Camp-out cooking and leaf crafting

At A’s den meeting this week, he learned about first aid, safety, and how to grill a hamburger/hot dog, which are three important things!



He was very excited to eat the hamburger he made all by himself, and he even tried it with an onion on it!

While he and B were hiking and cooking, J and I worked on a leaf craft project at home. This is a super easy project that requires minimal items, all you need is a hammer, watercolor (or other heavy weight) paper, paper towels, and freshly fallen leaves.

You want leaves that have some pigment left in them because it will transfer color better to the paper. All you do is arrange your leaves on the paper…

And then cover them with paper towels, and hammer (carefully, with adult supervision) all over the leaves…

And the imprint of the leaves will transfer onto the paper!

Super simple, and a great weekend afternoon craft!

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Cub Haunted

The boys headed out this weekend to their favorite camp-out of the year, Cub Haunted. They did a trail, a hay ride, shot B.B. Guns, and practiced archery. We had a cold snap this weekend, so they braved the chilly temps, and were very glad they were in a little sleeping cabin instead of a tent. Here are a few pictures from their trip!

Eating the taco salad dinner:

Checking out their sleeping cabin:

Walking the trail:

And dominating the obstacle course:

They had a blast and came back with lots of stories to share from their adventures! This was J’s first time getting to camp at Cub Haunted and he was thrilled to participate like all the big kids.

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Cathedral Caverns

Our last cub scout camp-out of the season was at Cathedral Caverns in Alabama. The boys camped and I stayed most of the afternoon and evening and then left before I got over allergified. It’s hard to imagine if you don’t live in an area that has this, but the fields literally turn yellow with pollen in spring. Which makes for some crazy allergies.

Moving on…Cathedral Caverns is a 1.3 mile hike round trip, and it’s one of the biggest caves in the state. It was one of the coolest hikes we’ve ever done! The boys were definitely excited:


They especially liked the stalactites and stalagmites:

The prehistoric megladon shark tooth in the ceiling:

It includes spaces that can fit a 120 foot building:

And I believe the largest cave opening in the state:

The hike is fairly straightforward, all paved, and because it’s a tour, you don’t really notice that you’re walking the distance. Then when you camp at one of the sites down the road from the cave, you’ve got this spectacular view:


J was thrilled because it’s the very first time he got to camp with just the guys:

But he still ran in the door with big hugs for me when they got home!

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A parade, party, and Christmas preparations

This weekend we picked out a new Christmas tree, since ours was nine years old and the lights didn’t work in the middle…

After much deliberation we finally decided on the perfect one:

No, not that one…it was almost ten feet tall.

Then we headed to meet up with my sister, Mom, niece, and nephews to purchase items for shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child:

It was a little crazy with five kids, but we managed to get everything:

Then on Saturday I took A to march with the Cub Scouts in our local Veterans Day Parade:

Afterwards we ran by Starbucks:

And then headed to a birthday party:

On Sunday we took a lazy day, since J hasn’t quite gotten over his nighttime cough he’s been dealing with for a week:

And got ready for the up coming week! Happy Monday!

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Cub Haunted

One of A’s favorite camp outs of the year is Cub Haunted. They get to use sling shots, practice using BB guns, go on a haunted hay ride, and all kinds of other fun activities. He had a blast!

I love these camp outs. It gives A and B a chance to just hang out, away from all of the hustle and stress of work and school. A always returns full of stories to share and brimming with excitement about their trip. It’s the best!

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Camp Jackson

This past weekend J and I joined in our very first camp out. Let me just say, I am not a camping person. Unless it’s a desert. Or a beach. Or a place devoid of all plant life. However, A had very much been looking forward to us joining him, so I took some extra Benadryl and hoped for the best.

It also happened to be in the middle of the end of September heat wave, so it was ridiculously hot. Insert eye roll.

However, we put together Ninjago stickers:

Explored the flat trails (we opted out of the 800 elevation hike):

And found a new friend!

It was a blast getting to spend time with the boys and B. And now I’m going to go take some more allergy meds, as I recover from the trip. Ha!

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This past weekend it was time to put our imaginations and glue skills to work for Cubadega.

We colored:


And then we were ready to race:

They boys had a blast! It was a great evening of fun, fellowship, and friends!

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Raingutter regatta

This past weekend we gave the boys’ old boats a fresh coat of paint:

And headed out to the raingutter regatta:

Where J raced as an outlaw:

A raced in his bear den:

And A placed first in his den:

Which he was just slightly excited about, ha! B and I are both stepping up our volunteering in Cub Scouts this year, so J and I will be going to more of the camp-outs. I’m already starting to plan for what we will need extra for us going (probably a lot more allergy medicine, ha!).

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Model rocket launch

This past Saturday we headed out for our first Cub Scout event of the summer, model rocket launches. It was scorching hot, even though it was early, a sure sign that summer is definitely here. Despite a last minute rocket issue (bend in the rocket) that we quickly fixed with duct tape, A’s rocket flew like a charm, and even J joined in on the fun with the help of his cousin.

Smooth landing!

And my nephew, J’s rocket also had a great launch:

And then J loved watching his brother and cousins and asked to have a turn, so they obliged and quickly got to work setting up M’s rocket for another launch:

It was a fun event! By the end we were definitely ready to head in to the air conditioning!

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