Friday Christmas Shopping

Since my sister and I were teenagers we have gone with my Dad to Christmas shop for my Mom every year. We are supposed to help him stay within a budget per my Mom’s instructions. HA! This year we took all the boys and my Mom came too, so she could do some shopping on her own. We usually time our shopping (I think our best was 2 hours…did I mention how fast my Dad can walk through a store?). However, this year we found that shopping with all the boys has significantly changed how quickly we can shop. We left at 9 and arrived back at my parents at 3 p.m. ….exhausted! But it was a very fun day, and the boys loved getting to go to lunch, and they saw Santa Claus! Super A told him he wanted “chicken nuggets and french fries”. I managed to capture a few photos with my cellphone of our lunch and Santa Claus meeting.

The boys watching Santa walk around the restaurant. They were so excited!

My nephew talking with Santa. Super A refused to sit with him…but that was better than screaming and crying like last year.

Waiting for lunch. Little boys never do well at waiting for anything.

Super A was more interested in his apple juice than a picture.

Little J was also more interested in his apple juice than the picture.

And one more picture!

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While it may be a bit of a cliche, I think that’s a good word to describe our Thanksgiving this year. We are so thankful for God’s blessing, and a strong family. And lots of love and prayers!

And for this little mess of a two year old 🙂

So excited to find the biggest stick EVER.

One leaf blown. Only five thousand to go. HA!

Walking through the leaves with Granna and Papa

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Happy Birthday Mom!

This past Saturday we went over to my parents’ to celebrate my Mom’s birthday. Which means, mostaccioli, chocolate cake, football, and lots of excited boys who all want to help open (and eat…what?) presents!! The boys all went over in their costumes to do their trick or treating there. Super A looked so cute going to ring the doorbell…behold…

A jedi on a mission. Get candy I will.

He rang the doorbell and waited…

And was rewarded with candy.

Then the birthday festivities started. Which apparently included some sort of wrestling…

Trying to sit patiently until presents could be opened…

And then opening presents…

So exciting!

Preparing the cake…

It came in peace. Hahaha.

And blowing out the candles…

Yeah! Happy Birthday Mom/Granna!

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Pumpkin Patch 2010

This year we headed to the pumpkin patch for Super A to run, play, climb in corn, jump on hay stacks and of course pick a pumpkin. We left Friday afternoon to make the thirty minute drive to the nearest pumpkin patch. It’s more of a kid friendly carnival-ish type place than a typical pumpkin patch, but Super A loved it (despite the fact that he was a little overwhelmed at first).

Many of our pictures were like this…

A view of the back of Super A’s head. He was so excited about the Thomas the train cut-outs!

After playing hide and seek behind the Thomas cut-outs we headed over to the corn cribs…

I was not sure if Super A would like this or not, but he loved it! And I think there still may be corn in his shoes.

After the corn crib we headed over to look at some pumpkins.

Super A used “muscles” to lift a pumpkin. At least that’s what he told us!

Then we headed into the hay maze…

which I was not particularly fond of. We ended up leaving through the entrance because Super A got nervous about the kids running around him to get through the maze.

Then we headed to Super A’s favorite part…

the bunnies. He petted one and squealed “he’s so cute”! I wanted to take the fluffy gray and white one home.

He loved going down the slide with his Daddy…

I refused to go down the slide. I’m not getting stuck on another slide, HA!

We took a Mommy and Super A picture at one of the little john deer play vehicles…

And after a few tantrums about climbing up the sand tires (he kept falling on them, so we left that area)…

He ended up happily playing in a sand box.

They had these gourds that the seeds made them sound like maracas…

so of course Super A dance around with them. Singing his own tune. Which was Little Einsteins.

And after an entire afternoon of trying to get the perfect pumpkin picture…

somehow this one just fell in to place. This totally looks posed, but I promise it’s not! Super A decided to lay back in the pumpkins while he had been carrying around this corn cob and I quickly took a few pictures before he decided he wanted to get back out!

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A Party and a Train…

I have been behind in posting this week. Since Super A’s birthday is next weekend I will probably be behind in posting until then! These are the rest of the pictures from our visit “up north” (HA!). On Friday night we celebrated my husband’s parents’ thirty fifth wedding anniversary. Super A was a champ the whole weekend, but especially Friday night. He was a bit nervous when we first go to the party, but after a little while of hiding in my arm he did great.

So this was Super A when we first arrived…

He had fallen asleep in the car, and was not quite ready to wake up. However after a few minutes…

He was quite the happy camper.

Playing hide and seek under the high chair.

Clapping, singing, and coloring with Aunt A.

We had a great time! The music was lovely, the food was great, and it was wonderful being able to celebrate with my in-laws! Here are some family photos from the event.

After the party Friday night, Saturday we took Super A to ride a train at a park near my in-laws house. Super A was unsure of the train ride at first, but after riding on it he loved hearing the whistle and the wind blowing in his face. The train was a bit faster than I expected and it was cold! However, it was actually warmer there than it was when we got home!

The slide was apparently super scary. But then he wanted to go on it ten more times.

And then we wandered over to ride the train…

And took a picture in front of the electric engine afterward…

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A Completed Project, A Craft, and A Recipe!

So due to my procrastinatory nature, I spent most of the summer working on these two canvases for my sweet nephews. But finally…finished!

The lighting is not great, but I got tired of trying to find good lighting on a rainy, cloudy day.

And now a craft. Sesame Street is all new this week (finally!) and so I have a few craft/learning projects correlating with the episodes. Today we learned about camouflage (I also learned I don’t know how to spell camouflage). I should really start looking words up. I’m getting a complex about my spelling abilities.

This craft was very simplistic. We just took red paper and then scraps of crepe red, yellow and green paper and glued them on the paper. Then we talked about how the crepe paper was similar or different from the red paper. And we read the book “The Mixed Up Chameleon” by Eric Carle.

Finally a recipe. For the Auburn game on Saturday I made turkey chili. Here is my easy recipe.

Turkey Chili


1 lb of ground turkey

1 bottle of beer (I used Sam Adams…just don’t use any light beer)

1 15 oz can diced tomatoes

1 small can (I think they are 6 oz) tomato paste

1/2 diced yellow onions

1 15 oz can white cannellini beans

1 tsp lawry’s seasoning salt

1 tbs cumin

1 tbs chili powder

Shredded Cheese

Put all ingredients except shredded cheese in a crockpot. Cook for 6-8 hours. Top with cheese!

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Weekend Recap and a Few Phrases from Super A

This weekend seems to be a bit of a blur by now! On Friday us and the local fam went to Rosie’s to celebrate my husband’s birthday and then came back to our house for presents and cake.

On Saturday Super A preferred to gleefully run around in his diaper…

rather than actually get dressed.

We did manage to get him in a blue shirt and blue shorts for the “all in” blue Auburn game. After four hours of pizza, cake, and nail-biting with the jordans 🙂 we finally emerged victorious over Clemson (but just barely!).

Then on Sunday we ran a bunch of errands and Super A got to experience his first cherry limeade.

Super A used the following phrases to describe his cherry limeade:

“I like it too much!”

“It’s tasty”

“Yummy in my tummy”

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Yesterday we celebrated my husband’s birthday. It was fun because Super A is really getting into the spirit of birthdays. He greeted my husband as soon as he came home with a “happy birthday Daddy!” and gleefully led him to the presents saying “look! presents! we open them!”

He picked out the balloon and was so excited about us putting up a banner.

The lightsaber Super A picked out for his present to his Daddy.

Super A is looking forward to a little light reading. HA!

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Game Day!

I couldn’t start the week off without this obligatory post. Of course we celebrated the first game day of the season. We watched Game Day on ESPN, we dressed in our Auburn gear, we made food, we ate food, and oh yeah we won! Hopefully the less than week turn around to another football game will not be detrimental. Super A was super excited about shaking shakers and yelling “Wah-Eagle!”. He was not so excited about our yelling during the game, or the fact that we couldn’t watch Little Einsteins instead of football (I can’t really blame him. The game was over three and half hours…what?!).

Shaking Shakers

Dancing. Apparently the fight song for Auburn is “Muffin Man”. According to Super A.

Watching the game.

My Mom, Sister and I were watching the game. At the table. Closer to the apple dip!

Oh and see that orange bowl of peaches there. I accidentally left them on the table after dinner. Later Super A came in to the family room and said “Here Papa” and handed my Dad a nice handful of slimy peaches he had dumped out of the container. Good times!

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Birthdaypallooza. A term I affectionately attach to every birthday in our family as each birthday is typically celebrated over several days. This year was no different! On Saturday we went to my parents to celebrate with my favorite dinner (enchiladas, guacamole, and key lime pie). Then on Sunday morning Super A and my dear husband prepared me breakfast and had presents waiting when I got up. I love celebrating my birthday, most of all because it’s just too much fun with a bunch of kids to help rip your presents open and then get super excited about your brand new pair of pants!

“Oooh a dress!” Super A exclaimed! He then promptly ran over and handed it to my sister.

Ahh everyone came to see the belt. Even Paddington. Paddington was originally my dog. Now he belongs to my parents. However, he still likes to sit in my lap and claim me as his whenever I’m around.

A rare picture of all three of us. And looking at the camera no less!

The candles were Super A’s favorite part. We sang and blew them out twice. I better buy extra for his birthday!

So after a fun dinner Saturday night, I was greeted Sunday morning with more presents and of course, a hello kitty tablecloth. My husband and I have a long standing tradition of getting kid’s decorations for our birthdays. Tinkerbell, batman, and transformers have all made appearances. It’s always a surprise what the decorations will be!

Opening Super A’s card that he colored and stickered himself!

Reading through my new cookbook “The Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook” (Yes I know I’m behind in getting this!) Super A was very intrigued. I really think he’s going to be a chef. I mean how many one and a half year olds know how to say Paprika?

I love that this picture is a blur of motion because it describes the moment so well! Super A saw that I got a bag of chocolates. He sneaked them off the table put them in a pitcher and tried to run away with them! He literally tried to leave out the backdoor! That must be genetic (The love of chocolate. Not the stealing part. HA!).

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