Benjamin Franklin Study

So if you remember way back to last summer, I talked about doing a Benjamin Franklin learning plan with two new Magic Treehouse books that came out last July. While we did get the books, we did not get around to completing the plan, and this past week seemed like a good opportunity to do it. The boys swapped books during their reading times during the week and then took Accelerated Reading quizzes on both (they can do AR at home right now).

Then I had them complete two worksheets, one a simple word search, and the other an invention idea:

We flew kites and talked about why the kite is associated with Benjamin Franklin:

And I had the boys look up Benjamin Franklin in A’s American History Smithsonian book and read the passage aloud and send me a picture of the passage from their iPad (there was no reason for this besides they thought it was cool):

And made some inventions of our own with LEGOs:

This was not something we did in one day. I created the plan and we just worked on it throughout the week. With the amount of online learning they are doing and will most likely continue to do, I’m trying to mix in things that take them outside of that a bit.

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