Boys’ Bedroom Inspiration

Happy Monday, friends! Our house building is beginning to reach that light at the end of what has seemed like a really long tunnel. My anxiety of needing it to be to finished so we can move in and get set up before the boys return to “school” (I think we all know why I have quotations there), and just get a sense of some scheduled normalcy is increasing weekly. I’m trying to overcome that by getting a plan in mind of what we are doing for each room, and you may have seen my plan for our breakfast/kitchen area and our office. With those figured out and things ordered, I’ve moved on to the boys’ rooms:

Not quite done, but getting closer!

We took the boys by for a little sneak peek of their rooms and they are so excited! Right now they are all about plans of where their beds, desks, and dressers are going to go. And they also want to be able to unbox all of their things again. I’ve been doing a lot of staring at curtains and paint online trying to figure out what would be work for their rooms with what they already have. Surprisingly, it is actually easier to figure out their rooms versus our room, for which I am completely stumped on right now. So first up, is paint colors. We let the boys pick their own colors (within reason), and after steering J around from lime green (or vegan green, because that was also in the running), here is what we agreed on:

First, the base paint color of all our walls is Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. It is the color of their bathroom and the hallway going into their room. A wanted blue like his room was before, but lighter. We went with Behr Celestial Light for his room. J loved the idea of navy (thankfully more than bright lime), so we agreed on doing an accent wall in Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, and then the rest of the room in Sherwin Williams First Star.

Both boys have Star Wars comforters, and so I jumped off that idea with gray tones for A’s room and navy tones for J’s room. Both boys quickly proved that they have their own ideas and that wasn’t exactly what we ended up with:

For both boys rooms I’m getting these curtain rods, that allow for the curtain to wrap towards the wall, so light can’t stream in on the sides. I ordered rugby stripe curtains from Pottery Barn kids in navy for J and gray for A. I went round and round on a shower curtain for their shared bathroom and ended up with the shadow of a T-Rex taking a shower for I think obvious reasons. In random conversations you have during quarantine, J had said he wanted a rug with stars and A wanted Mickey Mouse, so these both seemed like good (and washable) choices. The Ruggable Brand comes with a removable rug pad and you can throw in the rug to wash, which made them the clear winner with two kids. To finally decide on what size rug for their room I actually sketched to scale drawings of their rooms:


After much back and forth, I decided a 6×9 rug would give them some cushy flooring, without it becoming full on carpet (their floors are hardwood). I’ve got it all ordered and am pretty sure my parents are ready for us to move out so I’ll stop bringing more stuff in their house, ha!

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