook, so I would have some more to share! Here are a few photos from our reunion…

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Friday Favorites (Disney Edition!)

Friday FavoritesSince Disney is on our vacation list this year, I thought it’d be fun to do a Disney themed Friday Favorites. This is a round up of all the articles and websites I found useful (or just fun) while planning our trip, plus a couple of throwbacks (including this picture) to when we took A to Disney six years ago. Enjoy!

Of all the restaurants we are visiting Ohana is the one that if you tell people you are going there they immediately respond with “one of the best restaurants on the property.”

The best sequined Minnie ears.

In case you want to go total avant garde Star Wars.

The tsum tsum video that is the reason J wants a goofy tsum tsum (to save him, of course!).

The boys are looking forward to finding hidden Mickeys.

Tips on dining with young kids at Disney.

I got almost all of my touring plans and fast past set-up ideas from using WDWPrepSchool site. If you haven’t planned a Disney trip in a long time (like us), this is essential.

Our trip to Animal Kingdom with A and what I learned.

Some tips and tricks of traveling to Disney World.

For our family a food bucket list is required. Mickey ice cream sandwiches are one of my favorites.

And finally, I don’t think you can set up a Disney trip without help. Our Mickey Adventure agent, Missy, is awesome. Not only did she set up our reservations and all our fast passes, but she has sent us so much essential information that was really helpful considering we hadn’t been to Disney World fully in ten years.

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