On Friday we mentioned to A that we were going to take a surprise trip to the aquarium. So of course within eight hours of that mention he started running a weird fever with no other symptoms besides a headache. Unfortunately we had to postpone our trip and I spent Saturday morning with A at the doctor to make sure it wasn’t a sinus or ear infection (it wasn’t, huzzah!).

A was quite disappointed, until a pair of visitors showed up in our yard that pretty much made his day:

IMG_2835-001Meet Carrot and Pickles (A chose their names), two wriggly rabbits who made their way into our yard during the rain on Saturday.

IMG_2836J wasn’t quite sure what the fuss was all about, but he figured knocking on window would make them come closer (not so much).

IMG_2840A watched them for quite a while and then decided to go play Legos, while asking me to keep an eye on them.

IMG_2843Eventually Pickles moved on to the neighbors’ house, but Carrot stayed and nibbled on the grass awhile longer. Eventually he hopped on to greener pastures as well, but the boys loved seeing them! Rarely have we seen rabbits quite this big in the neighborhood, so it was quite a sight.

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