Bonus room inspiration

The upstairs room of our house was a special request (that we paid for), to make it an entirely open room (so we removed a wall), but also kept the bathroom. This (in part), my friends, is what we bought the house for. As you can see it’s a large space:

One of my favorite things about this room is the huge windows with a terrific view. The furniture in this room is going to be a lot of the pieces we already have, so my focus for this room is mainly blinds, curtains, and items for the walls. So first up, I’m using a bookcase that was in J’s old room and moving it upstairs. It’s going to have shared books and stuffed animals, and a few potted plants (that require little maintenance):

I love these amusable plushes, especially because J has been all about sushi lately. The crates are for stacking some of their shared books, and the A-Z bookends are for the Calvin and Hobbes collection I purchased them as a surprise when we move in. While living at my parents, the boys have read my Mom’s collection of Calvin and Hobbes over and over, and A told me he doesn’t know what he’s going to do when we move out and he doesn’t have them to read anymore. So, I got them the collection. This little sheep is the perfect amount of whimsy, with some fluffy succulents in it, and a little chain of pom pom garland adds color to the space. I’m looking forward to switching the books out seasonally for them.

Next up is the walls. There is a ton of wall space in this room, and I know with nothing on the walls the sound is going to echo. I have done quite a bit of print searching and these are the ones I settled on with coordinating frames:

How fun are these?? The Disney prints are some of our favorite rides, and the movie posters with the quotes are some of our favorite movies. I also picked coordinating frames from Target and Amazon. Finally, I picked up curtains and rods for the windows.

I wanted blackout curtains for the room and rods that wrapped around. I also picked up a coordinating shower curtain and curtain rod for the upstairs bathroom. The boys are so excited about this room, and I have to say I am as well! I want it to be a space where they can just play and be loud and not worry about the mess. In our old house everything spilled into our living room, and we’d always have to clean up at the end of the day because we would step on it all at night.


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