Buttered Rosemary Rolls

I know. Three posts in one night. However, I have to post when I can. I organize my thoughts into multiple posts, mostly to prevent confusion later.

My sister mentioned a few months ago about a website called The Pioneer Woman. Then my husband told me he had stumbled upon this website called The Pioneer Woman while he was looking for gardening tips (I think our garden was a little late to be saved at that point. At least our garden thought so. I could show a picture of it, but that would be sad.). And now I have friends that are blogging their way through her newly released cookbook! 🙂

Needless to say The Pioneer Woman, her blog, and her cookbook have become quite a phenomenon and I am definitely a fan, and trying many of her recipes these days. I decided tonight even though our house is still recuperating from various ailments, that I would make macaroni and cheese and buttered rosemary rolls ala The Pioneer Woman.

I was excited to find that the rolls mentioned in her recipe were actually at our local Target and I figured since we weren’t going anywhere this afternoon (they take about three hours to rise) I would test out the recipe. Anyone who knows me well knows my obsession with bread products. I might should have named my blog “bread and commentary”..but that’s not as catchy, now is it? Apparently when I was a toddler they had to hide the bread, or I wouldn’t eat anything else for dinner. Anyway, I thought the recipe sounded good, but I was doubting the rosemary and especially the sea salt a little bit. However, I followed the recipe exactly and about five hours and five rolls later my little cupcake was looking for more rolls and I was sad that I hadn’t bought another package of rolls.

Between my son and I we ate the entire pan of rolls (he has obviously inherited my love of bread products) and I probably could have eaten another entire pan if they had been here. These are an absolutely fabulous, comfort food, that I could make again and again. And yes the macaroni and cheese was good as well.

To find the recipe with all of it’s specifications (and picture commentary…which I love, love, love as I am a visual learner) follow this link: The Pioneer Woman Buttered Rosemary Rolls.

My Attempt at Buttered Rosemary Rolls

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