Weekend Adventures

On our three day weekend, I did paper shredding, laundry, linen closet cleaning, and study straightening, all of which are super exciting adult tasks that I did not take pictures of. Ha! However, here are some of the actual exciting parts of our weekend…

I finally got the chance to wear my new boots! Although this picture makes it look a lot colder than it actually was:

On Saturday we celebrated my Dad’s birthday by going to Mellow Mushroom and then back to my parents for cake and presents:

On Sunday we went to church and then B headed to cub scouts with A, and J and I went searching for a family of turtles:

We did not find the turtle family, but we did see a blue heron catch a big fish, and collected some leaves:

And then A had a basketball game Sunday night:

The boys started out Monday by dragging out all of their tsum tsums and playing tusm tsum vet:

And then B and A started working on A’s pinewood derby car:

And tomorrow we’re back to work and school! And basketball games! And cub scouts! Is it the weekend, yet??

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Cousin time!

After Christmas more of our family arrived to visit with us. The boys loved having more extended family in town and were so sad when their cousins had to go back home! Here are some of their many adventures over the week!

There was a lot of playing:

And a game of Risk that lasted about a week:

And they introduced their younger cousins to Minecraft and apps that do Santa’s hair (yes, that app does exist):

And we had a lot of outside playtime because the weather was unseasonably warm the first part of the week:

And they tested out the foam bow and arrow set one of my aunts got the boys for Christmas:

And there were tractor rides:

And four wheeler rides:

And of course lots of bikes and scooter riding:

And visiting time as well:

It was such a fun week! I can’t believe our winter break is about to be over and the boys will be headed back to school soon!

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The only one who eats the gingerbread house…

Is J. Even when he needs help to carve off the pieces of candy…

And can’t even convince his PaPa (who loves candy) that eating the whole house in one sitting is a good idea:

He still adores his gingerbread house and is determined to eat it all:

Just don’t tell him it’s made of sugar. A dentist came to their school and J is now convinced that sugarbugs are going to get in his teeth if he eats sugar. Luckily a gingerbread house is just made out of ginger and candy. All non sugar items. HA!

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Christmas Day

A jumped up this Christmas at 6:00 a.m. and then realized no one was awake yet, and went back to bed, until I got up at 6:45. The boys were so excited to see their Christmas gifts!

Since B and I’s anniversary is at the end of December, I went ahead and gave him his anniversary present at Christmas:

You can currently find him playing Final Fantasy.

After all the presents were opened the boys got right to work playing with their new items:

Then my parents and grandparents (who are in town for Christmas) came over for lunch:

And then later in the afternoon we headed to my parents to open gifts at their house and have dinner. We took a few pictures before things got too crazy:

And then we started opening presents:

Then the boys settled down to play some of their new games:

And then we headed in to have dinner:

And took one last photo of the four of us before the night was through:

Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Eve: Cookies, a play, and dinner

On Christmas Eve morning the boys and I made Christmas snickerdoodles and “spreads“:

And then we headed over to my parents for dinner and a play the boys and their cousins had prepared.

Their play was about a gingerbread man that got lost on the way to the North Pole. My nephew J was the director and head scriptwriter:

It was pure hilarity. My sister and I used to put on Christmas plays when we were kids, so we LOVED that they did this and came up with it all on their own.

We got home just in time to put the boys to bed and wait for Santa to arrive!

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Gingerbread houses, feeding the fish, and Christmas Eve Eve

Expect an overload of family pictures this week! We have lots of family in town and have partaken in many holiday festivities! I’m going to try to re-cap day by day our happenings, so sit back and get ready to scroll through lots of photos! Enjoy!

Our holiday began with the boys making gingerbread houses, and gingerbread cookies at my parents’ house.

My Mom and sister making the gingerbread dough…

Gingerbread housesAnd then poof we were on to building houses! Just kidding, we get box sets for the houses. We’ve learned a lot with having four kids decorate gingerbread houses.

Gingerbread housesThere was careful decorating and attention to detail…

Gingerbread housesGingerbread houses Gingerbread houses Gingerbread housesAnd also a lot of the adults saying “If you eat all the decorations you won’t have anything to decorate your house with…” But they still ate a lot of candy, as seen here:

Quick picture of my Mom, Grandmother, and sister:

Gingerbread houses

And then it was on to making gingerbread cookies:

Gingerbread houses Gingerbread cookiesGingerbread cookies

And then we headed outside to feed the fish at my parents’ pond:

Feeding the fishAnd then we headed over to my sister’s house for our annual Feliz Navidad, Christmas Eve Eve dinner:

And the boys watched Elf for the first time and laughed the entire time (and proceeded to spend the rest of the weekend saying “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!”):

And that was our Christmas Eve Eve! It was a terrific day!

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Christmas with Nana and Grandpa

B’s parents visited this past weekend to have Christmas with us, and I’m sure they probably needed a nap after they left because the boys had them playing games pretty much from the moment they arrived until the moment they left! They did stop to have dinner:

Nana and Grandpa Visit

And open presents:

Grandpa and Nana Visit Grandpa and Nana Visit Grandpa and Nana VisitNana and Grandpa VisitNana and Grandpa Visit

And read books:

Nana and Grandpa Visit It was a great visit to kick off our Christmas vacation!

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