Weekend Recap and a Few Phrases from Super A

This weekend seems to be a bit of a blur by now! On Friday us and the local fam went to Rosie’s to celebrate my husband’s birthday and then came back to our house for presents and cake.

On Saturday Super A preferred to gleefully run around in his diaper…

rather than actually get dressed.

We did manage to get him in a blue shirt and blue shorts for the “all in” blue Auburn game. After four hours of pizza, cake, and nail-biting with the jordans 🙂 we finally emerged victorious over Clemson (but just barely!).

Then on Sunday we ran a bunch of errands and Super A got to experience his first cherry limeade.

Super A used the following phrases to describe his cherry limeade:

“I like it too much!”

“It’s tasty”

“Yummy in my tummy”

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Yesterday we celebrated my husband’s birthday. It was fun because Super A is really getting into the spirit of birthdays. He greeted my husband as soon as he came home with a “happy birthday Daddy!” and gleefully led him to the presents saying “look! presents! we open them!”

He picked out the balloon and was so excited about us putting up a banner.

The lightsaber Super A picked out for his present to his Daddy.

Super A is looking forward to a little light reading. HA!

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Game Day!

I couldn’t start the week off without this obligatory post. Of course we celebrated the first game day of the season. We watched Game Day on ESPN, we dressed in our Auburn gear, we made food, we ate food, and oh yeah we won! Hopefully the less than week turn around to another football game will not be detrimental. Super A was super excited about shaking shakers and yelling “Wah-Eagle!”. He was not so excited about our yelling during the game, or the fact that we couldn’t watch Little Einsteins instead of football (I can’t really blame him. The game was over three and half hours…what?!).

Shaking Shakers

Dancing. Apparently the fight song for Auburn is “Muffin Man”. According to Super A.

Watching the game.

My Mom, Sister and I were watching the game. At the table. Closer to the apple dip!

Oh and see that orange bowl of peaches there. I accidentally left them on the table after dinner. Later Super A came in to the family room and said “Here Papa” and handed my Dad a nice handful of slimy peaches he had dumped out of the container. Good times!

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Birthdaypallooza. A term I affectionately attach to every birthday in our family as each birthday is typically celebrated over several days. This year was no different! On Saturday we went to my parents to celebrate with my favorite dinner (enchiladas, guacamole, and key lime pie). Then on Sunday morning Super A and my dear husband prepared me breakfast and had presents waiting when I got up. I love celebrating my birthday, most of all because it’s just too much fun with a bunch of kids to help rip your presents open and then get super excited about your brand new pair of pants!

“Oooh a dress!” Super A exclaimed! He then promptly ran over and handed it to my sister.

Ahh everyone came to see the belt. Even Paddington. Paddington was originally my dog. Now he belongs to my parents. However, he still likes to sit in my lap and claim me as his whenever I’m around.

A rare picture of all three of us. And looking at the camera no less!

The candles were Super A’s favorite part. We sang and blew them out twice. I better buy extra for his birthday!

So after a fun dinner Saturday night, I was greeted Sunday morning with more presents and of course, a hello kitty tablecloth. My husband and I have a long standing tradition of getting kid’s decorations for our birthdays. Tinkerbell, batman, and transformers have all made appearances. It’s always a surprise what the decorations will be!

Opening Super A’s card that he colored and stickered himself!

Reading through my new cookbook “The Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook” (Yes I know I’m behind in getting this!) Super A was very intrigued. I really think he’s going to be a chef. I mean how many one and a half year olds know how to say Paprika?

I love that this picture is a blur of motion because it describes the moment so well! Super A saw that I got a bag of chocolates. He sneaked them off the table put them in a pitcher and tried to run away with them! He literally tried to leave out the backdoor! That must be genetic (The love of chocolate. Not the stealing part. HA!).

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Poor Baby!

Resting in his stroller
Resting in his stroller

As noticeable in the photograph A has been sick. He has just your run of the mill cold, but his first. The first couple of days he sounded raspy, leading to a “lion-esque” sound that he kept making when he breathed in deep. After talking with the nurse at our pediatrician I began the standard baby remedy of running the humidifier and using saline drops for his nose. That is pretty much all you can do for colds for babies these days since every cold medicine out there is not FDA approved for babies. Therefore, my blogging and pretty much everything else has been put on hold this week while we have been doing an extra amount of nose wiping, baby rocking, and humidifier running.

Towards the end of the week A began doing better, finally! I was a bit scattered at my first day back to work after taking care of A, it still hasn’t completely set in that I am working a few days a week again. I keep trying to remember that I need to do lesson planning, etc., but as I said this week has been a bit crazy. We did end the week by attending a birthday party for one of our friends’ little girl. A was doing remarkably better and was no longer contagious, so we figured he would be good to go. It was so sweet! A was a bit nervous at first, he still has some stranger anxiety, but after a few minutes he warmed up to the adults and the other babies there. It was a beach theme and the cake was so adorable! I had never had a cake from Cakes Etc. and it was delicious! A was very chatty while our friends’ little girl was opening up her presents. A loves presents, which I hope continues until his birthday!

We ended our weekend by my dad and my husband flooring a good part of our attic. Our guest bedroom was basically spilling out into the hallway and we needed to get the items (such as A’s newborn clothes, etc.) that I had boxed up into the attic. Our attic only had one small part with flooring and after carrying a few things up while A was napping we realized there was no way we were going to get everything up there without extra floor space. Thankfully my parents have two things we needed, a truck and flooring experience (haha, thanks Dad!). They got to work putting the flooring in, which went relatively quickly, and my husband and I spent the rest of the day moving things from the guest bedroom to the attic. Now we can actually move in our guest bedroom!

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We were so excited when my Aunt P and cousin Stephie decided to come visit for a few days this past week. It was so fun to have them here and we enjoyed introducing A to them. Besides just hanging out with all the kids we also went to Bridgestreet and had lunch, just the girls! That is a rarity now for myself and my sister, so we had a lot of fun doing that. Here are a few pictures of my Aunt P and Stephie with A for their visit!

Aidan and Aunt Pam
A and Aunt P
My Mom, Aidan, and Stephanie
My Mom, A, and Steph
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Apollo’s Fortieth

Today we visited the Space and Rocket Center to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Apollo 11’s landing on the moon. We and about four thousand other Marshall Space Flight Center employees trekked through the Davidson Center, and the outside areas to see the different exhibits, astronauts, and more! I was quite appreciative that A is still little enough that we didn’t have to stand in line for rides. I’m sure that will come soon enough. A was happy enough to just look at all the people and the kids. A finds kids fascinating right now and he likes to wave at everyone (except on command, he will not wave on command. I suppose he is a bit stubborn in that way, not sure where he gets that!). He is still having a bit of stranger anxiety, but overall he does pretty well as long as he is in his stroller or we are holding him. Our tale of hat drama ends here, as he decided to take off his hat and throw it away when we were not looking. He got half way back to our car (which was a loooonnnngg trip) and I realized he didn’t have his hat anymore. So Brian ran all the way back to the center looking for it. Luckily someone was nice enough to place it by one of the planters so it didn’t get tromped all over. Perhaps I need to get a tie for it so he will keep it on. I have a feeling he would figure a way to take it off. We did get a picture of the three of us as a nice couple offered to take our picture outside. The woman that offered to take our picture was doing her best to get A’s attention so he would look at the camera, but he was distracted by all the other people nearby. I like the picture because it looks like we are the only ones there (we were definitely not).

You can vaguely see the Saturn V in the background
You can vaguely see the Saturn V in the background
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Trips and Staycations

Since my husband has been out of town for work this past week, A and I took a vacation (or perhaps a staycation) to my parents’ house for the week. In addition A is still not sleeping well at night, so I took the opportunity with the extra help to catch up on sleep, reading, and preparing my lectures for this fall. Which is why I haven’t updated! However, we have been quite busy with outings in the past couple of weeks that I wanted to post and put up pictures about. Last Saturday (not this Saturday, but the one before) we took A to the park here in Huntsville. We had a little picnic with him, fed the ducks, and walked around. A loved it as he loves anything that has to do with being outside. A also discovered at this visit that he does not care to wear his hat anymore. Which means now our struggle of hat not hat begins. It’s a drama that begins here and will end a few posts later, haha. It was quite funny feeding the ducks as we started out with one lone little duck (which A liked) and ended up with many more (which A started to get nervous about…or maybe it was me). Here are some pictures from our park visit.

Seriously another picture??
I heart my sippy cup.
I heart my sippy cup.
I will take off my own hat!
I will take off my own hat!
Are you sure we should feed these ducks?
Are you sure we should feed these ducks?

In addition as we were packing for my husband’s business trip A helped out by seeing if he could fit in his suitcase. As you will see, A is quite a ham for the camera. In most pictures if you ask him to smile he puts on this huge grin, even if he is fussing. He has also figured out that there is a camera on my phone so when I open it up he starts smiling and reaching for it.

Do you think this counts as carry on luggage?
Do you think this counts as carry on luggage?
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