Birthday Buddies

On Friday we went to our monthly play group. This month we had a Halloween themed play group at my friend Jennifer’s house. The treats were so adorable! Super A had a good time once he actually decided to stop hiding in my lap. Many of our friends have girls and Super A is always fascinated with their toys. He loves the baby dolls and the little strollers. He found one baby doll of Miss Charlotte’s and carried it around almost the entire time he was there.

Super A has several birthday buddies (people that were born on the same day as he was), including my cousin Chris (this is your official shout-out. HA!). One of his birthday buddies was actually born on the exact same day in 2008, around almost the same time. We met Miss A’s parents in our Sunday School class when her mom and I were both pregnant. Then we ended up being in the same prepared parenthood class together. We knew that we had around the same due date, but Super A ended up being about a week early. It was the funniest thing because my husband and I joked (while I was lying around in labor for twelve hours) that Miss A would be born the same day. And they were!

So we have been trying to get a picture of the two of them together for about two years. We finally got some at this play group and they were so funny! I hope they enjoy looking back at them when they are eighteen!

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