Carry on essentials

Carry On EssentialsFrom traveling by plane to traveling by car, I’ve started compiling a list of necessary essentials that are enough to keep the boys entertained, but without bringing every thing from home. I mostly pack for them, as they tend to bring really random stuff if I don’t….like half a pair of socks. Here is a round-up of our usual items.

The necessary: Favorite peeps (2-3 small stuffed animals), small pillow, small blanket, flashlight, small bag of snacks (I avoid cheddar snacks…too messy), one treat item (lollipops, skittles…I avoid chocolate snacks…they melt).

Non-Electronics: lightweight books (we avoid hardback books on trips), crayons, coloring pad, sticker book, small activity book, quart size bag of little cars or figures of their choosing, small puzzle box (put into a ziploc for J), small Lego bag (put into a ziploc for A)

Electronics: headphones, iPod for A to listen to music & books, original DS with 3-4 games, iPad with two movies (Lego Movie & Winnie the Pooh Movie)

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