Building and testing bridges

WSW: Building BridgesThree boys, Two Bottles of Glue, Popsicle Sticks, and a Plan. Welcome to Wacky Science Wednesdays!

WSW: Building a BridgeThis summer my nephews are hanging out with the boys and I on Wednesdays and my first thought was….what are we going to do during J’s nap time? Thus, my idea for Wacky Science was born. While I was putting J down for a nap, the boys watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy video on Inventions. Then we headed outside to begin our project. I didn’t give the boys a lot of direction, I mainly said “build a bridge and use glue and Popsicle sticks”. I had a box that the bridge had to reach across and I told them that they had to build it together. Despite being the most reluctant to start, my nephew J’s idea was the best: use two sticks on either side to attach the remaining line, and soon they had this:

WSW: Building BridgesWe let the glue dry for about an hour and then we came back to begin testing how the bridge would hold up to different objects:

WSW: Building BridgesOur first bridge was a little flimsy, so then M came up with the idea to do two bridges:

WSW: Building BridgesAnd we started weighing items on the bridges:

WSW: Building BridgesWSW: Building BridgesI think this was their favorite part, running around the backyard trying to find items to weigh. After that we played a rousing game of kickball and ate popcorn to celebrate!

WSW: Building BridgesWacky Science Wednesday week 1 is done!

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