Bluebonnets with J

While A and B were in Birmingham this weekend, J and I worked on a canvas to go in our completed study. J was so excited to help with this! Especially because it was a massive canvas. Much cooler than  small-ish canvas, he told me.

We started by building the grass for the background. Lots of different colors of green…

Then we started creating bluebonnets by dotting on sections of the grass with our fingers using different shades of blue:  And this was our completed bluebonnets before J went to bed:  I went back after he went to bed and added a bit more dimension to the bluebonnets and the picture, and then hung it when it was nearly dry to surprise J in the morning:

This was such a fun and dramatic looking finish to the project! In addition it was fairly cost effective since you are mainly using a shade of green and blue and then adding white to it.

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