Can this garden be saved?

I really think I’m going to turn this in to a weekly post, but I can never guarantee my ability to stick with the idea!

Look I have herbs! They are sprouting!

I’m not sure what’s going on with the middle pot. I prefer to think the seeds are late bloomers.

And our tomato plant has flowers! According to our Clifford book on all sorts of important things…flowers equal tomatoes (and yes I’m referring to Clifford the big red dog. Please don’t run out to find the author of a gardening book with the last name Clifford. Although there may be one, I can’t guarantee their information).

However our cabbage has left a bit to be desired…

The leaves seem to be saying “I’m exhausted from trying to survive here. I give up.”

Oh and my basil….

Can you see it? It was mistaken for a stick. Time to throw in the towel and buy a new basil plant.

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