Biscuits and Gravy.

Biscuits and GravyWhen the words “bitterly cold” are used to define the upcoming weather I really want to jump on a plane and head for Hawaii. Then I snap back to reality and realize I have neither the money nor the desire to take two boys on a ten hour flight. HA! So, we make soup. And wear flannel pajamas. And on the weekends we have biscuits and gravy. Being an amateur photographer I have no idea how to make a picture of biscuits and gravy look appetizing. It looks like mush. Seriously. As seen below:

Biscuits and gravySee. It looks of mush. However, it tastes of deliciousness. As long as you use this recipe for the biscuits:

Smitten KitchenSmitten Kitchen’s Maple Bacon Biscuits. I’m pretty sure this is exclusive to her cookbook, but she also has a lovely buttermilk biscuit recipe on-line.

And this recipe for the gravy…

Gravya terrific sausage gravy where the method is as important as the recipe. One of B’s co-workers made the recipe and shared it at work, so we had to try it out. Save the left-over bacon grease from the biscuits to pair with the gravy…or make it up in the same pan. We also halved the recipe, but kept almost the same amount of flour to make it a bit thicker. We used the Simply Balanced apple chicken sausage from Target, but B’s co-worker also recommended the Southerland Farms chicken sausage from Publix. Either way it’s delicious! And the perfect compliment to those bitterly cold days.

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