B’s tomato plant and a cliantro update!

Tomato PlantSo B decided to try planting a tomato plant this year….

Tomato PlantHe has been fussing over the fact that it already has yellow leaves. I believe that tomato plants in general are quite fussy. Give me some apocalypse surviving basil or mint any day. Because in an apocalypse those are the two herbs that will grow stock, I tell you. That and Twinkies.

And my cilantro is turning the corner:


I know it doesn’t look like much, but it is no longer yellow and it is starting to perk up! I think we may be able to save it after all.

And our other plants are doing well, thanks to J’s diligent watering:

IMG_5564 IMG_5565I have yet to see a nibble on the basil, so that marigold must be doing its job!

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